Clover SC business brings in Wagyu beef from Japan

[BLANK_AUDIO] In my blessed life of unique
proteins of the world, I have done a lot of different meats and that A5 is the best I’ve ever seen and
it’s perfect. It’s spiderwebbed perfect, so.>>What is it? A steak?>>Yeah, so the deal is,
the breed of Wagyu, like Angus is a breed. Wagyu was a breed and it was a working
cattle for two thousand years in Japan. What they did is, they culled the animals
that can work the hardest and longest with the least food and water. They didn’t even eat them. I mean, they didn’t eat beef until
I think in the last century. And what they did is, they created a cow
that didn’t have any joint problems, because it marbled intermuscularly,
like in the muscle and not in the big globs that you see-
>>Right.>>On an Angus or a Hereford. And the fat’s actually lower
than normal saturated fat. It melts at 77 degrees thereabout. So, your tongue is 20 degrees
warmer than the fat melts, and so when you take a bite of it,
it melts on your palate. All I can say, in the last century,
they began to raise it for food, and realized how well it marbled. This is not how the working cows marbled. But when you finish-feed them,
like you would feed a cow, that’s how they turn out. And as you can see,
the difference is, believe it or not, when you sear that meat,
I’ll take it out in a minute. When you sear the meat,
the white pretty much disappears. It turns to just the most brilliant
red you’ve ever seen, and Melts on your palate. So in my past life we did that. We brokered it to restaurants
all over the US and Caribbean. And if you went to Beverly Hills or
Vegas, you could find an A5. Which A5’s the grade, okay it’s five
different criteria the Japanese grade on. You can find that but you couldn’t
find it always from the same place. There are different regions
in Japan that they form. They’re called prefectures. And Miyazaki prefecture in the past couple
of years has produced the absolute best. So that literally represents the best
that’s in the US this week period. I think that’s cool.

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