CardSharp Credit Card Knife

CardSharp Credit Card Knife

There’s no denying
that knives are incredibly useful
and versatile tools. For today’s prepared gentlemen,
there’s the CardSharp. This ultra light utility
knife easily collapses into its own credit card-sized
sheathe that discreetly and safely fits into a wallet. The card transitions
into an elegant cutting tool with three simple folds. Simply release the safety
catch, flip the blade upright, fold the flaps into a
handle, and lock the handle using the six security pegs. Then get to work with
your portable blade. The surgical steel blade has
a 65 millimeter cutting edge, and the polypropylene
handle is guaranteed to last a lifetime of
folding and unfolding. The well-balanced tool is
lighter than an empty aluminum cans and is engineered to the
thickness of two credit cards. It may be half the size
of a typical knife, but it’s certainly
not half as useful. From slicing produce
to opening packaging, the CardSharp tackles
every day jobs with ease. And if you want to cut through
a tennis ball for some reason, you can do that too. By the CardSharp
now at

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  1. Perfect for stopping thieves

  2. Can I have this shipped under 15 minutes? Time sensitive question

  3. Only 1 cross promo cmon vat19 i dislike cus ain’t not bottle opener cus u guys somehow shove a bottle opener on everthing edit chill the fuck out it’s just a joke lmfao

  4. Omg


  5. Where the bottle opener

  6. I guess you can say it's cutting edge technology

    Okay…. I leave now

  7. I like these knifes. very good video, but check out this free knife give away

  8. O:06 Why only gentlemen.You are SEXIST!!!!!

  9. Murderer: Oh yes…. great stuff my potatoes… great stuff

  10. Can’t wait to forget this was in my wallet at the security in the airport

  11. Who else here after buying on3 from wish

  12. Anyone wonder why it looks like the tennis ball has chocolate on the inside

  13. Is it ironic that I got a Credit Card ad before this video? :/

  14. Ummm……here is 15.50 $, but i found this same thing for 5 RON( the Romanian money), witch is about 1$….so….yeah…

  15. Cashier- that’s $34.99

    Me- ok let me pull out my credit card

    Cashier- ok

    Me- ha ha I have a knife

    Future robberys

  16. These things are to much money

  17. Who needs this man what if a terriorst took this on a plane

  18. Imagine someone attacking you and your like
    -let me get my wallet

  19. They say robbers use these daily…

  20. 0:56 i see more lazier than me

  21. the new star star strak cs go new knife has been reveald

  22. I got 6 on wish for free.

  23. they try to make it sound cool but EVERYTHING THEY MAKE is awesome!

  24. LOL. I found it in a german store for 4 euros.

  25. I thought this was a knife made to cut credit cards…

  26. “For the prepared gentlemen”

    Every feminist ever:DID HE SAY ITS JUST FOR ME THATS SEXIST blah blah blah bull shit lies ALL MEN SHOULD DIE

  27. At the end of the vid the blade is broken

  28. 0:27 that’s…thats 5

  29. My grandpa have like that but he said he did'nt buy it in vat19

  30. 0:48
    Skin an appel. Eat the skin.

  31. yeah, but does it have a bottle opener?

  32. is it airport security safe?

  33. Lmao we just had an assembly in school where they were talking about how illegal this is ect

  34. At least is doesn’t break when it folds like the galaxy fold

  35. i found a nother knife that is up to 70 percent off so im buying the 70 percent one instead?

  36. These knifes are banned from my country but i still got 1 of them

  37. XDD YEa let's just put it in a wallet for kids so they know that this tool is +4

  38. i want this for some reason and i dont know what i will use it for

  39. this is bad guys I mean the idea is nice but what if someone took this on a plane?!

  40. My dad had one of these and we went to the airport and they took it away from him cause it was an illegal carry around

  41. Hey there Vat19! I’m an aspiring hitman, would this be good for stabbing?

  42. Can it cut human flesh?

  43. Seems like crap

  44. I think 50% of the people buying those are terrosists

  45. It has 5 security pegs

  46. Whoa that's edgy af

  47. When you need to watch your calories 0:50

  48. Took an aweful long time to cut that string, lol. ☮☯♏🕉🕇🔮👽🍄🌳✌

  49. this is a crime in other contryies than usa

  50. Will it get found in plane detectors? If so, how do you avoid it being spotted.

  51. Does it have a bottle opener?

  52. 0:48 why don’t you just bite into it?

    Probably to save it for later..


    Because Eric is trying to survive and he needs to portion the apple up into different meals

    I don’t even know if that was proper grammar..

  53. I wish this link never existed

  54. I'm scared of me playing the knife game stabbing my self (I use scissors with a cover cause can't use a pen and pencil I'm young) so if I have this I would use the card form

  55. Eric just ate an apple peel. Why you ask?

    Because he's Batma… I mean Eric

  56. We were just learning about knife from this morning.

  57. Yanderes have joined the chat

  58. TSA: is this a knife?
    Person: erm no?
    TSA: ok, I hope you have a wonderful day
    person proceeds to murder someone

  59. Might aswell be an anti knife crime ad

  60. But where’s the bottle opener

  61. Osama bin laden said : "hay thats pretty good" .

  62. Is it allowed to bring in airport?

  63. Ok im being attacked so let me just
    opens his wallet
    ok give me a minute or 2
    realeases safety catch
    ok 1 more minute im almost there
    flips the blade
    gimme 1 more sec
    folds flaps into the handle
    ok almost
    Locks the handle
    Alright im re—-gets stabbed

  64. R.I.P Here in Spain they can arrest you for having one of these in the street.

  65. Funny thing is you can buy these gimmick gadgets on Amazon for cheaper.

  66. That's on wish for 1 dollar

  67. Good! Now I can bring that to the airport and make a scene later. Thank!

  68. The new weapon for the Spy looks great!

  69. Wait but aren't all blades portable?

  70. Does it come with a bottle opener

  71. Is it TSA approved

  72. Btw u can get this for 1 dollar from other places but cool vid.

  73. Imagine getting mugged and the guy tells you to give him your wallet so you pull this bad boy out

  74. License and registr- hOLY FUCK

  75. You can get it at wish fo £1

  76. Well in my country the Airport doesn’t allow this

  77. "guaranteed to last a life time" mine snapped after the second fold

  78. Credit card knife gay

  79. Holy crap my country sell the exact same brand and knife for 30 cents, and vat19 is selling it for 15 dollara

  80. Can by this offline for 2 aud 😂

  81. It's four steps🙃

  82. ordered same shit from wish 2€

  83. Can I take this on a plane?

  84. You could get 20 of these on amazon for 12.99

  85. Is it a good knife for self defence?

  86. 0:15 cross promo?

  87. The real quest is can I take this on a plane

  88. Just use a real knife

  89. That wallet looked huge

  90. I bought it an its awesome thank you. And i love var 19 so much

  91. i found this is my sisters room and her friend gave it to her….

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