Cavuto breaks down Warren’s $52 trillion Medicare for All plan

Cavuto breaks down Warren’s $52 trillion Medicare for All plan

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  1. It is sad that when we finally got rid of the rump ranger Shep we get equally leftist Wallace interviewing the never Trumper Cavuto. The channel is going to hell. They lost Catherine Hariage to CBS where her brand of truth will not be respected.

  2. Bill Gates has a home in the tax free Bahamas. Johnny Depp too. You'd move for a billion too.

  3. Well, it's official, she's (DONE!).

  4. Trump "knows" what is coming ( moving to Florida ) – you live in a blue state, get out or get hurt

  5. 52 Trillion! Really? Thought it was just two cents?

  6. everyone at fox tears this plan down but what they don't say is that if a plan similar to this doesn't happen Americans will pay double this for health care by then

  7. Warren is trying to match Trump's deficit while in office except the Donald's deficit doesn't have anything to show for it, not even a wall paid by Mexico or the taxpayers but Trump says one is going up in Colorado as we speak🤷‍♂️🙆‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  8. Not every employer is making piles of money, many are just getting by. if they raise the payroll taxes, many will fold. Great job douchebags

  9. Employer insurance is a lot better than medicare.

  10. YangGang2020 🇺🇸

  11. If a vile company decides to punish workers because of higher payroll taxes, then we should be directing anger toward that company. It's sickening.

  12. what is her definition of the middle class and from what state ?


  14. Projected tax revenues over that that period would project to be 46 trillion (IRS). Democrats are STUPID.

  15. An investigation by the State Department released on Friday said there was no "persuasive evidence" of widespread mishandling of classified information in the controversy surrounding Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.

    Just puttthat out there cause Fauxnews will not be telling you all about this story.

    Sorry foxtards!😂😂😂😂😂

  16. She’s out of her mind.

  17. There's always going to be a loophole and the middle class will be hit.

  18. The left doesn’t understand capital flight. Do these idiots really think if Warren or some other leftist dem goes ahead with these ridiculous taxes, companies and people won’t just move? Next thing you will know, these Dems would force people to work here and pay these taxes. Democrats are truly brain dead.

  19. I am voting for Bernie. I trust Bernie Sanders. And, I know Warren did NOT support the only progressive running in 2016 for president. That means she can be bought and she was bought to stay quiet back then.

    I am voting for Bernie because I know Bernie is working for working and middle class people.

    I also know that Bernie is more than a candidate. He is the head of a movement and if he's elected he will continue to fight for what he believes and take what he says to the streets.


  21. The democrats keep singing the people will die mantra! The democrats will be kicked out of OUR bar, and our barstools will be kicked out from under them! Under Warren, why work?

  22. Just a funny fact..Neil Cavuto purportedly has a net worth of 23 million dollars.

  23. FOX is even missing the boat…all those corporate taxes are passed along to the consumer in higher prices for the product or service…! What the hell is wrong with FOX? These are supposed to be business people… Unbelievable.

  24. FOX lies is their business model

  25. You can’t tax corporations. Only people can be taxed. To explain what I mean. Any tax on corporations or rich people will be on people. Whether by more expensive produces or services, less employee benefits. This will done by the people running the businesses or the businesses will close.

  26. So if you want the the health insurance companies to continue to make profit off your loved ones health and even let them die when they decide it's not cost effective to keep treating them and let them die then vote Republican!! What the Dem's are proposing is to us is that we pay to the government via taxes. So what you or your employer paying now will be less by about 10% for NO PROFIT!!!! You don't make profit from human misery!!

  27. Watched Cabuoto live, was very disappointed he let the lefty woman at the end say Trump should be impeached because of all the facts now coming out! There are no facts, it's all cherry picked BS, there are zero facts at this stage just Schiff spin, yet he let her say it unchallenged !!
    Last time I watch his show.

  28. A payroll tax on Employers = a Cost of hiring an employee.
    It is a Tax on Middle Class!

    LOL … Are we gaslighted much? … LMAO … What a snakepit!

  30. Senator Elizabeth Warren is not telling the whole truth! Her healtcare plan (medicare for all) will cost 52 trillion dollars over a period of ten years. 20 trillion of that will come from a new pay-roll tax on employers and corperations and 9 trillion on a medicare tax of some sort, and the rest will come from the rich. The small/medium sized businesses will pay for most of it.

  31. The dems, are like a hornet's nest!


  33. Ayatollah Khomaynie promised lots of free things but destroyed the country .

  34. Like Trump said if ur innocent you don't plead the fifth or not testify and now he's not participating haha

  35. So bush spends trillions on war but trillions for health care no ok

  36. Fk the rich 90% of real Republicans are broke

  37. Let's say that Elizabeth Warren was able to send special forces with guns and bombs to take all the money she needed from the rich, and prevented them from fleeing the country. What would stop those same rich from: 1 – Laying people off. 2 – Raising prices. 3 – Selling off stocks and collapsing the market for retirees. 4 – Moving manufacturing off shore. 5 – Simply leaving the USA. Honestly… some liberal please TRY to answer the question of the SIDE EFFECTS of taxing the rich?

  38. whats going on with sound! he just summon the devil and the smurfs 😀

  39. Basic rule: Billionaires aren't stupid and they're not going to let anybody make them pay for everybody else just because they've been successful in life. They have the means to pick up and move.

  40. You can make this possible by reducing cost from 50 trillion dollars to 200 billion dollars if you get your medical service in India.

  41. Cavuto misses his daily homo sexual BLOW JOB from SHEPTURD SMITHFART !!!!!

  42. Chris was whipping his little weenee thinking about SHEPTURD SMITHFART & sprained his little wrists !!!!!

  43. Fart fart fart fart

  44. As a nation, we invest $trillions in lots of stupid things. Why not in the health care of stupid people? When you're a Democrat, there is no stupidity beyond the pale.

  45. Somethings wrong when you're throwing around the word "trillion" this often. The government should not be taking in any where close to that amount of money. Stick to infrastructure and military spending and stay the hell out of our lives every where else

  46. Cavuto and Wallace these 2 are the Left behind fence riders not true to the art ! And it's indicative Out of all the people in fox these two are the terrible side of equation of things coincidence ?? The worst of the worst shine together bless they're 2 faced heart !!!

  47. Liz claims that her plan will save you money by assuming that each individual is already paying 30K a year in healthcare costs. You know what I paid for healthcare last year? Zero f*ckin' dollars, so Liz can go f* herself.

  48. One huge effect not discussed here is what will happen to the economy even without Warren touching it. Just by a democrat and particularly she being elected; the market will hunker down into protectionism, heavy defense against on-coming anti-growth, anti-business policies and will come to a screeching halt all by that fact alone. The economy will be a train wreck before she even does anything.

  49. Cant listen to cavuto terrible voice attitude like shep smith

  50. Whoa, this left off a whole lot. What about the new government workers needed to make sure the payroll taxes get paid? There will be investigators to make sure the person actually is an employee and not a self employed contractors, hearing officers and courts to determine that, not to mention those taxes have to be collected, processed, kept up with, the lawyers needed to enforce the rules and the government buildings needed to house all that. That would cost trillions right there.

  51. Here is a Little math for you.
    One second = One Dollar, so you can see how much we are talking about:
    One Million seconds = 11.5 days
    One Billion seconds = 31.5 years
    One trillion seconds = 31,600. years.

    Cost of medicare for all
    52 trillion seconds = 1,643,200 years

    Not include One million new immigrants per year with open boarders

  52. We can't afford to be spending millions when we are trillions in debt. The only reason democrats aren't poor is because they are pirates pillaging americans money. They definitely have no idea how to save money or be frugal. Why would we want something like that in office?

  53. Good heavens! I thought it was just two cents!

  54. Corperations pass the taxes they have to pay down to us. It's built into their products. They just don't eat it.

  55. College example: Let's say a college student in his 3rd year committed a state crime or broken a serious "expelle worthy" college rule. There is proof. Should the college or state not arrest him or expelle him from school simply because he is in his 3rd yr and only has 1 more yr to go?

    Supervisor example:
    You have a supervisor, CEO, or Regional director that has been verbally and emotional cruel and abusive to the staff on a weekly basis. He is know for pitting staff members against each other, sends out frequent negative memos ( i.e Twitter), encourages staff members who are his friends to fight ppl in the parking lot after work and to harass those that oppose him. He tells people of one race that they are not welcomed and that they should quit or refuses to give them raises etc. Work becomes very streefull and starts to impact your health, safety, and well being. After being asked many times to stop and/or called out he continues with bad behavior. So, should the board members remove this person from their position or allow them to stay in leadership role? Would you want a supervisor like this or would you make complaints to try to have him fired?

    Well these can compare to Trump situation with exception that Trump situatio is worst than these because he is the Pres of the US and is supposed to represent ever citizens not just those that sing his praises.
    He deserves to be unbleached

  56. The middle classes pay will still go to that tax to pay for the health care. In Sen. Warren’s plan

  57. Put the concept of money in a relatable context. Use seconds as an example.
    1 million seconds = 12 days
    1 billion seconds = 32 years
    1 trillion seconds = 32,000 years

  58. Where did she get her degree in economics? Has she ever run a business? Maybe she can pull the tax exempt status on Harvard's endowment to get even more money!

  59. Duh, we are already broke, what a joke.



  62. When you can't argue with logic and numbers so you call conservatives the demons

  63. She gives me Hillary vibes… Yang is our guy to best beat Trump.

  64. Really!? $52 trillion, not 2 cents?

  65. The dems should at least do that and allow for the reverse Impact that is apart from themselves give it a chance to play out they talk about the wealthy and everything they wanna tax wherever they possibly can

  66. Funny how Millionaires are defending Billionaires. Where are the Billionaires going to move to? China, Russia or Turkey???

  67. Warrens Plan is just a Political Stunt to get Votes… She knows that her Plan would Never pass the House or the Senate…

  68. These two are on the same level! Anti trumpets! Two of the worst on Fox News!

  69. There’s like what a hundred billionaires in the world? If that?

  70. POCO is such a joke

  71. "The middle-class won't pay more!" Who is she trying to kid? Both republicans and democrats have spouted this BS before.

  72. If these people want Medicare for all then that should include themselves too. Let's see how they would like it then. Wait several weeks for a blood test. Ask the average/poor person or the in Canada how they like it.

  73. Warren will never be President. The Liberty Tree will make sure of that.

  74. Warren is a communist. Since when did America negotiate with terrorists let alone stand idly by as several seek the office of The President? This should never be happening.

  75. Well Biden should know a thing or two about the burden trickling down to middle and lower groups.
    He and Obama's policies did it on a regular basis.

  76. The real question is 'how much are Americans paying now'? would they be better off having similar systems to the rest of the 1st world countries. The insurance companies in the US take tens of billions of dollars in profits every year, that money would be used to give health care to the American people.

  77. Maggie Thatcher once said "The problem with socialism is that sooner or later, you will run out of other people's money." what she failed to say was the country belongs to the people so the people are not spending other peoples money they are spending their own.  If a thing is good for the people it's good for the country. Happy people work harder, play harder and live longer.

  78. It us unconstitutional for the federal government to control our health. The federal government should not have that power period.

  79. I'm all for Medicare for all but the price is ridiculous. Why not cut the cost of going to the doctor and the price of having medical insurance? One way to do this and be fair college is to expensive. Majority of young men and women are thousands to hundred of thousands of dollars in debt when leaving college. My daughter did one year at a top 50 college after a scholarship, grants I still had to come out the pocket $15,000 thats 1yr and for physical therapy. If President Trump can get college tuition down it would save everyone lots of money. It will never happen because college is big business and this economy revolves around debt if people could save and pay with cash instead of credit the economy would tank.

  80. Liz just stated, "it will cost 12 trillion dollars over the next 10 years"; indicating that we are doomed!! What does she think 52 trillion is supposed to do? If we are gainfully employed; the economy is better than it has been; people actually have some hope, and we are doomed, I would truly LOVE for her to explain how getting us deeper into debt and picking the pockets of every person to pay for it, is supposed to bail us out from the "doom?" Logic anyone???

  81. Deceiving Symantics people come on!! Warren says big corporations are going to pay… We all know corporations pass on their increased cost to the consumer 😡 meaning middle class costs will go up Duh!!! While Warren says "taxes" won't go up but the truth is costs will!! Warren being deceiving saying "taxes" won't go up. Please don't fall for another symantic demonicrat 👿 BS lie about health care like Obama Care turned out to be.

  82. The plan is great the reporting is Terrible

  83. All taxes are paid by middle class in the form of lower wages, less hours, higher prices . . the rich folks always pass the tax to middle class by paying us less and raising prices on the goods and services

  84. To think there would ever be a rich person who pays for this… (and that doesn’t even come close to cover it)
    Democrats are dead

  85. You know the plan sucks when Biden has a legitimate and accurate criticism of it. I knew republicans were going to have a smile from ear to ear hearing this plan. It's a rare day I find myself agreeing with republicans.

  86. It's a great plan! She should team up with that chinese guy that promises to give every person in America, $12,000 a year!

  87. the govt isnt your mother and neither am I. keep your filthy hands out of my pockets you thieves.

  88. Come on guys it’s only 53,000,000,000,000 dollars :/ what could possibly go wrong

  89. Rich people have left the chat

  90. Try single payer at a state level first to prove the model works. That's how you change opinions. California should be willing to try.

  91. The $52 trillion is what the government will pay over 10 years. It would pay $30 trillion with the current "plan". The extra $20 trillion means that Americans will no longer have to pay employer contributions, insurance premiums or copayments. Which is way more than $20 trillion.

  92. Looks like fox is making up numbers again.

  93. Taxing employers means layoffs.

    Layoffs means higher unemployment.

    Less money going into economy market to crash. And recession.

  94. Hospitals won’t earn enough from her plan which means Dr nurses ect will have to leave and go private

  95. Wealthy will move and you can’t tax them so that means the bare of the cost will go to middle and lower class.

    Voters aren’t going for that

  96. Raising payroll taxes is regressive and will hurt the working poor and working lower classes. A study was done in the mid 1990s by the Brookings Institute, the head cheerleader for government expansion. The study shows that taxes are not paid by companies or corporations. Taxes are paid by the shareholder, the consumer or the worker and it doesn't work any other way. It makes no difference to the company or corporation if they write a larger check to the worker and a smaller one to the government or a smaller check to the worker and a larger one to the government. All that matters to the company or corporation is the total cost involved in hiring a worker. Taxing the rich until they ain't rich no more is folly because, as Margaret Thatcher so eloquently stated. 'you eventually run out of other people's money'. I have a question for Liz. Exactly how much of what someone earns is someone else's 'fair share'.

  97. Once she becomes president she can take any money she wants from anyone,its called excecutive orders,
    So it benefits her grately to lie

  98. This guy is trying to be their next Shepard Smith.I just can't watch him anymore.On this concept he is right.But mainly he is just trying to be "Fox's" next punk.

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