China tariffs could rise in December, Mnuchin warns

China tariffs could rise in December, Mnuchin warns

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  1. 1st and yes i edited trump 2020, 2024, 2028, 2032 and then trumps son 2036

  2. Another day, another Trump official getting played by the Chinese, what else is new?

  3. Mnuchin is a joke! President Trump does not hire the best people!


  5. Tariff China until they completely fold.
    No "deal"

  6. Fact NO DEAL!!!!!!!!!
    WAKE UP!

  7. Pump up the tariffs now. These are simply delaying tactics since China is hoping Trump is not re-elected.

  8. My slimes and Krugman is a lying pos, he knew it would hurt Americans.

  9. Not for nothing has China been called "The FOE " in centuries of history .
    Pull out, let them slither.

  10. Whatever happened to the EMERGENCY ACT or EXECUTIVE ACT POTUS has the right to work with to literally WIPE CLEAN this trade deal and ACTUALLY START FRESH!!!!!!

  11. Guest is lying. Left out financials and banking.

  12. Bussey weak on China, get Kyle Bass.

  13. If they back out end all trade with China. Then see what happens

  14. Its not China's tariffs, its Trump taxing us

  15. Good. De-couple from China. No treaty, no deal with China. China's government are intrusive, subversives, no – insurrectionists- acting in bad faith. Period.

    Refuse to buy or respect Chinese, whom do NOT respect you nor your rights of any kind. China needs to to be reminded about loss.

  16. Waste of time making a trade deal with communist china,pass the USMCA it is the biggest and a lot better trade deal.

  17. Fantastic news more tariffs towards the communist government of China, excellent news 👍👍👍

  18. Don't trust China! China is @$$hole!

  19. Nothing will be done in trade deal unless compromise one another ….u can't force one party what u want rather compromise one another

  20. Stop all trade with china

  21. Krugman, et al. didn't "make a mistake". They knew what was happening and didnt' care or worse.

  22. That means YOU pay more for products. Even you trumptards

  23. So no great deal ? America has no clue

  24. A lot of delusional and butthurt Americans in the comment section. China doesnt need the US as it used to.

  25. They need more wineing and dineing! Before you get the deal! Yeah!

  26. The Chinese president is Winnie the Pooh

  27. Good bankrupt China they earned it . The people want our money back .

  28. Delaying tactics from China.

  29. The “Make America Great Again” is a brand name for a “populist movement” or business model that is looking out for the interest of the USA by rebuilding the U.S. middle-class by replacing multilateral trade agreements with bilateral trade agreements. President George H.W. Bush introduction of the "New World Order" and President Bill Clintons "NAFTA" are “Globalist” business models. Ross Perot (who ran against GHW Bush and B Clinton) said the USA would here a "giant sucking sound" of jobs leaving the USA if we got into NAFTA and other multilateral trade agreements. Perot was right. The trade practices from the 1990’s to 2016 created US trade deficits (“sucking sound”) and it hurt the U.S. middle-class. Donald Trump is supporting a business model that is looking out for the interest of the USA by rebuilding the U.S. middle-class by replacing multilateral trade agreements with bilateral trade agreements; balancing USA trade deficits; creating incentives for companies to operate in the USA that will create higher paying jobs for US citizens. The two different business models will always put the Anti-Trump movement (globalist) at odds with Donald Trump’s MAGA (populist) movement. Vote Trump 2020

  30. Starve the communist.

  31. The New York Times is a FAKE NEW RAG, so tainted with TDS it is unfit to wipe your butt with.

  32. China has a worm infestation affecting a dozen crops and over a third of its pigs died from a virus. So China buying grains and pork is required to keep them from starving. That hardly looks like a deal.

  33. "He's a smart Cat" – well he isn't that smart really is he?

  34. Tay will Not Import 40 to 50 Billion dolla in food china only Import below 25 Billion dolla in food 🤣🤣🤣so you tink it will dubel Import 🤣🤣🤣 no way

  35. All Chinese must unite to fight the devil US to the end. Full support for President Xi

  36. Do not trade with china! corps are already ruining everything America stands for with greed which means America has no free market!

  37. Why does China have Winnie the Pooh as their leader? Are they that dumb?

  38. I'm not convinced that china should be trusted. They're a backstabbing communist country, bent on global domination

  39. Haven't these business speaker's, advisor's, planner's, strategists in news and how missed such a huge corruption against USA by China, Iran, India, Japan, Middle east, Europe, Africa?
    And now they speak about issues and challenges, and point at tariff's, trade dealings?

  40. Not good enough….


  42. If this happens it will bankrupt my 40 year old business. I was a trump supporter but how can I support him now?

  43. get it right, they are international farmers, not US farmers. Them International farms if go run their books has not spent a dime in there communitys. But keep not reporting real news that point out issues. Continue on with no sign of intellect.

  44. President Trumps selective "Easing" of Tariffs is a Humanitarian Gesture of Good Will to address Swine Issue in Communist China. .. it also Helps the Farmers

    Communist China will be "Reminded" of this in future Tariff Talks.

    President Trump is in the Drivers Seat against Communist China ..and will not Stray from USA Retribution & Trade Equity with Communist China.

  45. Joselico gracias Dois 🇺🇸🏦🛠🔥⭐️Les mando saludos señores periodistas a todos los periodistas de todo el mundo gracias a usted por llevar la información a todo el mundoLes mando saludos señores periodistas a todos los periodistas de todo el mundo gracias a usted por llevar la información a todo el mundo ustedes han sido muy importante para mí Joselico les mando saludos a todas las personas de todo el mundo gracias a ellos estoy donde estoy También le doy las gracias a Dios por verme permitido seguir adelante estaba enfermo de primero gracias a Dios no tengo nada ya me ha librado de todo por eso le doy gracias todos los días de mi vida y ya no voy a volver hacer lo que hacía nunca jamás toda esa basura la vida aprendido en la calle gracias a Dios me libero de todo lo malo que había aprendido que Dios los bendiga que pasen feliz día

  46. China is playing chess. Trump playing checkers. Trump should not have announced the Ag purchase

  47. Is this guy running for public office? So many non-answers.

  48. 😜 who cares, don't buy cheap Chinese crap.

  49. Resolving the US, China trade dispute is not so easy after all. United States would call off planned tariff increases in return for China buying $50 billion in U.S. agricultural products soy bean, pork and Corn. The issues related to intellectual property rights, financial services, currency rules and agriculture is fluid. Over the last year Chinese imports of American goods have decreased by 26.5 percent, while exports to the United States are down 11.0 percent. Trump administration's imposition of protectionist tariffs seems too willing to leverage and potentially sacrifice small and medium American businesses to achieve unrelated political goals. In the US, it’s only a matter of time before additional tariffs would not only eat into domestic consumption, but also raise business costs and consumer inflation. Yes, increasing tariffs on consumer goods would increase inflation, and if the Chinese currency isn’t devalued, US importers will bear higher costs, which they would in turn pass on to consumers. The 25% percent tariffs on major consumer items, including clothes, toys, televisions, electronic components and auto parts would continue to cut billions of dollars out of the American economy. The ball is in China Court and they have to come up with a constructive plan one that can be measured. China foreign ownership caps in the domestic financial industry would be scrapped in 2020, a year earlier than expected. China will reduce a “negative list” of sectors where foreign investment is restricted, and would also improve intellectual property right protection. Bottom line other than the US government coffers no one else is really winning.

  50. According to the reporting, it looks like there is a lot more work to be done. Well, I guess Trump was right, something needed to be done about China — and Globalization, no doubt anymore.

  51. Diversify and expand your economy. The world is huge. Lot's of friends to make and trade with.

  52. So many Chinese 'wumao' trolls in the comments here. It's not working.

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