CBD Extraction Business Plan

hello everyone and welcome to this HemWorks presentation if you’re looking to create more financial freedom more time
freedom maybe you’re looking to do something part-time or you want to give
your body the best CBD oil in the planet then you came to the right place
hi my name is Alberto Molina and in this conversation we’re gonna cover
everything about the business the products the compensation plan and how
to get started okay let’s jump right into it
alright so meet the founders meet Josh and Jenna these guys are awesome so they
launched my daily choice in 2014 okay they combined to have over 20 years of
experience and in the network marketing industry but here’s the coolest part
here’s what I love the most okay they started a company with the
right tools at the right time where virtually anybody out there can go out
and grab those tools and start creating success and I love that that’s super
cool company growth company was founded in 2014 corporate headquarters are in
Las Vegas one of the coolest spots it’s 100% debt free now think about this
because this is key especially if you’re looking to be in a company long term
founded by our marketers it’s one of the fastest network marketing and TV
companies in the industry we’ve been featuring plenty of magazines but here’s
what’s amazing okay we have a record-breaking growth in the past few
years there’s a watch this company growth company sells in millions in the
last few years let’s just fast forward to 2017 2018 ok
2017 my daily choice ends with about nine million dollars in annual revenue
2018 over a hundred million dollars in annual revenue okay what happened okay
that’s why we’re here today that’s why timing is key that’s why time is so
important okay I knew it a new product and your language introduced hemp works
and we’re gonna talk about that today okay
now let’s talk about a business model that works take a look at this slide
focus on the right side first and a traditional company because a
traditional company pays celebrities TV radio billboards that’s how they promote
their products right that’s they get retail to retail customers to
come in and purchase you know whatever product their promote okay that’s great
that’s awesome we chose a different model okay we chose word-of-mouth
advertising okay so we pay ordinary people like you and me to promote the
product and super cool because think about this for a second okay
someone in the past a friend family someone came to you and told you about a
product about a service that you ended up using why because again word-of-mouth
advertising works now let’s talk about a business of the 21st century okay so
these are industries that I’m sure all of you know so let’s start with the NFL
okay these are annual revenue sales so we’re
NFL nine and a half billion dollars in sales in a year okay music industry 16
and a half billion video gaming industry this is probably all your halo lovers
and Call of Duty fans right 67 billion okay now we have the movie industry 80
billion organic products 91 billion but you have no martini right a hundred and
eighty nine billion dollars in annual revenue I always tell everybody numbers
don’t lie okay so you have right here an incredible timing and incredible
industry and it’s just growing by the day
okay now the CVD industry is booming this source right here comes from the
hemp Business Journal so they’re estimating okay that by 2022 annual
revenue and the hemp-based products is looking to be on the upwards of two
billion dollars okay what’s crazy though is a few weeks after forced magazine and
Rolling Stones magazine they came out with an article saying that hemp-based
products in the US is looking to be more than the twenty two billion dollar
annual revenue and stuff okay so here’s the way I look at this okay you’re going
from an industry right now that’s averaging about six hundred million
dollars in annual revenue that’s looking to go by 2022 between two billion and
twenty two Billy you want to capture a piece of the
market I know I do now let’s talk about the history of hemp okay because hemp is
among the oldest industries on the planet going back more than ten thousand
years literally American farmers in the beginning they were legally required to
grow hemp during the colonial era okay the first American flag was made from
hemp the the Declaration of Independence was drafted on pen paper okay now
fast-forward to 1937 Congress passes the Mary Jane Tax Act which effectively
began the era of hemp prohibition okay fast-forward 2014 things things are
moving as things are changing right 2014 the farm bill allowed hemp in certain
states to start research ok Kentucky was a key player in that movement that’s why
when networks launched they decided to partner up with a farm in Kentucky which
is amazing right now the movement is just getting started now
fast forward to 2018 December 2018 President Trump
signs the 2018 farm bill which specified hemp and CBD as an industrial byproduct
of criminalized by the DEA think about that it’s a game-changer
that means you can now consume and sell CBD I was talking about Mary Jane versus
hemp right because so think about it like this cannabis is the name for the
plant genus hep and Mary Jane are two types of cannabis plants hemp comes only
from one variety which is cannabis sativa while Mary Jane comes from two
varieties which is cannabis sativa in cannabis indica okay what really
separates hemp and Mary Jane is how they’re grown because Mary Jane plants
are grown far apart that way they can produce lots of branches and produce
tons of flower right that flower has THC content which is you know what gets
you what gets you the high will get you the stony right now the other side we
have have plants hemp plants are grown more close together okay not that many
branches and they’re only harvested before the plant produces flower so what
happened is a low concentration of THC and a high concentration of CBD okay now
here’s the key is the key because in order for these products to be legal
they have to have 0.3 THC or less and they all they’ll do they’re all
compliant which is awesome now let’s talk about isolate versus full spectrum
okay because this is this is a question that I’ve been getting a lot lately
what’s the difference right so full spectrum full spectrum uses the whole
plant extract so you’re gonna get your CBD your CBG your CBC your cbn your
Terps and your THC and that’s only gonna be small traces okay but the difference
is that your body your you already have an endocannabinoid system in you okay so
when you take the full spectrum oil you produce the entourage effect okay so it
activates trillions of receptors in your body
incredible right but let’s say you’re you know you’re you’re trying out for
the Olympics okay and you can you know risk having traces of THC or whatever so
you want to go with the isolate y because CVD on the isolate side all the
other compounds are removed your CB GCB c CB and your herbs and obviously your
THC so you’re only gonna have your CBD is gonna be a higher concentration of
CBD per bottle you’re not gonna have the entourage effect but you’re still gonna
feel amazing now let’s talk about the heme works difference
what separates us from you know the oils out there okay first let’s start with
our farming because all our products are grown in the United States that’s key
actually you’re not gonna risk taking something inside your body that’s being
shipped from a different country that you don’t know if it’s even been tested
okay we our product go through a fresh lock
drying system which is key because what happens is everything gets tested from
bacteria for mold everything that could be bad for you and for the product gets
removed before it goes out there to the market everything is grown in Kentucky
farms and his key FDA compliant okay now testing we go through all kinds of
testing antimicrobial testing we have our certificate of analysis potency test
literally you can go to the website you can click on on the on the test tab and
you can look up over 200 different tasks from perform different batches which is
key not extraction we only use co2 method which is obviously we don’t use
any alcohol or any ethanol any of that or we only use low temperature which is
key for the product okay so you don’t have any any bad chemicals and in the
process now minimal ingredients is key because we only use two ingredients CBD
and hemp seed oil to carry the CBD and if you want to be more adventurous then
you can taste the flavor of peppermint and cinnamon and they’re obviously
distilled all our products are non-gmo so they’re produced in American farms we
use only sustainable methods obviously free of GMOs synthetics filters all that
nuts nasty stuff like the other oils now
let’s talk about testing and documentation okay because our products
our team is it’s so proud to be able to provide a product that is not only safe
but they can say that let’s say you want to try it out okay let’s say you know
what Berto you know at the end of this presentation
your that you know what I want to try it out the the tincture I want to try out
the topical I I feel so good to know that say you don’t like the product you
have 60 day money-back guarantee empty bottle no questions asked okay that’s
key because when you’re getting involved in a company and you’re promoting a
product is very important to know that your clients are gonna have a money-back
guarantee in case does something doesn’t fit with them okay so that’s you you can
rest assure that’s what the product but again right everything is tested and you
have your money back guarantee no problems so let’s get to the exciting
part let’s talk about our product because these are game changers right
here right we have a variety of products and if you if you think about it timing
couldn’t be better 20:18 formula gets signed fast forward
today few months after you can now start promoting products that are not only is
night changing view but are life-changing products so let’s start
talking about our hem works tinctures because we have three different flavors
okay and we have two different concentrations so premium oils are
available in 500 milligrams and 700 milligrams of CVD okay they’re both
gonna be the same size bottle they’re just gonna have higher concentration now
going into the flavors you’re gonna have cinnamon natural and peppermint the
peppermint is amazing that’s my personal favorite now let’s talk about our hem
works for pets because if you if you have a fairy pet right you have your
fairy friend one of my best pots right indigo he loves these products right so
let’s start with our dog treats we have him works dog treats these are they
contain two milligrams of CBD pretty cookie they’re 100% natural and you’re
gonna have obviously wheat soy and corn free okay so you know they’re gonna be
good for your pet now here’s here’s this is my favorite you have the hemp oil
right these are gonna be 250 milligrams of active CBD per bottle
they’re gonna be bacon flavor case if you love bacon again it’s not for you
it’s for your for your furry friend okay and these are gonna be full spectrum CVD
so we use the whole plant I’ll tell you how we indigo again he’s a Weimaraner
it’s probably like nine months old now super super hyperactive right but when
he takes his CVD after he runs he just relaxes it’s it’s awesome he loves it
you literally say CVD he’s jumping now let’s talk about our heme works topicals
because so we have three different topicals we have the rhenium which is RV
new anti-aging cream helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
and this product contains 50 milligrams of active CBD and obviously co THC and
I’m gonna get stuck okay you get the revive our revived cream is infused with
collagen and retinol and help support you know there are the appearance of
diminish fine lines so beauty products amazing the product contains 50
milligrams of active CBD and again zero th see now the relief this is actually
our most popular product the relief cream it’s infused with emu oils and
obviously other powerful ingredients but it contains again 50 milligrams of
active CBD and zero THC I use this one a lot all the time it’s awesome now home
works coffee okay you and I know coffee hits among one of the hottest
commodities in the world okay so how cool is it that you can now have hemp
infused coffee right incredible so you have 150 milligrams of hemp CBD per box
okay they’re gonna be organic medium row stick array Bick say that with me
array big coffee beans now you got the key of coffee creamers now these come in
hazelnut vanilla and mocha these are gonna be 75 milligrams of hemp the ripe
CBD per box five milligrams per cup so if you take these two combined that’s 10
milligrams per cup of coffee which is an equal amount of taking one full dropper
of the 500 milligram oil all right let’s talk about
our compensation plan I always say this because if you’re gonna get involved in
a business especially if you’re gonna go all-in especially right now with the
timing being so right you want to be compensated you want to be involved in a
business that is gonna take care of you and your family so here’s what I love
the most my daily choice pace you up to 85% Commission’s on your business volume
okay you can go out there and have preferred customers and retail customers
what does that mean you prefer customers are gonna be your your auto-ship your
consumers that are ordering the product discretely and every month directly to
their door right retail customers are gonna be one-time customers now the
compensation plan is gonna pay you up to 20% by neri commissions what does that
mean that means that you have two teams every month the team that produces the
smaller business volume is gonna pay you up to 20% residual income I’ll give you
an example say you have on one side you have $10,000 of volume and on the other
side you have $15,000 of business volume okay and let’s say you’re an executive
to make it simple you would get paid 15% Commission every month okay that means
you would get a thousand five hundred receive your check from that binary okay
now you’re gonna get paid up to ten levels of jump start commissions this is
key because when you’re starting a business
you’re gonna need cash to you know to run the daily expenses right and how
cool is it that your jump start Commission’s they get paid every week
right so that’s awesome we’re gonna pay you up to ten levels of check matching
that means that you go out there you start creating leaders they go out there
they start creating binary commissions you’re gonna get paid a percentage
that no matter what now we also have a global bonus pool which means as you
start advancing you start crushing it in the business you’re literally gonna get
paid a percentage of the company sells that’s awesome incredible we have a
one-time rank bonuses they range from 500 bucks all the way to $500,000
depending on the rank you achieve we have monthly rank bonuses we have paid
weekly and obviously monthly commissions if you you know want to get paid direct
deposit if you’re a crypto lover you can get paid in you know Bitcoin and if
you’re international then you would choose the Payoneer
payment option now our marketing system this is incredible because I mean you
can have the right timing you can have the right product you can even have the
right leadership okay but if you don’t have the right marketing is gonna be
really complicated to find duplication okay so my daily choice it’s gonna set
you up for success and you’re gonna right out of the gate you’re gonna have
16 marketing pages all the way from being able to promote samples for your
CBD business to promote the CVD business opportunity and all these are made for
you you have you don’t need to be a coder you don’t need to be a hacker
plug-and-play literally you have your your URL and you
start sharing and starts working they’re 100% free no cost to you my daily choice
is setting it up for you so you can start using it right out of the gate you
have an autoresponder that follows up with your prospects on your behalf
I’ll give you an example say you send someone your free tour they go out that
they check out the product now the company is gonna continue to send them
an email reminders and guess what if even if they join a month later is gonna
be your director and you’re gonna get paid for that that’s awesome then you
have your contact management system to keep track of all your prospects and
customers now real people real results okay in the past few years it’s
incredible to see over 300,000 happy customers and that’s just getting
started say you’re like I like the product I
don’t know if I want to start promoting the
business yet but I know I want to for sure try the texture I know I want to
start with the 500 million maybe I want to try the topical okay you have a
60-day money-back guarantee whoever singing this link tell them to give you
their link or click the link below and order your product because again if it
doesn’t fit you you have 60 days money back no problem but if we have over
300,000 happy customers and growing by the day there’s it’s probably because
we’re doing something right now quick statement these statements have not been
evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration the product is not
intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease okay alright how do
we get started so we have two ways on how you can get started okay you can say
you just want to become a preferred customer that’s awesome you can buy the
products that membership pricing get them shipped directly to your doorstep
discreetly just like you would you know at any other Amazon or online store now
in this option you’re not gonna get paid commissions because you’re only gonna be
a customer okay but here’s the cool part say you want to get your products for
free okay say you want to tell your friends family about them after you try
them out you tell three friends they order the product you get your for free
so three and free write that down three and three now say
you see the vision you see the how where the business is booming where it’s going
how that timing is so key so important and you say you know what Berta I want
to become an affiliate okay this is gonna be a one-time $20 activation fee
and that’s it you’re gonna be able to buy the products at membership pricing
ship directly and discreet but now you’re gonna be able to earn commissions
in the compensation plan literally just by sharing with others okay now I want
to tell you one more thing before you guys get started in the past I’ve seen
other industries booked okay I’ve seen the real estate market boom okay I’ve
seen the Krypton market boom but I’ve never seen an industry like the CVD
industry boom the way it is right now if I can say one thing right
you know you have a 60 day money-back guarantee on all products if you see the
opportunity what it can do for you for your family for your finances jump on
board that’s the way I see it right take action now because you have nothing to
lose you end up not liking it’s not for you you have a 60-day money-back
guarantee but what if it is for you what if it is what if you do go out there and
end up crushing it okay so I got to tell you that thank you again for all your
time thank you for watching this webinar thank you for sticking to the end watch the next video

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