Chromebook – Business and Education Overview

Chromebook – Business and Education Overview

Life has become pretty complicated for IT
managers and employees. Everybody juggles a fleet of different devices and operating
systems, all running their own local applications and requiring endless cycles of patches and
upgrades. All this complexity adds up to constant maintenance, less security, much higher costs,
and headaches for users. Google realized that a better solution would
be to make the web the platform for all these applications, so that they would simply work
on any device running a browser. So, we created Chromebooks, running the first operating system
built and optimized for the web. Chromebooks securely access all of their data
and apps on the web. Which means manually configuring, updating, patching, migrating
data, and securing PC’s becomes a thing of the past. An entire fleet of Chromebooks
is simple to configure and manage centrally through the web. Once configured, users have
the applications and settings they need as soon as they log on, wherever they are. And since data and apps aren’t stored on
the PC, a lost computer won’t mean the loss of any vital company data. Chromebooks are also fundamentally more secure
than traditional PC’s because they run in a “sandboxed” environment that restricts
viruses and malware from reaching the Operating System. And every time the Chromebook starts,
it runs a process called verified boot that ensures the Operating System has not been
tampered with or corrupted. Most importantly, Chromebooks make users happier
and more productive by getting them on the web quickly, where they can access apps, documents,
and settings using the familiar Chrome browser. And thanks to up to 8 hours of battery life,
WiFi and the option of built-in 3G, users are free to work wherever they are – perfect
for mobile teams. With Chromebooks, computers will be simpler
to manage, more secure, and easier for users to operate. Companies will write fewer checks
for software licenses, complex hardware, and data recovery, and IT will spend less time
on tedious maintenance tasks. Plus, Google will always be there to help, by providing
full service support, including phone, email, and even hardware replacement. All this adds
up to happier, more productive users and much lower costs.

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  1. Suddenly storm rolls in and internet goes down, chromebook becomes brick.

  2. how bout games and apps only in the os like sims, photoshop, pvs, and etc.

  3. Welcome To The Future!

  4. My school will never get this it's too poor

  5. ME: Can it run Microsoft word???
    Google: Well, no. But-
    ME: Can it play games?
    Google: No.
    ME: Can I use it with no internet access?
    Google: Motherfu…

  6. @Avengers91 atleast not in the different companies but google will need more of them. But Seriously everything that vid says to me is:"Give us all your Data, let us know whatever you are doing and store everything on our harddrives. Just forget about your data, and soon enough its all ours. And of course if you forget about your data even quicker, we are able to sell it earlier to third party companies, to make even more money."

  7. Great idea BUT what happens when you DONT HAVE INTERNET ACCESS? ~O_O~

  8. @eragon3196 you get a free 100 mb of internet from verizon every month 😀 IM SO BUYING THIS

  9. @genjomani 100 mb isnt much 😛

  10. @eragon3196 yeah but you're not going to be downloading anything on this, since everything is based on the web. 100 mb is perfect for going on youtube, facebook and just generally surfing the web.

  11. Can someone answer this: If Google Chrome has a Sandboxed OS that Blocks Malware and viruses from getting to them, then why is Verified Boot Needed? You can't corrupt an OS without viruses, spywayre or malware if I'm not mistaken. So does this mean that Google's spokesperson for this video contradicted himself regarding viruses etc?

  12. As long as I can get Office (or Open Office), it's perfect. A netbook with 3G? Brilliant. Too bad it's 500 DOLLARS for the Samsung one with 3G 🙁

  13. I like it but why the high price??? $500 is really high for a cloud netbook IMO

  14. this is BS!!!! .. this is no more than just another browser.

  15. And then somebody turned it on in an airplane.

  16. 0:16 to 0:21 is angry german kid???

  17. What if I'm a hardcore gamer, playing games requiring a decent amount of space on the HDD?
    What if I'm a designer, using heavy software such as LightWave, Photoshop, MangaStudio, FinalCutPro, ToolsSai, Adobe, etc.?
    What if…

  18. And then the internet goes out …

  19. 8 hours isn't really THAT long for the NEXT GEN laptop

  20. U CANT SEND HOMEWORK 🙁 🙁 thats – but at the simple computer u get once and you dont need any thing more if u arent dum and u dont fuck things up

  21. chrome books have no privacy because Google can look through all your data on their servers

  22. and many businesses use special programs, and you cant use programs on chromebooks

  23. 0:35 the only problem the guy has is that he does not know how to insert a CD

  24. @xEle360x e-freaking-xactly!

  25. No internet, no chrome, no computing ?
    makes me a bit sad

  26. we can use normal programs on it, right?

  27. Will I be able to take notes on this without problems??? I'll get one if they work for taking notes properly

  28. 1:41 means less jobs on the market. 1:51 sounds like a Google monopoly

  29. Chromebooks make users more productive by getting them on the web quickly.


  30. @xEle360x Built-in Wifi.

  31. More productive? I think having access to programs like Microsoft word would make them more productive, I do 90% of "work" offline unless I need to Email something!

  32. But will it blend?

  33. chromebooks will be useless for business because they need specific programs which cannot be installed on chrome OS.

  34. @AWJR98 Only Windows can run .exe files so I guess it can't. Month old question, had to answer it xD

  35. Chromebook is my #1 choice for using web. Lighter. Start/close faster. Virus worry free. 'Save' button worry free. Do you remember the embarrassment of holding an open laptop while you were leaving Starbucks and catching a bus because the traditional OS was updating system at closing? Plus, I don't need to fight for a seat next to outlet in coffee shop now.

  36. In future (actually it is happening now, the word 'future' sounds futuristic.) Special business software (for example, engineering software, AutoCAD) installed in CLOUD. We use our laptop or desktop devices to 'view' and 'control' remotely. We don't necessary to use the traditional OS on our devices in order to use special software.

  37. Imagine . . . a world one day we don't see a crashed OS blue screen anymore.

  38. @kosmostoto Hmm. I saw this five years ago when I installed Ubuntu on my computer. The Chromium project is also based on the Linux kernel and shares code back and forth with Ubuntu. So, has the epicness started? It has only just begun.

  39. @Jakobguldager70 Yes, i use this to take notes in all my college classes. On top of that Google Docs allows multiple people to edit the same document at once allowing me and fellow classmates to compile and write notes more efficiently. Just make sure your classes are within range of the schools WiFi, i have that problem in one of my classes. And remember this NOT meant to be used as a main computer. many users upset with the product are using it as a replacement. it is not mean to be.

  40. @naruto0123456780 isp cannot look through files because the do not store them, also google is changing their policy. and they have been caught spying on users. go to

  41. But what if a hacker break into "the web" and gets all your data?

  42. So, if someone hacks into your Google account, all your data is screwed?

  43. agree to that, vital data store on the web ???
    not in a million years, remember guys, crimes happened coz there's a chance to do it

  44. You can expect your IT costs to go down, until you find that the program you want isn't in app form or browser based then you can expect you IT costs to skyrocket.

  45. Because your current internet provider totally isn't. Not like it's okay, but that shouldn't stop you from buying a Chromebook. It's already happening.

  46. ISP tracking can be avoided by Internet encryption software. Software cant be installed on chromebook

  47. Every stat shows that more than 50% of the computers in the world are infected by a virus. So what's more likely, a personal computer getting hacked into or google cloud getting hacked into?

  48. Google already browses through each computers searchings on google, that however is only to improve search algorithm. Also are you not afraid that your phone is recorded for certain amount of time for security reasons? Are you not afraid that your ISP provider can see ANYTHING you do on internet? Skype? Mails? Facebook? Other kinds of IMs? Browsing history? Have fun in life.

  49. using an internet encryption service solves all problems for the web and staying signed out of google account helps too. plus on chromebook they also look through personal documents

  50. wait a minute, where is this youtube that will work on any device with a browser? 3ds and ds hellooo?

  51. 0:35 I soooo want a server rack in my room.. imagine the possibilities

  52. not if you are using GNU Linux and encrypting connection.

  53. Is there a non-Google alternative like this?

  54. actually i use Opera and Firefox,

  55. i don't care for the minimalist UI on it

  56. 0:53 A Chromebook breaks when putting in a paper shredder?

  57. I'm sure you use google chrome.

  58. I use Opera/Firefox.

  59. Ok, nothing against it.

  60. wow….an IT professional who doesn't know how to insert a cd..embarrasing

  61. Privacy policies.

  62. their new privacy policy allows them to spy on users. that's why they changed it

  63. Chrome Os is Linux based, meaning its faster and more secure than anything from Microsoft. They give you so much more and what they do get is info about your search habits so that they can recommend things to you.

  64. And they sacrifice the ability to run programs, something critical to many business, especially software design. And as for the info they know your browsing habits, your search terms, your personal documents, and every other piece of data on your chromebook. that is enough to creep me out

  65. You can run programs perfectly fine?????? What do you mean?

  66. they have apps but not real programs, at least not any good ones

  67. Umm you download them? O_O

  68. the problem is that very few programs are compatible with chrome OS

  69. OHHHHH…well they do have an app for everything 😀

  70. 0:17 thats how Google thinks the users look like 😀

  71. i want a chromebook 5 550 so freaky bad ive watched eversingle video and reveiw learned how to set up the clound print, figured out the google drive, use nexus, only one proplem my dads cheap.
    sucks to be me right???

  72. Then why Google isn't using them?

  73. Whenever I see Google employes the have Mac Books for ex. on Google IO videos.

  74. read the privacy policy

  75. yes because if google really was spying on us they would put it up on the internet for everyone to see

  76. Chromebook is for light users, people who only use their computers for documents, music, entertainment, and browsing.

    Obviously no engineer and programmer would ever use one.

  77. @Alice A. Rahman you can't tell them what they want

  78. that guy doesn't know how to insert a CD when in big letters says CD???

  79. Wow Chromebooks is fantastic Wow again it is so simple cloud is there all the time and it is and it is secure

  80. haha chromebook gets chopped 0:54

  81. I don't understand how this is for education. I need this for college, now I'm gonna have to write a lot of papers, do research different things, and I'm gonna have to use a ubs chip to save it all. Now I need to know if all of this is going to be safe since this computer is all "web" and nothing else. Please respond at your earliest convince

  82. What if I want my employees to do more than lookup cute kitties online all day? guess I'm shit outta luck.

  83. you can make google drive work offline, and save the file you wrote in google docs as a word file, or in any other text format to put on your usb drive.

  84. Thumbs up if you are watching this on Google Chrome browse.

  85. i like it. and it is useful for school 🙂

  86. But the absolutely horrible thing about it is that you cant download ANYTHING, like Skype, or Steam, plus, every computer can get the Google Chrome browser.

  87. this computer is not good for school. It does not support Blackboard Connect which is the program my sons' school uses for its online lessons. what a waste. cant even print unless you have another computer or a "cloud ready" computer. Definitely will not be buying another one.

    6月15日からオンラインでChromebookが購入可能となります。より多くの国々で今後購入が可能になる予定で、アメリカではAmazon・Best Buy・その他の先行する小売業者から発売されるとのこと。
    そのため、Chromebookはビジネスと教育機関向けのサービス(Chromebooks for Business and Education)も用意されており、クラウド・マネージメント・コンソールを経由することで、リモートからユーザーの管理・デバイスの管理・アプリケーションの管理・ポリシーの管理が可能です。つまり、会社や学校のパソコンがどこにあろうが、遠隔操作することでちゃんと管理できますよ、ということです。
    ムービーを見るとそのことがよくわかります。YouTube – Chromebook – Business and Education Overview

  89. not anymore that was in 2011 this is 2015!!! windows 10 is here!

  90. you ever heard of a Mac and iCloud

  91. Well the only problem that everyone has is we want the most out of wi fi and I don't seen the problem attempting to find better wi fi. For instance, if you go out as often for productivity at the library or coffee shops, then any places like cafés, less crowded places where people work can be really motivating for some to get their work down in less than a few hours with wi-fi you can access anywhere. Because I believe that Google's support for automatic updates, as opposed to using discs for softwares or having to wait, while the software update is downloading and loading. For example iOS software by Apple wants you to update, and whenever they can do to help iOS users get the most out of their devices. However with Chromebooks and Google together, not only the web browser yet also Firefox also has the same feature to secure websites. Why? Do you even want your account hacked? Credit card hijacked? Accessing your phone number? Then Google provides security to secure over 100+ websites from risky and bad websites that aren't safe. And I'm hoping they can continue this for future Google laptops than just Chromebooks itself.

  92. does chromebooks have blootooth?

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