Celebrating the 2019 Harvard Business School Commencement

Celebrating the 2019 Harvard Business School Commencement

Welcome to Commencement 2019 Harvard’s 368– Business school, are you here? [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC PLAYING] Class of 2019, I hope you feel
prepared for the challenges that lie ahead of you. We are relying on you to
restore society’s trust in business and its leaders. Today I would like to share
with you three leadership qualities that may be helpful
in rebuilding this trust. They are inspiration,
integrity, and impact. [MUSIC PLAYING] People are inspired by those
who demonstrate courage. By those who are more interested
in others than themselves. And by those who are motivated
by a cause that is larger than their own organization’s. When I teach leadership, I
often talk about two qualities, competence and character. Consider this
question for a moment, if you had to have a lapse
in one of these areas, which would you choose? All of us from time to time
will have lapses of competence. Lapses of character
are far more costly. Beyond your own integrity,
make sure to cultivate a culture of integrity
in your organizations. [APPLAUSE] The final quality I ask you
to reflect on this afternoon is impact. Seek to connect. Demonstrate caring. Be a resource to the
people around you. Judge yourself not only on
the business impact you have but on the human impact
you can have on those around you each and every day. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. you spend 200k to earn 140k a year and you can learn everything off the internet to earn 200k a month … school is a waste of time

  2. Congratulations to all!!!🎊🎈🎉

  3. Congratulation to all student in new warmly school, that is HBS 🙂

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