Coco’s Small Business Networking Tips

[music]>>Coco: Today I want to talk about your networking
plan.>>Zak: Okay>>Coco: A networking plan is incredibly vital
for every small business owner. Most of your contracts and opportunities are
going to come from the people you know. The object is to identify areas where you
can get involved or go to that you’re interested in so you’ll show up and so you’ll make
friends with people who are also there. So is there any other area where you would
want to get involved?>>Zak: I guess it would have to be with the
landscapers for instance. Someone that is actually doing the building part of it.>>Coco: Yeah, I like that, I like that. Alright, so there are 3 ways that you can
meet landscape architects, okay? You can cold call, you can network into landscape
architects, and you can also find organizations where landscape architects join.>>Zak: Coco’s advice on how to build relationships
with people that you really like was very intelligent because if I am not networking
my name’s not getting out there.>>Coco: Which is why you have to make it a daily
habit. And the rule is one. One person a day make
contact with.>>Zak: One a day might be hard, but I think
one or two, maybe say 2 a week that should not be impossible, that has got to be done.>>Coco: I am not saying everyday you have to
connect with somebody new. I am saying once a day you have to send an email to somebody.>>Zak: Okay>>Coco: That’s It ! If you look at networking like a chore, like
this horrible thing you got to do you won’t do it. You will not only meet other people through
those other people, you will also eventually get some type of a contract or a deal from
it. And it’s a big part of your marketing plan because it feeds so much of it.>>Zak: Having this goal – one a day – its something
thats small but achievable and that is where my short term goals by achieving those I’m
going to get the long term goals I want of building a larger network.>>Coco: Whenever I go to a networking event,
I make sure I have plenty of business cards, Okay? I put my business cards in my left pocket
and I take other business cards and I put them in my right pocket. At the end of the
event, I take the business cards that I collected and I write down on the business cards who
they were and why I liked them.>>Zak: Yeah>>Coco: Okay? So now I am thinking hopefully
you understand the importance of a networking plan. It’s an incredibly important part of
your business and it’s also a really enriching part of your life. And I just hope that you’re
able to become the great connector that I know you’re going to be.>>Zak: I like the idea of that.>>Coco: Yeah, Okay. Excellent ! [music]

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