Choosing a plan in πŸ’Š πŸ’‰ health (medical) insurance marketplace – why it’s hard

Choosing a plan in πŸ’Š πŸ’‰ health (medical) insurance marketplace – why it’s hard

>>Hey buddy old pal.
Today I’m going to tell you why you suck
when it comes to choosing to buy the best medical card or
medical insurance for yourself. All right people.
The reason you suck is not because you are not smart
is just because you. Are not in the position to make
a fair and informed comparison. Let me show you
what I mean by this. Now first thing you know that there’s a lot of room
and board options that you need to choose
to know now at least here at least there are
six common options when it comes to room & board So of course you and you
choose a room and board which is higher
naturally cost more. Now the second thing is comes
to Basic to VIP range what I mean by that is that you want to have ready
to have a medical card with your medical expenses
in Malaysia or you want a medical card
which cover medical expenses when you are hospitalized
overseas For example in Singapore. And they will reimburse you
the medical expense due to an admission in in whatever reasonable
and customary rate in Singapore
kind of prescribed rate instead of Malaysian
prescribed rate. So what we call a basic
and a VIP rate so you need to choose
between that. Although a lot of people will
fall within the first category if you really don’t have not that frequent travel
overseas to Singapore. Oh that. Now the third thing
is about co insurance. Very easy. You have to choose
whether you want co insurance or don’t want co insurance. And the next thing
is you have to choose sometimes a product
Medical Card product who are option
between having a deductible or not having a deductible and whether the deductible
you want to keep or convert it to zero deductible at age
55 or 60. So again another option
for you to choose and the fifth one the more
common most common one is
annual limit. You could have you could
buy plain Medical card with for example a normal
hundred thousand of annual
limit. Or you could actually say
that I went to top up to this annual limit would be extended annual limit which is
ten times more than what would
the plain normally entitled to. So you can see that
with all these 5 aspects to consider
is it room and board you have six choices
to choose for product range. You have two choices
to choose from and same goes for co insurance
deductible and annual limit So can you imagine
these kinds of options is only
for one insurance company. Imagine that and you have
to compare at least three or more insurance company with all these options
for you to mix and match and you must have you
must understand you must pick and customize it
so that each shoosh fits into your budget
or your family budget. And if you are paying for more
than one person you know that you have to do the whole
process again and again. So that is why. I shall prove to you that
for example Allianz Allianz they have at least
right 3 range of medical cards Right. And they have these
two range ones covers medical expenses in in Malaysia Malaysian
medical procedures. And the other covers medical
expenses in Singapore prescribe medical expenses right. So you see that
one insurance company that Schriefer will choose from. Look at Great Eastern and you know that they are already 3
this health protection you have these Smart Medic,
Smart Medic Extra Premier Health visits to 3
of medical costs and you can have a top up like Smart Extender, Smart
Extender Max and all that. So there’s a lot of these kind
of variables come together and that is why medical card is one of the most of them
most the most Knesset’s. For you to buy. But at the same time
it’s one of the most complex when it comes to customizing one
for you and yourself and if you want
to buy you know normal life or even critical
illness coverage or even saving plans I know
that that’s not so complicated because the only thing
you have to consider is basically the price OK between
different insurance company because death
is death market life. Correct. Basically you die
you get paid critical illness if you hit by any of the thirty
six illnesses then you got paid. So the only thing you can pay
is not too much of a coverage. But more on the price but when
it comes to medical attention and medical card there’s this a lot
of variables to consider. So before we wrap this
we do you might ask what yes. What are my options.
How do I go about it. So I would actually advice
before you look at this. Actually I’m trying on your own. OK get some quotes
from insurance agent and all that but end of the day you might only hear the good
things about certain products but not definitely not the bad
thing about certain products. And it’s up to you to find out
on your own. Right. So if but if you are lack of
time you need someone or some adviser
you need an adviser to get you through
this process of choosing then you could actually
go to AskCF dot com if you get to a point
when you’re frustrated. Go to Askcf dot com.
And this is where we can got you to choose the most suitable
for you. Right Badgett the right features
what you’re looking for and get some independent
second opinion views So with that being said
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OK this is CF Lieu from I will see you in the next

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  1. Hi Mr. Lieu
    Please I need your help, is there any medical insurance who does GROUP insurance for 3 persons instead of 5 like the majority of insurances in Malaysia? if there's one please give their name, we are a small company and we want a option that covers Inpatient & outpatient

  2. Hi Mr. Lieu πŸ™‚ Thanks for the very informative vid.
    Would like ure opinion tho.
    I know that we need to get the best company, so that when we claim, the company will still be there (and PAY UP! πŸ˜€ …)
    What do you think about the popular takaful players name Etiqa, Ikhlas and also Takaful Malaysia? They are relatively 'young' companies compared to giants such as AIA, Allianz and perhaps Prudential and GE?
    (But big companies also can be a bit risky… such as AIG in 2008…)

    Maybe what I'm asking… in Malaysia's context… does it matter if we choose the popular takaful players vs the established big guns? Would appreciate ure honest thoughts. Thanks!

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