Common Expressions #6 (Business Meetings) | English Listening & Speaking Practice

Common Expressions #6 (Business Meetings) | English Listening & Speaking Practice

Do you need you attend business meeting and discussions? Do you need you attend business meeting and discussions ? Then, join me in this lesson to practice some comon meeting expressions Hello and Welcome everyone This Minoo at Anglo-Link This the 6th lesson in our serie Listening & Speaking Pratice In this lesson, we’re going to practice some expressions that are commonly use in businness meeting

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  5. Could you please explain what does it mean " we seem to have got side-tracked"

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  7. One of my best channels in YouTube.. Great teacher! You are really super! Keep going teacher you r so useful for many students
    I just have a question teacher related to this lesson…( I second that).. Does that mean I make a matter for example in second stage for handling as I have another matter with first priority?did I get it right?… And i wanna know please is that right for (second) to come as a verb in the sentence… If sure I got it right…. Sorry for long writing my best teacher…. I really appreciate your efforts
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  8. hi friend  , thanks and i have a doubt  in tenses "you are allotted a seat"   this  text had sent to me by someone  my questions is   you have  allotted  a seat ( or) you are allotted a seat which one is correct   (as u r tenses videos  you have allotted a seat  is correct o.k              you are allotted  a seat is also correct or wrong ? and  if it"s correct  please clarify it finally bye friend

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  17. i'd enjoy it, this is helpful for me because I'm preparing myself for an English language certification, and I found it cool and efficient, this tool is useful to interact with tourists from abroad whom visits Mexico, thanks for this

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  39. Hi there. Thanks for doing this lessons, but I believe you have a mistake in this Video (Lesseon n° 2)

    It's time we GOT down to business. If you use present tence in the first part of the sentence, then you stay in present. We GET down then ist the right expression.

    Tell me if I am wrong, but I don't think so:)

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  78. I think we are missing the point
    There must be an alternative
    I am happy either way
    Shall webstart

  79. 1. Shall we get started?

    2. It’s time we got down to business.

    3. First of all, I’d like to welcome our guest.

    4. Firstly, I’d like to thank you all for coming.

    5. Has everyone read the minutes of the last meeting?

    6. There are some urgent points on today’s agenda.

    7. Why don’t we deal with the urgent matters first?

    8. We can then move on to the less pressing matters

    9. How does that sound to you?

    10. I suggest we tackle point 5 first.

    11. Does that meet with everyone’s approval?

    12. Alternatively, we could proceed according to the agenda.

    13. I have no objection to that.

    14. That might be a better idea.

    15. I’m happy either way.

    16. I think we should stick to the agenda.

    17. I’d rather we dropped the less urgent matters.

    18. What do you think of this project?

    19. What are your feelings about this project?

    20. Personally, I feel it’s too much of a risk.

    21. I believe the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

    22. I second that.

    23. I couldn’t agree more.

    24. I’m afraid I have to disagree.

    25. I can’t go along with that.

    26. May I interrupt you there?

    27. Could I just come in here?

    28. There must be an alternative.

    29. I think you’re missing the point.

    30. We seem to have got side-tracked.

    31. Let’s get back to the matter in hand.

    32. We must come to an agreement on this.

    33. Let’s put this one to the vote.

    34. Raise your hand if you’re in favor.

    35. Could all those against raise your hands?

    36. To sum up, the majority approve.

    37. In conclusion, we’ve decided to go ahead with it.

    38. Is there any other business?

    39. We seem to have run out of time.

    40. Let’s wrap up then, shall we?

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  81. Mam i want some common sentence to speack natural english ,pls give…

  82. This video is useful. We come across such situation where we can use such sentences and put our point clearly and in a positive way.

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