Hello all this is devyani from Welcome to our video channel in jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities in Hospitality Management Hospitality Management today is one of the
most blooming and budding sectors. With tourism flourishing and every country is looking to
excel in its hospitality standards, Hospitality Management is one of the most sought after
career options today. Aspirants who like the quest for travelling
and hospitality can well perpetuate in this booming sector that has great future growth
the prospect. The canvas of growth is widespread and besides a career, the aspirant gets to
travel and learn about several countries and the global hospitality standards. The hospitality
Industry is requires professionals who are perfect of skill sets and have managerial
prowess. This highly demanding career requires aspirants to have excellent spoken and written
communication skill. Those students who would want to be part of
this flourishing sector will have to secure a MBA in Hospitality Management after completing
Bachelor’s program from any other field. Scope to work in local, national and international
level is very bright. Well-trained and educated hospitality professionals can work as Facilities
management service provider, travel agent, in shipping cruise, hotels, resorts, airports,
hospital and Institutional catering. They can also find employment in national and international
food chains. Alternatively they can also work in E-commerce
ventures, sales, marketing, real estate, consultancy and various business units that require customer
management. Those with entrepreneur skills can start their chain of restaurants and eateries
as well. If worked hard and aspire to seek educational
training from top colleges offering MBA-Hospitality Management then the career prospects are going
to be very good. There are many well-known and premier institutes in India that offer
both graduate and post graduate programs. These are Amity school of Hospitality (Noida),
Bangalore Management Academy, Institute of Hotel Management- IHM (Kolkata-Goa-Guwahati),
Lovely Professional University (Punjab), International Institute Of Business Management (New Delhi),
Gem B- School (Mysore), Institute Of International Management & Technology (Gurgaon) and Dr.Y.S.R
National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management (Hyderabad) The eligibility criteria to get into these
colleges are graduation in any stream with a minimum of 50% to secure admissions. For
renowned educational institutes the admission process is based on the national level entrance
exam score in tests like CAT, MAT, CMAT and GMAT. There are others who also opt for self-assessment
test to admit students in their program. One an aspirant graduates from a good college
then many big and mega brands like Taj, Hyatt, ITC, Maurya Sheraton and other 5 Star deluxe
Hotels will offer attractive salary package along with good positions. There are prestigious
hospitals that now take students with degree in Hospitality Management. On-campus recruitment
drive is conducted to hand pick best professionals. The initial package can be around 3-4 Lakhs
per annum and in few years time with experience the salary and post gets upgraded.
To get an overview of Hospitality Management career, its job prospects and career growth
aspirants can get a full script detail on This comprehensive
career guidance and job portal is there to extend all kinds of help to aspirants and
trained professionals we will be back with such more videos so stay connected with us do not forget to hit the subscribe button below

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