Chinese Business Etiquette : Chinese Business Etiquette: Greeting

Chinese Business Etiquette : Chinese Business Etiquette: Greeting

Hi, I’m Mark Kemsley. We’re talking about
doing business in China and we’re concentrating now on the business greeting. This is of utmost
importance. The first thing in the business greeting to understand is the business card
itself. You know, in China, if you don’t have a business card, it’s like not having a name.
It’s an absolute necessity. And the title on that card is extremely important. They
want to feel that they are dealing with somebody who is of equal importance to them. If you’re
talking to the CEO of a company, he wants to talk to the CEO of another company. So,
whatever kind of business you’re doing, it’s important that you have a high title on your
card. Now, how do you give a business card to somebody? This is a bit of extreme importance.
When you take a card or give a business card, you need to be standing up and you need to
use two hands. You offer any type of gift from 5,000 years ago to now, this was sort
of the methodology. If you’re offering a gift to somebody you use two hands to offer it.
And a business card is the same way. You use two hands to offer your card. And it would
be extremely disrespectful if you did not take another Chinese businessman’s card with
two hands. If you just grabbed it with one hand like this, it would be extremely disrespectful.
It could affect your business. Let me tell you little story. l actually brought a team
of Chinese people over to the United States. They were discussing a joint venture. I was
working as sort of a conduit between the Chinese party and the American party in discussing
this joint venture. We brought them over to the United States. They went to a factory,
a manufacturing facility to have a look and, at one of the stations where they went to,
the gentleman who was conducting sort of the tour at that particular station, he had about
ten or fifteen other business cards sitting on the table and said, “oh, you can take one
of my cards on the way out.” I could have just died. I mean that was obviously, they
didn’t know anything about China and, I guess that was my fault, because I should have made
sure they knew something about China.

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  1. Good to know. Thanks.

  2. This is critical for an upcoming meeting I have forthcoming. Thanks for taking the time to share this key information Mark!

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  4. Thank you for your video. I don't know if you're still monitoring the comments here, but I have a follow up question. What's the protocol if you're carrying other items? For example, if I'm visiting booths at a large trade show, I might have a tote bag full of literature in one hand. My instinct would be to hold the tote bag under my arm to free the hand. Of course, this puts me in T-Rex mode, where only my forearm moves freely. Would this work, or would I be expected to put down any other items I'm carrying to completely free up my hands and arms?

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  6. it is kind of werid for a chinese to watch a western man for learning Chinese etiquette….

  7. We used your video to make our point a bit better – thank you for it:

  8. Chinese are the most arrogant people on the planet , loud and very very rude . Never do business with the Chinese .

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