Clothes to Wear in Winter! Business Formal, Casual Cute Winter Outfits (OOTD). In Bergen, Norway.

Clothes to Wear in Winter! Business Formal, Casual Cute Winter Outfits (OOTD). In Bergen, Norway.

Winter is slowly coming to the end, well very
slowly here up north, so I figured, why not do another winter fashion video. I am going
to show you two casual and one more formal outfit that I like to wear when it’s cold.
The first outfit is very casual. I am wearing a soft white shirt with a print on front and
over it I put this black hoodie, which has some cute detailing like this silky stripe
on the arms and a star charm on the zipper. Then I put on this grey pants that are the
softest and warmest ever. And to keep really warm I am also wearing a thick knitted scarf
and a black and grey beanie hat. This look is just so comfy and warm, perfect
for lazy Sundays, shopping with friends or running around the city when you have things
to do and don’t want your clothes to disturb you. This is why I also kept the accessories
minimal and shoes very comfortable. I love those black leather boots. When I am running
around or having a carefree day in town I don’t like to carry big heavy bags with me.
This little black one that you can wear cross shoulder as well, is just perfect and goes
great with casual and elegant outfits. This second outfit is for the days when you
want to dress up a bit more and look more polished for work, an important meeting or
just yourself. I am wearing a bright fuscia shirt and black cardigan on top to tone it
down. I love the skirt so much — it looks quite formal at first but then it is made
from some suede alike material and has these pleats on front and cute little pockets which
make it much more youthful and fun. I also added a bow belt for some extra girliness.
Keeping it in the formal scope I added this interesting watch that is kind of like a bangle
and an adorable butterfly from stainless steel on a suede string for the necklace. And don’t
forget about the scarf if you’re out in the cold.
For the shoes I am wearing some ankle heels, but since they have a platform on front and
a wide heel they are in fact very comfy to walk in. The grey details and suede material
they’re made of, goes perfectly with the skirt and entire outfit. I also put on some leg
warmers to complete the look. Now when coming home from work or an important
meeting I just want to spend the afternoon in snuggly cozy clothes. Even better if they
look cute and girly. So to make my formal outfit super laid back in no time, I first
changed the skirt for this knitted one that I purchased in H&M which is as soft as it
can possibly be. Instead of the polished watch, I am wearing this pinky purple bracelet and
a flower ring. For the shoes I chose those black snow boots
that feel like walking on clouds and my snuggly knitted socks with those adorable big bows
that are peeking out on the sides. And this is a complete look. I hope you liked this
fashion video and perhaps got some ideas for yourself!
Thank you so much for watching and a massive thank you to all of you that have subscribed
to my channel. You made me really happy.

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