Chef LuBu: Professional Feeder

Chef LuBu: Professional Feeder

One of the hardest things is finding a connection
between the food and the game. I’m Brian Smawley, I go by the summoner “OH NO ITS
LU BU”, I’m the kitchen manager at Battle & Brew in Atlanta, Georgia. I would describe Battle & Brew as a pub for nerds. It’s not a bar. Brian was one of our customers for
a long time and we knew he knew a lot about video games and we hired him on because he
could talk for hours on end to anyone who came in about any game. When I found out that
someone was willing to pay a human being to make video game themed food, I literally jumped
at the opportunity. I was like “Make me the manager. I will work all the hours. Pay
me salary, don’t-don’t pay me at all. You could pay me in cheeseburgers, I don’t
really care!” All I ever need is someone to say “I like this video game”. And then
I can go “Cool, let me look up everything that’s ever been said”, and I will attempt
to make a dish based around it. I’ve made over 50 League of Legends dishes because our
customers love it so much. My five favorite biggest dishes: Cho’s Monstrous Monte Cristo;
definitely the monte cristo. The Triforce Burrito; tons of flavor. We got the Fizz Fish
Food Cheeseburger. Taric’s Simply Outrageous Chicken and Waffles. And Soraka’s Dryad
Banana Split. And they had a very set menu but it was a very small menu before and I wanted to change it. I wanted to make new things. I wanted to experiment and I’ve always wanted to experiment. That’s a recurring theme in my life is trying something new.
But I had a new outlet for that, you know, I had a new outlet for that part of my brain
that’s always saying “What will happen if I do this?” Good evening Summoners! And
welcome to Cooking With LuBu. I am LuBu and this is Cooking with LuBu. I was born in Tallahassee,
Florida. But before I was 1 years old, we had to move because and alligator tried to
eat my brother. So, we moved to Atlanta, ‘cuz our parents didn’t want us to be eaten by
alligators! Growing up with my mom being a chef was interesting. When my mom first wanted to teach us cooking and my dad wanted to teach us cooking, I, I did not. I really was against it. I think he rebelled against cooking because
he was too busy playing video games. I recall as a small child before I was, you know, good
enough to play games, really, watching him play games. I really wanted to be, you know, draw
comics or do concept art for video game companies, but we didn’t have the money in the family
to send me to college. When I realized I wasn’t going to get into art school, within a very
short amount of time I was very sad, but I had coped with it and I had come to the realization
that I had to do something. I could not simply be a burden, so I signed up for the military.
And then I got out of the army and I was living on my own and I first started cooking for
myself and I really, really enjoyed it. I really liked it. It’s been a pleasant surprise.
And he’s really embracing it, and he has all these super creative ideas and he just
wants to have fun back there. Which is refreshing in a kitchen sense. It’s a skill that I
can use to make other people happy, and then that makes me happy. We both got the special
tonight and it was wonderful. You guys liked it? The wontons were amazing. Ten out of ten
would eat again. Yay, good! I’ve fed more people in one game than you feed in one night.
He gets a lot of joy out of being a host here. Anything, like, where he gets to talk to meet
people, he loves it. He’s all about it. We got Plus on Lux for the team. We got my
brother Adam, he’s on Shyvanna. And we’ve got Stark-Dog running with – let’s see
– Amumu! Bringing out the Sad Mummy! Because, you know he would shout-cast these
games regardless. If nobody was watching he would still, you know, talk about people playing
games. And he’s always informative to people, especially when they’re new to the game.
He always tries to help them learn the basics. If it was just like a gaming bar, no big deal.
But the actual staff here is amazing. They’re super friendly, super funny. They make it
definitely much better than it would be otherwise. Bringing guns to a knife fight! It’s so
much fun to come in to a place where if somebody sees you playing League of Legends they’re
like “Hey, can I queue up with you?” and then all of a sudden you’ve got a five man,
in person. I mean, this community means the world to me, ultimately I mean. The fact that
it exists means that I have a place. Sake! Bomb! Sake! Bomb! Despite me and my brothers’
efforts to be our own people and change, you know, do our best to not be like our parents… how much like our parents we are. I thought the pinnacle of my dad being proud of me was
when I joined the army. But I think he’s actually more proud of me now, doing this,
and being able to do something I love. My mom pointed that out her and my dad will look
at every single dish I make. I think she was the first one. She was like, “See? You’re
still making art.”

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