Chrissy Teigen Scares Guest Host John Legend

Chrissy Teigen Scares Guest Host John Legend

Welcome back. [CHEERING] I am still, believe it or
not the sexiest man alive. [CHEERING] Is it me, or did I even get
sexier during the break? I don’t know. [LAUGHTER] I don’t know. Anyway, I want to
thank the audience for singing “All of Me.” I wrote that song
about my wife, Chrissy. And she was in the music video. We actually filmed it in
Italy the week we got married. And here’s an
interesting fact though. The record company originally
wanted someone else to be my love
interest in the video. And I have a clip. You guys want to see the clip? Here it is. [MUSIC – JOHN LEGEND, “ALL OF
ME”] (SINGING) Cuz all of
me loves all of you. Love your curves
and all your edges, all your perfect imperfections. Give your all to me,
I’ll give my all to you. You’re my end and my beginning. Even when I lose, I’m winning. Cuz I give you all of me. And you give me all of you. Oh. [APPLAUSE] Don’t tell, Chrissy, guys. She’ll be very, very,
very jealous of Ellen. What are you [BLEEP]ing doing? Ah! [CHEERING] I swore. Hello. Hello. Hi. [CHEERING] That was the hardest
thing I’ve ever done. I didn’t mean to
swear, I’m so sorry. You– Should we do it again? You didn’t tell me you
were going to be here. No, honestly, I’m so exhausted. [LAUGHTER] How long– how long were
you stuck under there? Like a long time. Oh my God. You were taking a very, very– Ladies and gentlemen,
Chrissy Teigen. [APPLAUSE] How can I help you out? OK. They made me be barefoot. Oh my gosh. I don’t like my feet. We knew that from before. What did you think of my– I’m honestly so tired. I’m sorry. What did you think of
my comedy stylings? You guys, he’s
pretty good, right? [CHEERING] I did not know our
first guest was going to be Chrissy
Teigen, everybody. [APPLAUSE] You didn’t hear me
banging around the box? No, I did not. This is– this helps
because you’re like– he’s very unaware of
anything around him. Yes. Like, we get in fights on
the airplane and stuff. He’ll hit people with his
bag, and I’m like, apologize. If you wanted to cheat
on me, you could probably get away with it. Oh no, I have a million times. Oh, OK. Yeah. But I’m the sexiest man
alive, how could you possibly? [APPLAUSE] Don’t even. I make you ham sandwiches. I do all kinds of
nice things for you. Yes, you do. Yes, my sexiest man alive. Oh my gosh, this has
really gotten to you. It’s well-deserved
though, I will say. I did love that comment I
read to you this morning. Which one? It was– they were
like, this just proves to you that it doesn’t
take good looks to be sexy. And it was trying– [LAUGHTER] –but it was trying
to be a compliment. But it was for the both of us. It was like, look
at this couple, they prove that you
don’t have to be– They prove that even– even very average looking
people can be sexy. We can do it, baby, we did it. [APPLAUSE] [LAUGHTER] Let’s watch a replay
of our scare here. Very jealous of Ellen. What are you [BLEEP]ing doing? Ah! [CHEERING] That was great. You guys got me. You guys got me. That was so, like, slow motion. That’s the biggest
workout I’ve ever had. Everybody thank Chrissy Teigen. [APPLAUSE] We’ll be right back.

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  2. John: “If you wanted to cheat on me you could probably get away with it…”
    Chrissy: “Oh I have a million times!!”
    I burst out laughing! I absolutely LOVE Chrissy. She’s so funny and quick witted!

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  67. k i Z 
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    VV o k  
    LIZ y L UK
    oil BP
    б IP
    m o r S eA? ch

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