Climbing an ICONIC V7 in 4 days (Dealing with Time Pressure!)

Climbing an ICONIC V7 in 4 days (Dealing with Time Pressure!)

Throughout my years of climbing, I’ve never
finished a V7 in a short period of time. The reason is obviously because it’s very
hard, and also I never feel the urgency since I can always just go back to my local gym
whenever and try again. But guess what? I am visiting London right now and I will
only be here for a few days. There is an iconic V7 here in the Vauxwall
Climbing Center, the Free Solo Boulder Problem replica set by Alex Honnold. For those who haven’t watched the movie
yet, this particular climbing sequence is the hardest part of the entire 3000-feet free
solo attempt by Alex Honnold at Yosemite. I am very excited and hopefully I can get
it before I head back to California. Here we are at the Free Solo Boulder Problem! The crimps look very small and the footholds
look very slippery.

There’s no foothold for the left foot on
the corner here. This is going to be challenging for me. I am going to employ a few different strategies. The first strategy is warming up longer than
usual. The second strategy is asking for beta from
other climbers. The third strategy is trying each move one
by one. For the first day, I discovered that there
were 3 moves that I couldn’t make. The first difficult move is holding the small
crimp with the thumb while reaching for the slope. The second difficult move is the famous karate
kick. The third difficult move is the stemming move
right after the karate kick. I decided to focus on the first difficult
move. I think I was falling because I wasn’t trusting
my left foot. The left foothold is very slippery and it
took me a few tries to feel comfortable to put my weight on it. However, I still kept falling and falling
because I don’t have the lock-off strength for my right thumb like Alex Honnold. I remember watching a video by Andrew recently,
and he did it by moving the left hand to the upper crimp first. I thought to myself, Andrew seems to be climbing
at a similar level as I am now, so his beta should work better for me. However, after a few tries, I have no idea
why that is easier for Andrew. For the second day, I decided to work on the
karate kick. I quickly realized that since I am not as
tall and long as Alex Honnold, I had to generate a bit of swinging momentum for my leg to reach
the wall. However, once my leg hit the wall, I felt
totally stuck. I had no idea how I could generate any force
with that kind of stretched position and a non-existent left foothold. I tried and tried and tried, but still couldn’t
make any progress. For the third day, I worked on both the thumb
catch and the stemming move. It seems like my thumb just simply isn’t
strong enough, and I am just not tall enough to do the stemming move. I tried putting my left hand on the wall and
on the hold but neither of them felt solid. I couldn’t figure out where to put my left
foot in order to generate force to stem up. This green foothold seems to be at the spot
where Andrew and Louis put their foot in their videos, but there wasn’t a green foothold
there when they climbed it. I know it sounds like an excuse but I was
very frustrated. I tried and tried and tried, but I still couldn’t
get it. For the fourth day, I had a lot of fun shooting
with the Bouldering Bobat in the morning. Jake taught me a lot of good tips about dynamic
climbing. After the shoot, even though my legs were
near dead from all the dyno-ing, my fingers were bleeding, and the skin of my fingertips
was super tender, I decided to head back to the Vauxwall Climbing Center to give it another
try. Tom gave me a very helpful tip for doing the
thumb catch, which is to pull myself in dynamically with both the right thumb and left fingers
while I reach out with the left hand. The theory is the momentum will lessen the
stress on the thumb for a short period of time, and I can utilize that time to reach
out with my left hand. Sounds counter-intuitive, right? But it worked. I also had to remind myself to catch the slope
with bent arms when I reached the hold dynamically. The last move I had to figure out is stemming. After hours of trying the move, I still couldn’t
get it. While I was about to give up, a fellow climber
decided to help me out and showed me how he did the stemming move. I replicated where he placed his left foot
and left hand, and boom, just like that, I became able to repeat this move with ease. After a few attempts of climbing the entire
route, this happened. Yes! Wo! Yes! Yes! Finally! Thanks for watching. Climbing a V7 in 4 days is truly a historical
milestone for me. My fingertips hurt now, my back and shoulders
are super sore, but hey, it’s all worth it. If you have a chance to visit London, be sure
to check out Vauxwall. The free solo route will be up there for a
long long time. As always, make sure to like and subscribe. See you in the next video.

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  39. This video encompasses so much of what is addicting about climbing. You struggle, you get frustrated, but you keep trying and something eventually clicks, and you GET IT. And it’s the best feeling ever. So you have to go and find another challenge and do it all over again!

    Great job on that climb!!

  40. I know why you have plateaued around V6-7 for years. I’m not trying to say you aren’t a good climber – you’re great and very dedicated and I admire that. Just offering some advice.
    1) from the video it seemed you don’t ask for beta very often (“I asked for beta because of the time pressure”). Climbing with a good friend on a consistent basis, especially someone who is at or slightly above your level and observing exactly how they move and position their body can really make you better (if you do this already then I apologize). While being able to figure out a problem on your own is important, there are certain things that are much easier to learn from others (like when you were told to do the bump move off the right thumdercling crimp slightly dynamically). I usually think of my own beta, then ask others, so I can still learn to read a problem by myself while also being able to compare my beta.
    2) you should try to change something when something does not work after repeated attempts (beta/mindset/body position/climbing with intention). There is no point in trying a move that does not work – make each attempt count. You can try changing your body position or doing the move more dynamically or commiting more to a tenuous movement. This is one thing I have noticed that separates Adam Ondra from other pro climbers in the World Cup circuit – while other climbers can tend to get stuck in a specific movement, Adam constantly refines his beta/execution so that he each burn is consistently different and mostly better than the last – and the end result is that he tops in less attempts overall and saves more energy.
    3) saying things like “I’m not tall enough or I’m not strong enough” – these are excuses and do not help you reach your goals, even if they may be sometimes true. It never helps to say excuses – in the end your excuses turned out not to be true and you were able to execute the climb 4 days on after a difficult dyno session. This one is the most important tip and one I have struggled with the most. Simply changing your mindset to “I can do this, I just need to fix this mistake” can help.

    Note: the reason why bumping to the higher crimp with the right hand worked for your friend was because he seemed to be taller than you and was able to weight the far left toe even with his right hand still on the second crimp from the start. He kept both legs straight and was able to balance between the two footholds pretty evenly, while your attempts for his beta showed that your left foot was slipping because it wasn’t weighted or that your right knee was bent so your weight wasn’t centered. Just because he is the same level doesn’t mean his beta would work for you – height, body shape, style are all important factors too.

    I’ve been climbing for about 2.5 years and have climbed several V10 indoors and a couple V9s outdoors, and I’m still improving quickly. This is the advice that me and my friends live by – give it a try.

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