City Mash-Up – Megacity Roleplay in Minecraft! – Minecraft Marketplace Map Trailer

City Mash-Up  – Megacity Roleplay in Minecraft! – Minecraft Marketplace Map Trailer

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  1. It seems like the fun never stop in that city! I’ll definitely get! Details all over and that’s amazing!

  2. So creations that companies make take a long time to finish the projects

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    DISCLAIMER: Movie projection added for effect

  4. Is this city actually really big?

  5. Awesome! Keep up the good work. 🙂

  6. What is the Resolution from this texture pack ?

  7. I really do like this City Mashup pack that I already bought it yesterday from the Minecraft store.

  8. Looks at minecoin count and see this I don't need it. I don't need it. I definitely don't need it. I don't need it. I don't need it Long Silence
    I NEED IT!

  9. I loveee this mash up pack so much. I just don’t play Minecraft with friends. I wish that you could roll play with villagers so I don’t feel so alone in this amazing huge city

  10. I love the city but is there a school or maybe a college

  11. Will the map get updated overtime?

  12. your next project series should be recreating of console games into Minecraft.
    Everbloom games is a minecraft marketplace serie based on console's games but minecraft style. The first project is Jaker*. Jaker is a hybrid between a kangaroo and a dingo called *Dingaroo he goes on crazy missions in the outback trying to claim the pearl from Dr. Webbyton (platypus) to return the Australian outback natural fresh water.
    this game will have levels.
    action packed mash up.
    game map
    skin (2)
    texture pack

    golden Jaker.

  13. i boughted it an hour ago and i still havent visited in every place I just Went In Wherris wheel and roller coaster and it was so much fun if you owner are making new one soon ill be ready!

  14. I bought this map and love everything about it! But does the movie theater work because I can’t get it to work? Still best map I’ve ever gotton!!

  15. Pls Make this for xbox 360 PLEASEEEEE
    Hey Dont call me a noob for having 360! Ok 🙁

  16. I got this game a well ago and I can’t figure out how to work the movie can someone please tell me!

  17. Been staring at this mash up in the buy section for an hour deciding if i should get it lol.I want a big city map to play with friends online, MY question is. If i buy this map and i summon friends and family into my game. will everything be the same? or do they also have to buy it? or atlease buy the texture pack? I bought a zombie map and it was fine for me, but for my buddy who didnt own it, he saw all original stuff. please respond quick 😀

  18. is there any subway stations?

  19. Are we allowed to use this for YouTube videos? I was gonna make a minecraft Machinima with my world including a different world and this one I kind of want to use. Is that ok?

  20. Special minecraft

  21. This is what I'm waiting for 😱😱😱

  22. Wait you can bowl and watch a movie
    Oh yes and very great artitexture
    Sorry about the bad spelling

  23. Does the map work with two players?

  24. How does the housing system work? Is there a money currency?

  25. everbloom studios. can you use this pack in other worlds?

  26. I’ve been trying to find an answer for one thing in this game. I was looking around the map for the past few weeks and I found the professor tsa agent and I went the the everbloom office and found the scientist with that name but I don’t know what to do after that?

  27. i dont want to buy it because ill find out that there are some things that i want to use but cant because they were re textured so they look bad for the purpose i need it for. and also those blocks are ,paintings. and is every building furnished. and does the city have a residential area with lots of houses.

  28. last comment… can u make a big cruise ship or is there any way that I could send one of mine to you for u to use and change

  29. Where is the arcade?

  30. I love this map, and the use of redstone comparators and repeaters as phones and tablets was so smart and original, the map is amazing and I can definitely see all the work that you guys put into this. It is definitely worth the mine coins and because of you guys, I’m in to Minecraft now and I DO NOT regret it. I thank you so much for putting so much effort into this map and the texture pack and the skins too. I mean without this mashup pack I would be totally lost and not living because this mashup pack is so AMAZING!

  31. Great map! Does this city have a metro system?

  32. I love this world I just bought it and me and my friends play it every day. We also play hide and seek and the purge in this world too.

  33. I just bought it and I looooove it! I was amazed the trick of elevator. I am still kinda beginner but is it possible to know how to make it? or its a secret?

  34. Where do I find Debar Helman for pricing ??

  35. Does the movie theater work?

  36. This is my fav mash up yet. We played for a couple hours and still havent discovered everything yet awesome

  37. Plz Can you make abupdate to minecraft legacy console. It Will be with pandas, bamboo, pillagers, campfires, berrys and city mashup and more 1.14 things in November plz

  38. Dear Everbloom Studios are the vehicles operatable?

  39. This is honestly better than City Life.

  40. Are you guys updating the map as we speak?

  41. I love the mash up been on it all day but in creative building thins on it like a house and that great tho well done

  42. Is there a school?

  43. Is there a shopping centre?

  44. Subscribe if you want Minecraft in Hindi

  45. Can I refund it please I don’t really like it
    It’s just not for me so please let me refund it

  46. this could be good

  47. Where is the arcade?

  48. Ich habe die map gekauft und es legt an bestimmten Stellen Mega Bitte reparieren 😢😢

  49. I am cant open the city at android

  50. Amazing pack but for some reason my friends bug out and see me in one spot when really I'm next to them. Don't know if it's the amount of MBs or there connection but if you know why it's happening please let me know

  51. Sooo funny
    Where is the hospital???

  52. Are all textures of mobs changed? Just asking so I can decide if I should buy it and use it with another texture pack.

  53. So there is still enough room to build houses if I want too or any other buildings right guys?

  54. I’ve bought this but is the download is paused and the bar hasn’t gone up at all, it’s been 2 hours. Why is this?

  55. What is the new update

  56. Make the subway bigger with more lines and name the streets (West 14 St, East 14 st, etc.)
    Hope you have a good day!

  57. Alguem mais vou a Cherry aparecer no cartaz???

  58. My son bought for his ipad running IOS11.4.1. All he gets is a message saying "Purchase in progress. This shouldn't take long". But it never actually loads it.

  59. I already bought it it’s so worth it!!!! Love it

  60. worth my 8 dollars

  61. Oh! I'm downloading it right now!Nice!

  62. Is it better than the city builder mashup pack?

  63. I have the map and it's so cool

  64. I think it's very cool! The best. I love exploring it and I only explored the studio office building so far. Have a lot more to go. Back to it haha

  65. Hi, my daughter bought that World but is sad that she is allone because no npc's are there. And she asked, why she can enter a train but it doesent move? Would be great if you could state what you are planning for next steps. In my opinion it would be great to invest more work in physical things as in textures. Because the City is big enough this time but in Detail it would be great to have for instance npc's and more live /Action there. Nice to hear from you, because my daughter loves that big City, thanks and great Job so far.

  66. Hello I recently downloaded the city mash up and I tried everything to open the different vaults in the bank but I only successfully open the first one. I really need tour help!

  67. Can anyone tell me why lock D is not working? I know the answer is Maroon but the door won't open. I've tried lower and capital.

  68. I have made 8 episodes of this map and I absolutely love it. If you wanna see the first one, you can do so by clicking here:

    If not then that is totally cool and enjoy the rest of your day. I love Everbloom Studios and the maps they make. I really do.

  69. When I try and buy it, it always says "Something Went Wrong, Check your internet connection", but I'm connected to the internet ?????? I really want this city mashup though.

  70. Is it possible if you could update it to be able to use the theater

  71. looks like a mod ! awesome texture pack,great job

  72. me and my brother get on this all the time to blow up buildings! Love this!

  73. Whats the update? I see on the description village and pillage update. Also are their drivable vehicles?

  74. I subscribe I'm the 9,900

  75. i have it and i like it

  76. Me and my friends love to do role plays on this thanks for making this everbloom

  77. I am mad I what is this ball but when we bought it I didn’t get it in my packs of Minecraft!!

  78. Love it!!
    Btw can someone tell me the name of the city soundtrack?

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