Chinese Business Etiquette : Chinese Business Etiquette: Do’s & Don’ts

Chinese Business Etiquette : Chinese Business Etiquette: Do’s & Don’ts

Hi, my name is Mark Kemsley. We’re talking
about doing business in China and I want you to know the three most important things to
observe. And that means what to do and what not to do. The first is greeting. Now, when
you’re greeting a person, it’s very important that you have a name card. And, as we mentioned,
it’s very important to present your name card with two hands and even more important to
receive counterpart’s name card with two hands. Now, when you receive the business card, which
I keep calling it a name card because that’s what they call it in Chinese, “mingpien,”
which means name card. But when you receive it, it’s very important that you don’t just
ignore it and stick it in your pocket. But that you take it and act as if you’re really
interested in it. Like it’s the most exciting piece of paper that you’ve ever seen in your
life, just for maybe three or four seconds, before you put it away. That’s an important
part of respect. Now, a second key point is when you do visit somebody that you bring
a gift. And, again, it doesn’t have to be an expensive gift but something that represents
that you put some thought in it. Maybe it’s something special from the area of the world
that you’re from, that you give to this person to demonstrate respect. And number three,
is really about this respect. If you visit a Chinese person, again, don’t call him by
his given name and call him not by mister usually either, but by his title. So, if his
name is President Joe or President Jong, Joe is a Chinese surname, I’m not just saying
Joe in English. But if you’re calling him President Liu or whatever it is, you call
him by his title and his surname. This is very, very important. Now, I’ve emphasized
these three points because if you forget everything else you learned through this video series,
this will help you to avoid making a real donkey out of yourself and losing what could
be a very profitable business.

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  1. I'm heading to China to surf the tidal bore river wave 🙂

  2. My Chinese friend added this comment : Now that strategy is in tatters and government officials joke darkly that the "win-win" relationship has a new meaning: China wins twice. 哈。哈。😶 Most Chinese people have been successfully brainwashed, and now they are illogical idiots. And that will ensure the longevity of the Party. Today they brainwash the world, don't get fooled, the politeness of China hide their silent invasion in our lifestyle and economy. Google, and most of our major medias and apps are banned in China. Press freedom doesn't exist. It's the only country with North Korea with a ministry of propaganda. Facts always hurt. But facts won’t care about your feeling.

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