Chinese Millionaire Has Most Ridiculous Business Card – Decode China

Chinese Millionaire Has Most Ridiculous Business Card – Decode China

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  3. This guy is probably single and is using this business card to impress women – I see no other explanation-

  4. Cool. I love your video and your ways of thinking differently.

  5. Thanks for the advise as always Dan. πŸ™‚

  6. "I thought im the king of high ticket sales, thats already pretty big, no thats nothing. shit im so humble " i laughed so hard lol

  7. Hi Dan lok, I first watched one of your videos on martial arts, you know, how to overcome the fear factor in a confrontation and I thought you were just, well, not just, but you know, solely, a martial arts expert, I had no idea you were all so a really clever businessman and I gorra tell ya, I am really impressed iv watched a few of your videos now and honestly Dan I am really impressed and will continue to follow you and hopefully learn from you, in the meen time, Dan, keep up the good work ur looking great, have a good day ma man bye for now

  8. I want the link pleas πŸ™‚
    Dan were is the link to jake maa movie pleas

  9. You buy paper MBA and paper PhD in USA, not in China.

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