Como é voar na AMERICAN AIRLINES – BUSINESS CLASS B787-9 DREAMLINER – De São Paulo a Los Angeles

Como é voar na AMERICAN AIRLINES – BUSINESS CLASS B787-9 DREAMLINER – De São Paulo a Los Angeles

It’s been quite a long time since my
last Carioca NoMundo video flying an American airline. But tonight the wait is over. Sao Paulo-Los Angeles on American Airlines
business class on the 787, there we go! American Airlines kindly allowed me to enter
the plane before the other passengers, and even before the crew, so I
can make some images of the 787-9 cabin for you. And here’s our aircraft tonight, at a
moment I rarely show you: being fuelled, just over there, by the wing. Look at that! This is the 787-9 business class,
with 30 seats in a 1-2-1 configuration. And these are the B/E Aerospace
Super Diamond seats. And as the crew hasn’t arrived yet I can
also show you the pilots rest area, which is right here, behind the 787 cockpit. Let’s get in the 787 pilots rest area. Amazing, right? And they also have a seat, so they can
rest seated if they prefer. Here’s the premium economy, in a
2-3-2 configuration. This seat is very interesting, right? This leather is beautiful. Well, it’s a brand new plane! Smelling new. So good, right? Here’s the economy class, in a 3-3-3 configuration. Look how nice is this! On every screen there’s a face
of an American Airlines crew member. I hadn’t noticed that, look how cool! It’s never the same person! Nice, right? The American Airlines team will kindly
show me the crew rest area. I think this is the first time I’ve come
to the crew rest area on a 787. There are three beds here… They are divided by these curtains… And three more beds here. I’m not going to move the pillows, of course,
because all this is already set to welcome the crew. The American Airlines crew of my Sao Paulo-Los
Angeles flight has started to board, but there is still time for me to show
you what the business class seat looks like in the bed mode. Look at it from different angles. Now the flight attendant Silvio is showing
me how the tray table located underneath the TV screen works. It has two sizes and is very easy to adjust. This business class three-point seat
belt gives passengers more safety. – It looks like a car seatbelt, right?
– Exactly. But after take off, you can unbuckle this part and
keep only that, in case of turbulence, which is very common when flying
over the Amazon…. – Yes, true. Wonderful, Silvio, thanks! In the middle seats, a peculiarity: If you
don’t know the person next to you, the only way to get a little more privacy is by lifting
the lid of this compartment for storing personal items. I got off the plane and the official boarding has just started, so it’s time for me to go back. But, before that, I’d like to give special
thanks to Youssef and William, who helped me in this fantastic 787 tour and kindly welcomed me here at
Guarulhos airport. – Thank you so much guys. – Thanks. – See you on a next flight! – Yes, please! – Thanks! Now is time for the official boarding.
I’m already back to the finger… – I’m back! – Oh, again! – Yes, again! – Hi, welcome! – Thank you very much! I’m going to my seat. Here I am at 5L. At the time of boarding, the famous American Airlines Bang & Olufsen headphone, the best in the market, along with the amenity kit, is displayed
on this compartment. I’ll open both to show to you later. And they’re starting now the newspaper
and magazine service… – Thank you very much. I really won’t read anything, they even just
offered me a Brazilian newspaper. I already read everything this morning. I want to enjoy the 787. – This is Silvio… – Hi guys, nice to meet you! – Silvio is a real Carioca NoMundo. – How many years working for
American Airlines, Silvio? – Twenty-eight. – Twenty eight? No! That’s a lie. Twelve.. – Twelve years old… – You’re 28 years old, Silvio. – Thanks! Welcome aboard! – Thank you very much.
It’ll be quite a flight. – It’ll be a great flight. In 11 and a half
hours we’ll be there. – Great! For me, it may even last a little longer.
No problem. – Welcome!
– Thanks. – Water, orange juice, champagne… – There’s a drink that’s the official drink
of the channel… – The mimosa! – Exactly!
– Thanks! I’ll prepare my mimosa… A special toast to all of you. I missed
flying American Airlines. Sao Paulo-Los Angeles, there we go! Cheers! This is tonight’s flight menu, with options of lamb,
chicken, squid and risotto, among the main dishes. – I’m having the chicken. – Good choice!
– Good choice, right? – Yes. Well, Silvio is already here to take my
dinner order before the plane even starts taxiing. – I’m having the chicken. Thanks, Silvio. We’re about to departure and I want to call
your attention to the super-dynamic and full of special-effects
American Airlines safety instructions video, which makes the passenger really pay
attention to what’s being shown. Look at this! I’ll leave you now with the sound of the engines. After take off, it’s drink service time. The wine list brings, in addition to champagne, two
options of white wine, two reds and a Port for dessert. And I, of course, will go for the sauvignon
blanc, from Marlborough, which, as you know, is my favorite. – What would you like to drink? – I’m having everything I can. I saw you have a sauvignon blanc from
New Zealand. – Which I think pairs your order very well.
– That’s always my favorite! Since Silvio proposed me a tasting, I’ll try
the chardonnay and then, for sure, I’ll have the sauvignon blanc. Here it is… It’s very good! Now, my favorite. – Just the scent… The “nose” of this wine is wonderful!
– Did you like it? – I’m having the sauvignon blanc for sure! – Great! Thank you, Silvio. – Enjoy it.
– Thanks. Look how cute. There’s also a milk chocolate on
the tray. The silverware is very cold, right? Here’s the question: Why
the silverware on a plane is so cold? If you know, leave a comment with
your answer. I’ll start with the salad. Silvio is passing with the bread.
An important moment. – Bread! I heard cheese bread! – We have whole grain bread, cheese bread,
white bread and baguettes. – I’ll have the cheese bread and
the white bread. Thanks. – Two… – I’ll have only the cheese bread.
I’m eating a lot already, Silvio. I’m still having the ice cream, for sure. So just the cheese bread is fine. – Something else? All good? – It’s great. It couldn’t be better… – Thanks. Warm cheese bread coming out of the oven.
I couldn’t refuse, right? Let’s try the main course. Well flavored… Tender… Look at this! Egg “farofa”! Nice order! I love it! I don’t know if the chef who prepared this meal
is watching this video, but I’ll have to say: Chef, 10! The food is delicious! Very good… A detail I just noticed and I
didn’t show you… The napkin comes with this buttonhole. See? For you to pass the button of your shirt,
so you don’t get dirty. Ideal for people like me, right? I’ll do it… Cool, right? I’m trying to do it, but it’s likely that
I’ll disembark in Los Angeles with this still hanging… I’m having dinner with it.
I loved it! I always get my clothes dirty… We left Sao Paulo an hour and a half, an hour
and 29 minutes ago to be precise, since the moment we took off. There’s just me eating
dessert and everyone is already sleeping. The service is done. Tangerine ice cream is interesting, but I think
I’ll prefer the chocolate dessert. What do you think? I’ll have the chocolate for sure. Bonus! We have to thank this guy a lot. A mega like for him in this video! Because I showed you the crew rest area while the
plane was still on the ground, but… – Now we’re ready to go upstairs for
our break, so I invited Jayme to have a look. – This guy is amazing, we’ll show you
that the beds are made now. – Let’s go.
– Thanks! Well, Silvio invited me to show the crew rest area with
the beds made before the crew goes to sleep because they just finished the dinner service. I showed it before the plane took off. Now look at the difference of this place,
ready for the crew to sleep. I’m with David, who’s the purser of this flight,
and Bruno, next to him, preparing the pilots dinner, which will be served shortly. And for security reasons, I’ll have
to get out of here. I’m going back to my seat because
they’ll have to open the cockpit door. I’ll go there and in a moment I’ll be back… This is the lavatory between business class and premium economy. It’s the most spacious of them all. At this side, you have the galley and the
main entrance of the 787. There’s this table that I can open to place my things… The sink and another mirror. Look at the distance. Just to give you an idea, even with my
arm outstretched, I can’t reach the mirror. That means there’s plenty of depth, plenty
of room for you to change clothes. It’s the most comfortable lavatory. I’m in the business class galley with Bruno… He kindly displayed all the bottles and
beer cans for me to show you. From right to left, besides the Port, there are
the two bottles of white wine, the two reds, and the champagnes that
are served at the welcome drink and during the service. These are the six beers that American
Airlines offers in business class, and, in the miniature bottles, the five varieties
of whiskey! It’s quite a lot! – Bruno, thank you very much!
– You’re welcome. Time to show you the amenity kit, which is
made of a very soft leather and features a mask, a pen, moisturizing hand cream,
lip balm, tissues, dental kit, mouthwash and socks. The headphones are from the Danish manufacturer Bang & Olufsen, one of the best brands in the world. They come with a very large indication of left and right, so no one will miss the right side when using. But I’m actually sleeping with it, because
these headphones really cancel the airplane noise. But before that, here’s my bed made. Check it out! We’re almost in Los Angeles, and on the inflight
entertainment screen, you can zoom in on the map so clearly that you can
even see the LAX airport runway. And now, the breakfast… We have 40 minutes to get to Los Angeles
and at this moment they pick up the business class headphones. – Thank you very much, sir.
– You’re welcome. But if you’re still watching something
and want to keep watching they give you this one, which is a simpler one
that you can even take home. This is a gift. The one I showed earlier no. That one has to stay on the plane. – Carioca NoMundo, see you soon!
– For sure! – Thank you so much, it was a great flight. – See you soon. Thanks!
– Goodbye! – Thanks, guys, bye, bye! We arrived in Los Angeles and this is
the end of another flight. Give this video a like, subscribe to the channel and follow me on Instagram @carioca_nomundo. Thanks and see you soon!

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