China state-run media targets Trish Regan, calls Bannon ‘true enemy of America’

China state-run media targets Trish Regan, calls Bannon ‘true enemy of America’

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  1. Many Chinese pay attention to this debate is just because we are proud of Xin’s performance. Actually, we don’t care the speech of a fox host at all, because Trish can not represent the US. And we just laughed at how ignorant she is about China and how emotional she is. Relax and calm down. Lol

  2. Why Fox News removed the Debate Video Off Youtube and replace it with this Crap? Trish, I know you have your own job to do, but you can't really hide the truth – Trade War is badly harming the world, it won't make Americans Lifes any better.

  3. China CCP and its people always targets not only country but also its own actor and actresses, they ban single entity and blacklist whenever they want. Why can’t other people do same thing? It’s fair treatment.

  4. I love to have anyone that China hates

  5. I enjoy seeing anyone who can get China pissed

  6. Welcome to discovering the TRUE CHINA

  7. China targeted their own Actress who wore a Japan T-shirt

  8. China banned and blacklisted Taiwan for voicing power in UN, Taiwan is the only country not being recognize by the international community because of CHINA bullying and influencing the international body with $$$

  9. Anyone speaking on behalf or in favor of China, must have been brainwashed by the CCP

  10. Another old timey term for economic war is COMPETITION!
    You can sit in bleachers, cheer on your team or get in the game.
    If those three options don't appeal go home.

  11. Super one sided on a global scale

  12. OMG this famale Trump needs to be replaced. Her behavior is hurting the image of entire USA.

  13. I am a Chinese and I think this Channel is a joke with 0 sincerity whatsoever

  14. How is this professional journalism? She talks like a teenage girl ranting :/

  15. Hey girl, you do look emotional but no substance, not because you are an American girl. Be mature and calm, just like Liuxin, and yes, you need a better research team, or you can do it yourself. You are a wonderful singer, but that won't help. Really looking forward to your visit in China one day, then you'll see and understand how Chinese could achieve today. America used to be China's teacher, but hey America, China is a grown-up now, and you are old, let go, and stop being anxious, China will take care of you —- There is a Chinese aphorism “A teacher for a day, a father for lifetime", simply means 'teach me well, I'll pay my respects and look after you in my lifetime'.

  16. Trish Reagan is so emotional. Her facial expression is too much. I don’t think the criticize on her emotion is politicized, but in professional view. An educated anchor should never use instigated words or motions. She is clearly outraged on broadcast.
    I regard her style as “undisciplined North Korea broadcast style”.

  17. She's saying her future will be taken charge by China not herself just because China has been developed so fast. She does sound like a "girl".

  18. Way to go Trish! I’m a Cdn Chinese… even I agree 100% with your view (but some of my China-Chinese friends are probably not going to speak to me again): China needs to do the right thing …STOP stealing others IPs (do they want tell their kids to go copy other’s school home work ?!) and TRADE fairly!! I’m so ashamed of Believe me, most don’t like’s stupid decisions. Honest opinion from me. It just takes 3 Generations to make a (blank). Probably going to take another 100 yrs for them to be reasonable. They need to compete fairly. Not thru stealing!!

  19. first round in English and second round in Chinese? Let it be a fair game

  20. The China lady is no match for Trish.

  21. As a debater, Trish is keep losing her grounds, jumping to another ground and lose it. Just stop. Start to be sympathized with her

  22. Trish Regan.. a real "American Hero" by being brave in telling the truth.. I love you and I salute you.

  23. No, this lady is not are running for a politician 🙂

  24. Look at the fury from Trash regan's
    Arrogant eyes, like her whole family have been killed by china !

  25. ???Not emotional?? Smart?????

  26. "such a nasty woman"

  27. Chinese intellectual property theft is well documented. China also steals military secrets … just look at your J21/31 fighter plane. Clearly the result of the stolen F35 design.

    Claiming China doesn’t steal intellectual property pretty much confirms it is engaged in theft.

    All the indignant China fans posting here are simply deniers of observable reality.

  28. that's what Americans show the polite attitude=rude speaking and several interrupting lol

  29. HELLO?!which eye you see chinese is stealig? If it's about the 5G TEC Isn't it ridiculous Chinese had stolen a tec that America don’t even have till now?Trish you are definitely a woman vision of Trump ! So angry and arrogant! Liuxin you are the best! 👍

  30. Trish is gorgeous

  31. Now I really really hope that a trade war is happening. And will see what happen he he he

  32. Not professional, really

  33. Ha all these wumao

  34. she looks like Kris Jenner in wig

  35. Lol u r fuck'n Trump the fucker's pet

  36. What a waste of my 4 minutes…….

  37. Trish, your beautiful appearance will have no benefit to your ignorant heart.
    I cannot trust you.

  38. Trish, you are very beautiful but unfortunately, you have a tongue of a snake…

  39. Lots of angry Chinese comments here. Wonder where they live? America? Or China? If it's America which it must be cause YouTube is google right, no google in China cause it's American.
    Where do your loyalties lie? In the free country you live in, or the communist ruled dictatorship you fled

  40. Chinese commie comment dumping

  41. You don't have time China, Already you are on US Target,anyhow you will be locked in for war with US.
    Get ready for War,hot war. Whatever you have either Laser or missiles,but US has much more than that…you never dream that you can win US.
    You will lose with US,your Island in South China sea and Taiwan will be freed.YOU WILL FACE HEAVY LOSS.US IS WINNING CHINA.
    Time is very short for you China.

  42. It seems like China's economic place in the world was taken by the western aspirations a century ago and there were no futures for the ordinary people for about one hundred years.

  43. This lady is witches

  44. Trish good show. Just a couple of facts your research team could have told you beforehand. Firstly, ALL TV news anchors are members of CCP, it's not even optional. Secondly, there's no such thing as large Chinese private businesses in China. ALL big Chinese corporations listed in NYSE are wholly owned by the CCP

  45. Look at all the 50 cent army, here on the comments.

  46. No matter how trish rude, she is all based on evidence

  47. trish did a great job shame the chinese trolls are in the comments section using VPN'S


  49. Trish or Trash?

  50. Get used to Trish , U.S. is in decline , the truth hurts Americans
    big egos. 🤔🤔🤔

  51. Ha Ha Ha. China is afraid of one American woman!

  52. hm i just read the comments it’ s more interesting.

    Unprofessional is the key word to describe trish regan

  53. China is evil…the worst communist of all

  54. Hey orange girl what's in your head a big poooop …

  55. This is proof in Macao

  56. I really doubt whether Trish could think logically or not…

  57. China is the most wicked mob in the world. When it is strong it begins the ambition of invading another countries. No more under the Great President Trump. Wicked China put its money into Biden campaign today, a traitor and the greedy tyrant. I like Trish Reagan. She is so much clever and beautiful from inside out. She is the honest anchor of America and thousand times much better than the stupid biased CNN and trashy news of MSNBC.

  58. Liu=professional; Trish=emotional, finger pointing, war triggering, and misleading.

  59. Words spoken by this Chinese journalist, say it all i.e. "Words have consequences". It symbolizes the very principle of inalienable democratic free speech versus dictatorship driven censored speech. This represents the fundamental difference between totalitarianism in China Vs the democratic values of the west. This is where this journalist looses the argument and all integrity instantly. From that point onward nothing she says matters, as this threshold of this fundamental difference has been breached.

  60. lmao are these words coming from an anchor/a journalist or a mad YouTube girl? This is Fox Business? Jesus thank god I don't watch news anymore…at least not from here.

  61. Don’t bother, CGTN. Clearly, what we see is a CHEAP, STORMY-WHATEVER-LIKE DRUNKARD gone berserk after a nights binging at the local bar unaware that that booze is unforgivingly pushing that pit bull stuff that lays hidden deep in within her out into the environment.

  62. Fox News is so biased, it’s too obvious to see.

  63. A lot of chinese dislikes, haha, they only understand the chines culture.

  64. I will pick Faye Regan over Trish Regan any day! Thanks

  65. Looking at the comments it’s so obvious that China is paying trolls to attack her and Bannon, and it shows how nervous they are.

  66. People are greedy, that’s why we let this happen

  67. That's it, I'm canceling my three week vacation to China!

  68. I used to have a regular crush on Trish Regan. Now I don't even know a word for this attraction level.

  69. I used to have a regular crush on Trish Regan. Now I don't even know a word for this attraction level.

  70. All these folks had perfected 700 club skills. 😀

  71. China had sold you the bargain products it's a steal. While your trash talk making mid-income and low-income Americans pay more in the stores. Are you fraud-income class welling to pay for the money that we lost due to price hike since you started the economy war?

  72. too much chinese salt in here,thought you tube was banned in china

  73. Why did you guys take down the original "debate“ video? Is it because your airhead bimbo got schooled and displayed her ignorance to the world?

    Grow a pair, oh wait, you're FOX.

  74. 1. what? bannon? true enemy? what he knows about china not even touch the surface of real china, u fool;
    2. hey street girl, lets make this game more fantastic, round 1- in english, round 2- in French, round 3- in Spain, round 4- in Chinese. how many rounds u can afford? lol
    u are just a shrinking female version of Mr. duno dumb.

  75. cgtn chinese propaganda machine

  76. Actually that makes you sound really silly. That is a fact the same source? You might have some stuff but you produce it over there? Your iPhone is build in the US? Why not build it in the USA? That would cost you 2000 or so?

  77. Summary: It is flamboyant, loud turkey making noises taunting a well composed and tamed lioness.

  78. I don't know if it is before or after the debate with Liuxin but, here you have some stuff that you need to let your team to do better investigation:
    1), you don't need to be CCP member to be a reporter. 2), Being Chinese doesn't really means being a member of CCP 3), so as same as in the US, everything do need a license. (I know I know, bringing CCP can let ppl feel bad about the Chinese reporter, SO even better, plot her in this way before the debate start lol)

    and everybody makes mistake, so accept yours, it is so miserable (but smart of you) to change topic and play victim when you cannot present a better facts to fight back.

    though ppl should never bother to correct you or what so ever, after all, your team do awful jobs just to pick mostly wrongful information to state something you gonna plot (I am looking at my Dear Denmark, Ja jeg elsker dig). Conclusion: No wonder you work for FOX:-)

  79. And why Liuxin talks so calm in the video is not because she IS A DOLL, but just CULTURE DIFFERENCE as if you bark like this on Chinese tv ppl just think you are immature and annoy thats it.

  80. Just found this channel, pretty amazing!

  81. Just want the whole world to know, this low IQ Trish doesn't represent all American girls. She only represents Trump runs FOX station. There's a lot of educated American girls in the USA.

  82. Liu should invite Trisha in her show…… See how could that go

  83. Dumb idiot WARMONGERING IGNORANT Trish and Steve Banon and those NATIONALIST americans. The only threat in the world is militarized usa…

  84. she just promotes discrimination and hate against China and all the chinese people. She is demonizing China

  85. regan, love you

  86. Her speech is so uncomfortable! OMG she is so arrogant and aggressive! And she sometimes doesn’t even know what she is about to say.

  87. And this is the first video I saw this week with less thump ups than downs

  88. such a relief to see the comments. I guess that's how Trish makes her way up, she can't be humble and genuine. so she became a bxxch. I can smell arrogance of ignorance in her speech. and she's overdone her face🤔

  89. you should be ashamed to support a traitor such as don the con man…

  90. Stop all foreign trade & all foreign aid imeadently! I bet America gets the best trade deals ever! America is the leader in world trade & aid!

  91. Why does she play tgr victim card so much?OMG THATS SO ANNOYING COME ON

  92. I love Trump's America. She is right, China has hurt America big time

  93. Does Trish love the Murdoch agenda so much that she decided to work for them or she was required to speak for their agenda since she works for Fox? I don't bloody know. So to me she has no right to begin a planned attack in the name of "opinion exchange" by implicitly suggesting Liu Xin is a mouth piece of the CCP.

  94. Smart & beautiful only in America.

  95. I want to tell in Chinese : 你條鬼婆主持冇知識冇常識,又幫 USA班仆街打飛機打到一地都係,抹返乾淨啦! 鬼佬鬼婆好污糟又醜陋!
    don't know what I say? go , use Google translate !

    feel ggod that u don't know my language but I known yours well, haha!

  96. Trish is arrogant ,funny,baseless herself,warmonger ,american nitwit woman ever seen on stage.Very bad character.Winner is Lui Xin very good character.

  97. Love you Trish you are pretty , smart and right on target , you have this veterans support.

  98. She is SOOOOOOO!!!! on point… Get 'em Ms. Regan

  99. Weird, so obsess with China. Before it was with Russia. Now all they talk about is China this and China that. So weird.

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