Chase Quickpay with zelle | How to use chase quick pay | Desktop 2017

Chase Quickpay with zelle | How to use chase quick pay | Desktop 2017

– [Nina] Hey everyone, it’s Nina. I wanted to create a quick video on how to transfer money through Chase Pay, and I think the service is called Zelle or something like that. Anyways it’s a quick way to
transfer money back and forth between other people
who have a Chase account without paying any fees and
it’s quick and it’s easy. I’ve come across so many people that just had no idea that this was an option. So I thought I’d create a quick video. Okay so I’m in my account, as you can see I have one
trillion billion dollars, but you’re basically gonna
go up to Pay & Transfer, and you’re gonna go down to
Chase QuickPay with Zelle. Super-duper easy. You’re just gonna click on Send Money. When it says Send to, you’re gonna add a recipient. If you’ve already sent money, previous recipients are there. But we’re gonna go ahead and click on Add, you type in their name. We’re gonna do Money Moves, okay, and we’re gonna say, I am a [email protected] You confirm the email. Okay you select the account that you want it to come out of. You type in the amount,
the date, and add a memo. And you can set this as a repeat item. So every month send it to this person, if you’re repaying mom
or dad, things like that. Setting up something for helping out with the school, something with your
business, whatever it is, you can actually send it through here. And really all you have
to do is click on Next, and on the other side, it’s actually going to send them an email, and that person if they
have a Chase account, and it’s connected to that email address, they will automatically get the money. However if you don’t
get their email address that’s assigned to their
Chase email address, Chase will send them
instructions or step-by-step instructions on how to set up
QuickPay with their account. So super-duper easy, no techie stuff, no sending your account to anyone, just send the money through
Chase QuickPay with Zelle.

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