Carnival Sunshine: Lido Marketplace Buffet Food Tour

Carnival Sunshine: Lido Marketplace Buffet Food Tour The Lido Marketplace Buffet
on the Carnival Sunshine is located on Deck 9 Aft, in the back of the ship. The marketplace is open for breakfast, lunch,
dinner, and late-night snacks and serves a wide variety of foods, including a salad bar,
entrees, desserts, and more. For breakfast, the buffet offers standard
fare, such as cereals, a variety of eggs, meats, pancakes and waffles, fruits, milk
and juices, and other options. Food items inspired by a British Isles breakfast
— such as sausage links, tomatoes, and baked beans — are regularly available. The omelette station and made-to-order eggs
are available nearby at JiJi Asian Kitchen. The lunch buffet menu varies from day to day
and features a wide variety of foods, including several internationally inspired dishes
and stations. The carving station offers a cut of meat and
associated sauces. The food offered for the dinner buffet typically
aligns with the dinner menu from the main dining rooms, but it is not always
an exact match. There are often dinner dishes served in the
main dining rooms that are not available in the Lido Marketplace buffet and buffet food
that is not available in the dining rooms. You will need to check the menus of both if
you want to know all the food that is being served for dinner on the ship. The desserts in the Lido Marketplace buffet
include cookies, cupcakes, puddings, pies, and more. There are usually several options to choose
from for lunch and dinner, including some sugar-free or no sugar added desserts. Like the dinner buffet, the desserts tend
to align with the main dining room menu, but it’s not always an exact match. The Lido Marketplace buffet is also home
of the Chocolate Extravaganza Buffet, which is offered on the last sea day of cruises
that are 7 days or longer and features many different kinds of chocolate desserts and
a chocolate fountain. In addition to various buffet offerings, the
Lido Marketplace also features Pizzeria del Capitano, the Carnival Deli, and two “Pour
Your Own Beer” stations. Pizzeria del Capitano is open 24 hours a day
and is a great place to order a fresh-made, personal-sized pizza. The menu is located over the ovens and lists
five different pizzas. The Carnival Deli features a variety of hot
and cold sandwiches as well as all-beef hot dogs. And, you can also have a custom, made-to-order
sandwich created from the various ingredients they have available. Finally, the “Pour Your Own Beer” stations
are exactly what they sound like: grab a glass, swipe your Sail and Sign card, pour your own
beer and pay by the ounce.

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