Chronic Nausea | My Experience and Solution: ALifeLearned

Chronic Nausea | My Experience and Solution: ALifeLearned

Experiencing chronic illness is an incredibly draining and torturous experience! Mine was particularly related to my stomach, and my digestion. I have been incredibly ill for over a year, and it’s just been going downhill, but to my exceptional relief I’ve found an answer to the stomach problems I’ve been facing for over a year! And now I want to share my solution to this awful experience for anyone who might be facing similar issues Ideas are merely as useful as what we do with them An idea can escape! Ideas are bulletproof! *chimes* When I say chronic illness, I mean particularly being chronically ill, and sick to your stomach, nauseous and unwell; not really chronic pain. A lot of people lump those two together, and I do have chronic pain as well, but with that, it’s a different subject to me. What I’m referring to is a stomach problem that I’ve had for over a year. I believe I developed it sometime around January or February of 2014, and it just kind of went downhill from there. It got worse and worse, as my stress got worse and worse because, I wasn’t really able to figure out what was going on, or what was wrong. It basically started off as this perpetual hunger, where every time I ate I still felt hungry, and it was incredibly frustrating! I would fill myself up, or at least I thought I would, but then I would have this weird, kind of, empty, but bloated, hard to explain feeling in my stomach that would basically confused me; and I wouldn’t really know what to associate it with except that I, I must still be hungry. And eating a little bit would relieve this; except, when I had just eaten, it was very confusing, because I felt relatively full, except I was still having this feeling And as time progressed, it actually led into nausea periods, where I would start to feel nauseous when I wasn’t eating; and so eating was the solution to that nausea. And going to the doctor about all this, he had no real answer for the perpetual hunger. He said just ‘if you’re hungry, keep eating’. And since July I had actually had a few nausea events where I couldn’t make the nausea stop for over 24 hours; I couldn’t stop throwing up; I couldn’t keep anything down; I didn’t know what to do! So I ended up going to the hospital to ask them to help me get it under control so that I could try to start eating again and get my hydration back up. And in July they offered me all kinds of tests, but I was actually in a different city, so I couldn’t get them done. I ended up going home, and by that time my symptoms had cleared up, so they said ‘well just go with this proton pump inhibitor prescription; see how it goes and take it from there’, instead of going through all these procedures to see what’s wrong with your stomach. So I did, and it helped at first, but then gradually, I started to feel it not working as much, and I started to get nauseous again; and then I found myself back in the hospital again because I couldn’t control the nausea! I was nauseous for almost 48 hours, or maybe it was 72, I’m not sure. I, I couldn’t handle it, I needed help! And then I found that if I took the proton pump inhibitor twice a day, that actually helped me manage the symptoms; and so my doctor approved of that, and I started taking a double prescription, but still the perpetual hunger never went away. I would wake up hungry all the time. I couldn’t sleep for more than five or six hours without waking up desperately hungry. And the nausea spells happened every few months, where I just couldn’t stop the nausea and I needed help to go to the hospital And all through this time, during the nausea spells, the things that I found most helpful in dealing with those times, and trying to keep my hydration up, and about the only thing my stomach would accept is always bananas, of course, and then real chicken broth, (not the kind that you buy in the box or the can, but, like, homemade, boiled from chicken bones and vegetables for 8 hours, kind of thing My spouse was kind enough to do that for me in the past year, while I was incredibly sick, and each time it was a god-sent! I think my hydration would have been ten times worse, if it weren’t for the help of that broth! I also found natural mint very soothing to my stomach; and when it came to both the nausea and the acid, just drinking more water was very helpful. Whenever I’d feel a little bit of acid, even today, if I feel a little bit of acid, I’ll just drink a bit of water, and it really does help my stomach and it calms down the acid, and gets things flowing a little bit better; And my kind friend Nat Lopez actually shared with me that another really good thing to deal with nausea is ginger tea; so all you do is take one cup of hot water, and mix in two tablespoons of ginger, and then however much honey you want, (to try to kill the flavor of the ginger), and then drink it down! According to Nat, apparently it’s not the most flavorful of drinks, (I’ve not actually tried this myself), but he says it’s really helpful for nausea, so give it a try if you’re having a hard time with that. But ultimately, the main thing that helped me fix my stomach problems was natural yogurt; and I can’t remember where I actually first read about natural yogurt being helpful, but when I first tried it, it didn’t really go very well, because it was incredibly sour! But then my very kind friend Nat suggested that I mix it with the sweet yogurt that I usually eat and give that a try. And so I did, and the results were absolutely freaking amazing! Within 24 hours I had had two bowls (just, that was probably the equivalent of four little packages – because I did about half and half – so for one little package of sweet yogurt, I had the equivalent amount of natural yogurt, because it came in a bigger container). Just to give you an idea of what to look for if you’re going to try, this if you’re going to try natural yogurt, I just got one of these little containers. I’m going to try and cover up the label because I don’t want to have any issues with that, but you can see it says natural yogurt (ah, it’s all shiny!), natural yogurt, right there on it; and then it’s not working, you can’t see it, but it says with active cultures, I swear it does! And that’s what you need to look for: natural yogurt with active cultures. And that just, it is my god sent, when it comes to the hell that I’ve been through! I was nauseous for weeks, as I was telling you, (well days, and days straight, but for weeks of just like eating a little bit and feeling kind of gross constantly, but being able to eat a bit and then having those bouts of not being able to eat at all), it’s just beyond unpleasant! Its undescribable how awful it is to go through so much nausea constantly, and to have it be such a routine thing in your life! And, you know, there’s a very good possibility that you could be facing the same symptoms for different reasons, so don’t take this as the answer to your problems, but it’s just a possibility. And just a final thing to keep in mind in regard to feeling nauseous is I actually read somewhere that you have a chemical in your brain that is increased in secretion when you’re tired, and this actually makes you nauseous. I believe it’s called acetyl chlorine, (but I’m not really sure if that’s the correct pronunciation), regardless, one thing to keep in mind if you’re feeling nauseous is to note whether you’re tired or not, and keep in mind that maybe it’s a sign that you need rest, more than anything else Of course, stress is a huge factor as well; stress is literally a killer, it can, in itself, destroy someone’s health, if it’s bad enough! But oftentimes, when you’re going through symptoms like what I’m describing, you tend to have other issues going on, on top of that. Even if you’re facing a chronic illness that isn’t related to the type of symptoms I described, uh, feel free to comment below about your experience with chronic illness; it’s just an awful experience to go through, however it is that it affects you and, it does help, one way or another, to have support, and to be able to talk it out with others. So feel free to participate in the conversation, and maybe share anything that you found was helpful in dealing with your chronic illness, or if you have other stomach issues, and other things that you found helpful in dealing with that, please share that. There’s all kinds of different possibilities, as I mentioned, as to what could be causing these symptoms; this is just the solution that I found, and so I wanted to share it for anyone who could be facing similar things. So anyway, I hope you were able to learn a little something about the experience of chronic illness, and if you’re facing similar experiences like this, I’m so sorry that you’re suffering, but don’t feel you have to suffer alone! I care, and there’s a lot of people out here who do care, so reach out, feel free to message me, comment below about your experiences; give the yogurt a try if you’ve never tried that before, try out a few of the other things I mentioned, if you hadn’t tried them, in dealing with your nausea; never stop trying new things, because it’s always possible to finally find that one thing that does help! I was trying for over a year, and I know that’s not even that much time, compared to have some people suffer, but it felt like forever and I really understand how it can feel that way, so keep trying and don’t feel that you’re alone in this struggle! Reach out! Thank you so much, again, for watching and please join me again next week, where I try again to share a little something I’ve learned in life!

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  1. I can't keep food down well without smoking weed. I've had many tests done nothing. I believe I will smoke weed for the rest of my life.

  2. I have to eat slowly every morning by eating small bites to make sure each one stays down. Supposedly, I have GERDS, Barrett's Esophagus, a hiatal hernia & dysphagia. I can control them with food- yogurt, soft, milky things until I'm sure they are staying down. Usually, alcohol, caffeine, acids in foods- coffee, tomatoes are the worst foods that start up my pain, so I try to avoid them. It's really sad when stomach problems also are accompanied by other systematic & congenital disorders

  3. I have nausea everyday. So I decided to start using pepto bismol. It coats the stomach so I can stop self medicating with over indulging with food.

  4. Thanks for your video, Very helpful tome.

  5. I certainly understand how horrible chronic acute nausea is…awful, makes life miserable.
    I had chronic acute nausea 24/7 for six months. Saw the doctor over 55 times, specialists, gastroscope, colonoscopy, CT, MRI, ultrasound, blood tests etc etc…… in the end a Neurologist told me I had a virus active in the brain stem. It eventually resolved by itself 90% – there was some slight permanent damage done to some nerves that persists even 11 years later. THEY gave me every drug for the nausea, and I tried every home remedy…nothing worked…. in the end somebody gave me some Weed – it worked.
    AND I think I got an active virus as a consequence of Cat Scratch, and constant over heating from running too much in the tropics – left my immune system vulnerable.
    Weed is the certain the most trusted immediate relief from nausea, though not the cure.

  6. thanks for this video ,i have gerd and i struggle for nausea also ill try to eat yogurt

  7. my hubby has had chronic nausea for almost 6 yrs hes in hosp now we just lost his social security w no warning were going threw the worst but by the 'grace of god im praying we will find the answer it all started 2 months after a 5 hr lazer spine surgery 2 months after procedure he started getting wondering if its the antibiotics they gave him as prevention?every 3 months hes hospitalized due to severe nausea and abdominal pain he wants to die weve seen 29 primaries .his vitals are ok hes just super dehydrated and tons of inflamation inside him ..any help w nausea or how to lessen it i appreciate the help

  8. I have alleviated my permanent nausea with the help of No to morning sickness tea.

  9. I have everyday constant nausea that worsens when I am in public or at school. Nothing is working. It's been going on for months.

  10. do we get neausea during typhoid

  11. Been going through this and it's a living hell. I go to the hospital and they tell me I'm fine

  12. did you ever get better?

  13. Hi, thanks for this video. It helps soooo much to know I'm not alone. I've been having HORRIBLE nausea off and on recently. I also had to go on a rocky ferry recently – not fun when you're already feeling terribly nauseous! Severe nausea is hands down the worst, most hideously uncomfortable feeling I can ever possibly imagine. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I hope to one day finally be able to eat a meal without feeling anxious that I'm going to get nauseated again!

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  15. ginger makes me nauseous. I have found to get some relief from ICE water.

  16. If you take a hot shower and pour cold water over you to "shock your body" it helps immensely with nausea 👍🏻

  17. does making yourself puke relieve the pain?

  18. I always felt like I was the only one facing this issue… Its good to know that others have been through it & that there are ways to cope. Thank you so much for sharing your experience!
    For me, the chronic nausea began shortly after I began a psychiatric medication back in 2015. I believe it was a rare side-effect from that medication that caused some part of my digestive process to malfunction. Over time, I've gotten a little better. But I too have been hospitalized and tested but there never seems to be an issue… although I definitely know something's up. For everyone else going through this & is feeling as frustrated as I am… you are not alone! Hang in there!

  19. This video really helped. About three weeks ago I randomly started throwing up for 12 hrs and I still can't eat a lot.every night I get Nashua. I'm not sure why.

  20. This honestly sucks. I've been going through this for 4 months now. After I had the stomach flu, everything but the nausea stopped. It honestly feels like a living hell. I have to worry about vomiting wherever I go. I sometimes feel like I don't want to live through this anymore.

  21. I have chronic nausea and everyday I wake felling like💩 its been like this for 2 years and im miserable but im glad that im not the only one that is going through this

  22. I've been getting really on and off nausea since I had a health scare. I already suffer from hypochondria (health anxiety) and my anxiety has gotten worse. It's just so weird that my nausea is on and off. Do u think I'm experiencing nausea as a result of my constant anxiety? I saw your responses and it seems like you were experiencing nausea Bc of anxiety. Thank you so much for making this video!

  23. Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to discover
    ibs symptoms and treatment
    try Mackorny Defeat IBS Blueprint (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my brother in law got amazing success with it.

  24. For me it's been happening for years and my parents keep telling me to get over it. Who can I go to for help? My nausea doesn't go away and to make things worse I have Emetophobia.

  25. girl you most likely have bacterial over growth

  26. If your body adjusts to the regular consumption of natural yogurt, try drinking a cup of kefir every 2-3 days. It's an ancient medication from anatolia that has active cultures too.

  27. Rice milk works wonders for my nausea. I am neaurious every day. For me it is caused by my anxiety. I really cant do anything about it. I have been suffering from it eversince i was a child. I wish you all alot of strength to overcome

  28. just had seizure because of this shit, docs can't find anything wrong but my sodium levels so low I started seizing -these episodes come and go….still have no idea and almost died home made chicken broth is the oNLY thing to save me along with altoids ,,,my shit lasts days and i always need several iv's

  29. I know this video is old, but I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story. I just started suffering chronic nausea about a month and half (maybe 2 months now?) ago myself and my doctor sent me to get an ultrasound done and that came back normal. Nothing abnormal showed up, then I had some lab tests done, all of that came back normal so now the next step (and I'm kind of beating around the bush with this) is to knock me out and have a camera stuck down my throat. I'm beginning to think like you, it's anxiety. When I get nauseated, my mind goes into this "silent panic" mode if that makes sense..which in turn makes the nausea worse. I'm on medication for it but some days I find that it doesn't help at all and I always end up leaving work early.

    I'm glad to hear you've got it taken care of for the most part. I'm still working on my journey to recovery but I'm trying to stay positive. :). Thanks again for sharing!

  30. I feel horrible right now😷😷

  31. Thank you for this. Going to try it out. Mine is caused by job stress/anxiety.

  32. I have constant nausea every night around dinner time till morning and I'm just now starting this shitty pain, I hate life so much right now I can't get a good night sleep I wake up around 5 times a night my doctors say nothing is wrong but I know something is I want to kill my self I can't deal with this Fucking pain anymore

  33. I had gastritis and since then random nausea is my life sometimes. Eating cleared it most of the time, but I want this fixed because I miss driving.

  34. I’m going to try the yogurt I’ve been suffering for over 14 years had every test imaginable with no diagnosis I’m so ready to give up this life of living hell im just existing 😢😢

  35. I’ve had chronic nausea with stomach pains and dizziness for about over a year. I suffer in silence while I’ve been given antacids , h2 blockers , and proton prohibitors and nothing works , I’m tired of it. It triggers my anxiety which makes it 10x worser. I’ve been told it might be gastritis or stomach ulcers. I’ve been through hell, I feel gross most of the time and it’s just like a routine I feel everyday. I just hope it goes away one day.

  36. On the note of nausea, After neurosurgery, I was nauseous, and puking on a daily basis for a while usually. After talking with my pain management doctor, and other doctors, I had opioids, and a lot of other pills virtually thrown at me, which helped my pain, but bound me up horribly. I was fortunate to get access to a more natural option that I still use that helps a lot. If you get the option, ask about MEDICINAL marijuana.

  37. Please try warm to hot water in the morning for acid cure this works

  38. maybe you had parasites yogurt helps get rid of them in the stomach lining.

  39. Currently sick to my stomach… happens when I wake up :/ killing me…

  40. This has been happening to me for a while now. Everyday I wake up I feel nauseous, and after I eat I still don’t feel well and a thought is that maybe I’m not eating enough but when I eat a lot I feel even worse because my stomach bloats so much it hurts. Once a week I do actually throw up and I do feel better afterwards but then it continues the next day. I don’t think this has anything to do with anorexia. Physically and emotionally this is effecting me. I’m literally crying because I’m glad I’m not the only one I thought maybe it’s my fault that I’m nauseous, but I’ve tried everything. Eating healthy,exercise even after a good sleep I feel the same nauseousness. I would do anything to get rid of it

  41. I’ve been one who have really bad morning sickness, someday s I'd been really sick some days I just felt sick. I was up to my wits end but thankfully I found an organic formula “no to morning sickness tea” which really was a life saver for me.

  42. Has anyone on the comment board tried fasting?? I’m going through this myself started about a month ago just woke me out of bed one night. Blood work cat scans check out ok.
    Been fasting for the last week with water only no nausea so far let’s see how I feel after my first meal after this water fast. Fingers crossed.

  43. anyone have any suggestions bc a ton of the comments are weed but im freaking sixteen uh….

  44. This is happening to me right now, had this for a while…I feel very sick right now and hungry. My stomach also swells up and then goes down.

  45. Do you use motrin ? I had developed gastritis, and was vomiting everyday. I stop taking the motrin. I do not have the issue any more.

  46. This just started for me at the begining of December a day before my birthday,ever since then I've been nauseous especially around night time,I just don't understand why this won't go away,my parents and doctors have all said it's a digestive problem,nothing's helping,I'm only 14 and I'm going through this horrible thing every night and when I watch YouTube videos of kids all happy and stuff I get super upset and annoyed that they are all able to be active without feeling sick,it's just super stressful and I'm tired of feeling this way I just want it all to stop

  47. I keep getting nausea and even if I drink my water I get nausea so I eat something so my stomach gets „distracted“??? like im thirsty but if I drink I get nausea 🙁 what am I supposed to do

  48. I just came across your video as I am experiencing these same symptoms since January of this year until now. I have candida and I believe its all tied together. I am always feeling hungry, the same time of day daily. I took pau d'darco for the candida a few weeks ago and that made me feel so sick as the candida began to die off. I just bought plain yogurt with active cultures and that is making me stomach feel a whole lot better, so I am going to keep eating it to see if everything clears up. I am off sugar and starchy foods as well. I hope you subscribe to my channel so that I can share my journey with you and may be get some help from your advice. Thanks

  49. I had abdominal migraines when I was like 8 in 2014 and still to this day I get a dry mouth and a funny stomach pain when I’m in public or restaurants, enclosed spaces, places with no near exit or rubbish bin. I’ve had a fear of throwing up forever and I haven’t vomited in over 4 years. I do everything in my power to prevent myself from vomiting. I bus to school every morning and afternoon and it makes me feel nauseous like I’m going to throw up so I scrape my bus card againsr my thigh hard enough to focus my mind on but not hard enough to break skin. Idk man

  50. Do you know where I can get help for nausea ?

  51. I am 10 and have had anxiety nausea for three months

  52. Hey, so I've been seeing a lot of people saying they're dealing with the same stomach issues I have (Where my stomach feels bloated, achy, burning, and just sickly all around.) But I haven't seen ANY people who can't leave the house like me… I've been basically bed-ridden for 2 years going on 3… I have been feeling this way since about August 2016, NON STOP. It hit me while I was at work – feeling super dizzy and super nauseous to the point where I couldn't even stand forcing me to sit in the restroom for the remainder of my shift – …This has not stopped AT ALL since then. I have not had a job or been able to work or hang out with friends and family even on holidays and other special occasions. I couldn't even make it to my daughters 1st birthday party at a local Rec-Center because the pain was so unbearable. I take 3 4MG Zofran (a nausea medication) a day but it seems to only work (BARELY) for about an hour, if not less. I have had an Upper Endoscopy, multiple CT Scans, MRI's, X-Rays, and now have a Ultrasound and a Colonoscopy scheduled in about 3 weeks. I have a strong feeling that I will get no answers, just like with all my previous doctors. I'm so fucking depressed and stressed that this will never ever ever ever end. Please help. Thanks.


  54. Wow this was my exact experience.. I accredited it to my stomach overproducing acid and needing to be filled… I vomited a lot for 2 years… And lost so much weight… Its been a long time since… But today i am experiencing nausea again… I hate this feeling more than anything

  55. i started feeling nauses every morning since tuesday

  56. Been experiencing this for years now, food makes me sick. I hate looking at it I hate making dinner. People have played around with the idea that I have a eating disorder. This all started around the time i began to get bullied in high school.15 years, 15 fucking years. Of this anxiety and waking up every morning feeling like my body is rotting from the inside.

    I’m just hoping I get a heart attack any of these days, it’s hell. And to top it all off my hair is becoming grey at age 22 from the stress .

  57. yes thanks for this video. i also wake up every day feeling nauseous and it sticks with me through out the day. and i never know what it was or how to help it but know i can look up remedies to help it.

  58. I'm glad I found this video. I thought I was the only one dealing with this. Since I was 7 yrs old, I've been experiencing nausea early in the morning. I've been to a lot of doctors, but they can't see anything wrong. At some point, our school doctor thought I was pregnant because I was always in the clinic every morning and I always vomit in school 😂 But, this usually happens every Monday or the 1st week of school. I thought it has something to do with my stomach because I would eat while lying in bed (I already feel nauseous after I wake up). I tried to change that by forcing myself to eat while sitting early in the morning. I also tried drinking warm water. I think it helped me a bit. At least, I don't feel nauseous every morning. But now, when you said yours has something to do with anxiety, I think that might also be the main cause. I think it was all because of the school anxiety. I get nervous every Monday and on the 1st week of school. And I also think it happens when I lack some sleep. Hopefully, I can overcome this real soon 🙂

  59. I have thinking to leave the university ( my study ) because of nausea i lost a lot of weight. I hate eating. I got 20 of 40 in my final exam it was awful day . I have nausea until now which I really want to stop going to the university i lost a lot of marks . Students always look at me as a weird person i have phobia from vomiting

  60. ☹️ how does one manage a chronic illness and a regular working life?

  61. Help me please every morning I have to rush to the bathroom cause I feel like Super sick and I go and make breakfast and eat then I feel better for the rest of the day. I’m scared of sleeping because of this, why can’t I enjoy my life without having to worry about this torture

  62. I’ve been like this since I was 8 and I’m 16 now, when I was at primary school (4years to 10years old) teachers had to convince me to eat because I just couldn’t, just looking at food makes me sick, even to this day, it’s got to the point now that I can only drink and even pop or milk is becoming sickening to me, I’m at the point that water is the only thing I can have… is ruining me and finding this and finally knowing that there is an explanation had made me (emotionally) better. Thank you♥️

  63. I just started feeling this way and i feel helpless, school is about to start and i dont want to go back because i have a fear of vomiting in school. Im so stressed and i have gone to the doctor they told me it was a stomach bug at first but I told them i didnt have fever and i didnt even vomit. I told them that i do usually get the stomach bug every year and due to it i have developed a sort of phobia around getting sick and vomiting. But the pain and nausea havent gone away yet so i went back to the doctor and was told that it might be gastritis lets hope that it is and that the medication will work. I honestly feel horrible and dont want to go back to high school like this. Please if anyone has gotten over their chronic nausea help me!

  64. I have suffered nausea regularly for around five years. At least once a week, and if I'm lucky, once every two weeks, I wake up feeling sick to my stomach and feel awful until bed time – spending all day trying not to puke. I am normally better the next day. Until the next effing week when I'm bad again. I do have bowel disease and I believe the cause of my nausea is related to this. It is a bsolutely horrible to feel as though you have stomach flu every effing week. I have found no cure at all. Ginger helps, but doesn't help that much. Yogurt did nothing for me, either. Nothing has cured it.

  65. 8yrs iv been goin threw this I have gastroparesis which doesn't help

  66. I’m going through this same thing. Every morning.

  67. Try a probiotic, lesser strains first, then more if needed till you find one that works. I have one that is too strong but will stop the nausea in it's tracks. Then two, just the basic lacto bacillius and acidophilius.

  68. I had mine for 5 years 😭 I’m still going through shit

  69. I wake up, forced to get up because of my sickness (used to sleep in for hours) go to the bathroom, eat, feel better for a a while, then feel sick at again at night but then i go to the bathroom and go to bed. Then it all repeats the next day. That’s my life. Been dealing with this for about 5 months now, my parents don’t care.

  70. I feel nauseous all day everyday

  71. This is a serious sign of having parasite 🦠 please seek a homeopathic doctor be tested most people have this they do not know this

  72. I have severe adrenal fatigue, allergies, and eustachian tube dysfunction. Every once in awhile I get bad nausea that goes away after a minute, but I have to stop what I'm doing and brings on anxiety. Do you think that in your case the acidic food was causing your nausea? I'm suspecting that for myself.

  73. This has been happening to me for three years. I’m so fucking sick and tired of it, my parents have seen so many specialists and nothing is working. I feel sick everyday but I never throw up. For me this isn’t so much stomach problems but it is mental problems. I know it is but my doctor doesn’t believe in psychology and all that shit. I don’t even know what to do at this point. Almost every time I eat dinner now i feel like throwing up

  74. That moment when you have both chronic nausea and emetophobia

  75. I have been getting sick for about 12 years now. Dr do not know what is causing it. I have been on and off so many meds. It is so hard trying to hold down a part time job. I need some kind of help. I will try this, And hope it works, but I do not think it will. I have tried so many things and nothing has worked. I wish I could live like everyone else.

  76. I've been experiencing nausea and weakness for three weeks. It's debilitating! I am not enjoying life at the moment. Did you lose alot of weight? Did it ever feel like you just weren't going to make it?

  77. I have been facing them for 3 years right now… I can't take it anymore😢

  78. Same me i have went to Different doc but same answer : Everything is ok with ur Stomach lol i can't even explain how my stomach is at this moment i feel emty i can't even eat anymore i feel depressed i feel nausease all the time 24/7 per day… very bad.. 😔 i have checker my stomach , my heart , everything everything blood test everything…… i don't know i feel sad in the morning and no power in my body pain all over my body without no reason… my anxiety level increased… on high level very bad… for 23 years old male😔 cuz it affect my life and my family…

  79. everything you have said is exactly what is happening to me

  80. i have chronic nausea and i have emetophobia basicaly meaning i have a phobia about nausea and vomiting. so thats sucky

  81. I been going through it for months now I wake up sick to my stomach at 6:00 can’t sleep past then I puke I can’t eat anything I can’t lay down I just feel like complete shit😞

  82. Thank you soo much for this helpful video! I have been having bad nausea and vomiting for since about september 2018. I have to take zofran 4 mg twice a day. I've battled with all my doctors and they still have no idea how to help me or why it is happening. I quit taking Prilosec because it wasn't helping me, and I was worried it could result in an ulcer. I stopped bentyl as well for the horrible lower gi cramps and they don't happen anymore. I've had soo many tests and nothing showed anything 🙁 I thought maybe it was all in my head, and that I now realize that's impossible because I would eat and literally a few hours after eating I would throw up food and medications. I did have the gastric emptying study done, and that was not helpful in answering my questions about the horrible nausea and vomiting. I lost nearly 25 pounds from throwing up so bad. Honestly, I wanted to cry after watching this because I know i'm not alone. Thank you so very much for sharing your story with us. <3

  83. Thanks for the information, l started having nausea two weeks ago.

  84. V for vendetta the most amazing knife game fighter of all time and well also is said by fan theory that he was dealing with the he'll that is ptsd himselfnot by me though but other fans who no things about this disorders

  85. Recently i felt nausea..n empty stomach ….could not handle my self ..i used medicine ,gasOfast but nothing changed i tried ginger clove .lemon with water it giv bit relief .

  86. Aloe water is a good fix

  87. I have the same problem for over 3 years… 😭

  88. Hi guys. My daughter has been having nausea and stomach pains for over 2 months. We went to ER, 2 doctors, x rays done, Urine work, blood work, 2 really good physical exams by her Doctors and all the tests, physical, blood, xrays, Urine tests are all good, they don’t see anything at all wrong. At first they said it was part of having a little stomach flu she had for around 10 days, but now, she doesn’t feel sick like that but she has some nausea and belly pains lingering daily. Nothing too bad but she complains for the first part of the day,

  89. After watching this video, I went to the doctor (few days ago btw). Turns out I have an eating disorder.

  90. I have chronic nausea (on and off – as in some days I have, then I go weeks without experiencing it), and my doctor told me it's basically stress that has caused high acidity in my body. Then she put me on tablets.. but I'd rather find a natural solution to this nightmare!

  91. Oh my goodness this is exactly what I’m going through rn, it’s been going on for weeks. I wake up everyday feeling nauseous not wanting to eat or drink anything which makes me feel worse, and I only eat like once a day barely getting any fluids, I have severe Emetophobia which makes this whole experience all the more miserable, and I’m due to go to the hospital soon, hopefully they can help me 😭 I’ve lost quite a bit of weight because of it too, and the nausea lasts the ENTIRE DAY.

  92. Really this awful thing is happening to me ….. Chronic Nausea and bloating uh….. I just hate it . 🙄🙄😣

  93. omg i finally found someone who feels the same THANK GOD. i thought i was crazy bc everyone was telling me i’m fine.

  94. I have it to I no what your talking about and for me it’s Worchester because I am only 8 years old and I cried a lot

  95. i would love to try natural yogurt in those proportions but im lactose intolerant

  96. I throw up most mornings but my mam says I’ve been doing it my whole life

  97. I’ve had it for almost a year coming up but haven’t been sick once and I’ve tried three different reflux medications I did a randitine a low dose omeparazole and a high dose one and it didn’t work we even had paranedics at first due to a concussion concern and they said it could b hormonal cuz I was coming up 13 at that point soooo Yh

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