Chad Gable vs. Shelton Benjamin – King of the Ring First-Round Match: SmackDown LIVE, Aug. 27, 2019

Chad Gable vs. Shelton Benjamin – King of the Ring First-Round Match: SmackDown LIVE, Aug. 27, 2019

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  1. Alright, this is ridiculous. Shelton Benjamin is being used so poorly and it makes me so upset considering how good he was back in the the day.

  2. Gable now look like Charlie Haas

  3. Gable now look like Charlie Haas

  4. Shelton Benjamin deserves better!

  5. Nice to finally see both guys get a match

  6. Gable still got the old American alpha song

  7. That final counter was crazy wow 😀

  8. No crowd reaction after 2 people finally get a live show match. That’s why Vince won’t give them a chance it’s partly the fans fault even back in Attitude and Ruthless Aggression the crowd popped for jobber matches.

  9. That guy Shelton can't wrestle

  10. I'm from the future… And you guys will remember Chad Gable as one of the best heels in wrestling…

  11. short or not, Chad Gable is solid

  12. great match..from what i saw…

  13. Shelton Benjamin is Back lol
    Mama Boy…Mama Boy….Mama Boy^^… Xd
    This Time then, was Good in the WWE

  14. It’s kind of disappointing how much potential Shelton had and Vince just keep pissing it away

  15. Oh man, Shelton underrated AF.

  16. Yo my boi Shorty G!

  17. Anyone else notice that the mid carders all jobbers put on better matches than the main eventers? Proof Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin that was an awesome match these 2 deserve a push.

  18. Where is Jason jordan???

  19. What happened to Jason Jordan???

  20. We all know Gable isn't gonna win the tournament… but please for the love of god set these two up for either a US or Intercontinental Championship fued, they have insane chemistry it would be a fantastic set of matches

  21. Chad looks like the default character you make in wwe2k

  22. They used to be tagteam partners

  23. He would be a great Future Y2J

  24. So, are we not gonna talk about that cameo of Zelina Vega looking like a whole snack??? 😍😍😍😍

  25. Shelton looks like a monster and is still athletic..but wwe uses him as a jobber

  26. The crowd ruined it

  27. This match should lf been longer. The crowd sucked.

  28. He looks like Charlie haas now lol

  29. The crowd are dead. Wake up people, these guys can actually wrestle. That takedown for the anklelock was outstanding and the whole match was superb, and the crowd were dead. I could watch these two go again and again. Cesaro, Shelton and Gable need to be pushed.

  30. Shelton should go back to New Japan with that athleticism

  31. For me… This match was on the level of Will ospreay Vs ricochet ..
    Don't @ me


  33. Chad has the look to be a great champion and the right move set
    Lets just hope the fans get behind him

  34. Finally I heard that shmexy song again

  35. Both guys are great, but WWE you really need to do something more with Shelton. The guy is a legend and veteran. Maybe move him to NXT when they debut on USA? He deserves a solid push

  36. Shelton and Brock for Tag team champs

  37. 1:54 super fixed .. Benjamin definitely deserved it.

  38. That is one of the most disgusting 1 2 3 I have seen

  39. Two jobbers in the king of the ring.. wwe is sickening. Shelton AND Gable deserve wayyy better

  40. We all knew gable was gonna win

  41. Chad gable looks like cena

  42. can we get gable vs orton? WM

  43. Movin on to lose to Ali, Ali vs. Andrade in the SDL finals, Andrade wins….Corbin Vs. Ricochet in the Raw finals, Ricochet wins, Ricochet vs. Andrade in the KOTR finals at COC, that will be an absolute banger, as long as Vega doesn't get involved then it will be King Ricochet, they clearly want him over & Heyman loves him, they already gave him the US title, and hi gimmick used to be King Ricochet in other promotions, but if its King Andrade I wouldnt mind either, the WWE in general needs better more over heels, and Corbin doesnt do it for me.

  44. This match was actually pretty good. sucks the crowd was so dead

  45. So happy to see all these girls in the audience! 😀

  46. Is Vince like punishing his old talent superstars, first Brock losing to an injured Rollins which was really stupid, Trish losing her final match against Charlotte in her own hometown, Natalya losing in her hometown, Cena losing every time he appears, and now Shelton losing to Gable, like WTF Vince.

  47. Would love to see Chad Gable vs Tyler Bate one day

  48. King Gable is real!

  49. Next Daniel Bryan?

  50. Two of the most underrated superstars on SD

  51. Smack Down Live Is Lit 🔥

  52. These 2 have great chemistry together, shame they have no direction in the company.

  53. who remembers Golden Standard Shelton from ECW or team angle Shelton from WWF

  54. Chad Gable is the next kurt angle

  55. wasn’t Gable and Shelton tag team partners?

  56. Remember when Chad was in a cool tag team and had long hair

  57. There is plenty wrestlers who should have been world champs already but wwe is f stupid…..

  58. Chad Gable just became my favourite

  59. I forgot that these two were a team.

  60. I think Gable is good but, Shelton is better, PLEASE give Shelton a legitimate chance at the IC or US Title!!!

  61. I read something in Batista book mentioning how Shelton’s charisma for some doesn’t translate in the mic but behind the scenes he’s really funny and charismatic. Out of lesnar and Shelton, he thought Shelton was going to be the guy

  62. Chad still has American Alpha song

  63. Gable and Benjamin should've won smackdown tag team champions in late 2017 early 2018


  65. i freaking wanted shelton to win y arent wwe giving him a chance

  66. A stunning upset from gables over a veteran like benjamin .

  67. nice Match 2 top Stars

  68. two talented guys, actually a good match. entertaining not super kick super kick, too much pandering jumping from ring to dive into guy. just a good match and entertaining

  69. Chad Gable should've been Kurt Angle son!

  70. Is Jason Jordan still in wwe ? 😂

  71. Champs Tag team Or … Shelty B Champs Intercontinental.

  72. Shelton Benjamin Is A Legend He Desverse Better Could Y'all WWE Writer's Give Him A WWE CHAMPIONSHIP Match Run Or He Could Return To NJPW And Join Bullet Club!!!!!!

  73. See Shelton your BIG MOUTH got you in trouble.Shorty Jokes are very un cool they are just as BAD as RACIAL JOKES remind VINCE about that when he writes your script.

  74. The crowd is on fire 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🙏🏽😂😂

  75. Chad gable is so underrated

  76. I liked the old gear of Chad Gable better than this one.

  77. Shelton Benjamin's career is officially over with the WWE.

  78. Put shelton up for a title match. he deserves to be up there. he's been in the business for a long time. come on?!! would like to see him win WWE CHAMPIONSHIP ONE DAY!!!!!!!!!! before retirement. Go SHELTON!!!!!!!!

  79. Ben should have won

  80. These two have great chemistry in the ring

  81. 2017: Tag Team Title Picture
    2019: Those guys are still in WWE?


  83. Still a midcard match!

  84. Is this the Shelton who defeated tripple H Randy Orton Ric flare

  85. Im gonna be honest. Chad Gable looked soar in this match

  86. Why does Jalen Payton have to comment on every goddamn video?

  87. Man Shorty G is so underrated, he is a wrestling machine!!


  89. Chad gable is a great wrestler I can see him winning the king of the ring tournament

  90. What you got shorty? 🤣🤣

  91. What happened to Chad he looks 10 times younger

  92. Who tf they replace chad gable with?

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