cardPresso – XS EDITION – Print ID Cards in a snap! – Your ID card software

cardPresso – XS EDITION – Print ID Cards in a snap! – Your ID card software

cardPresso’s XS edition is specifically tailored
to meet the needs of small businesses with key features that save you time
and make printing ID cards a snap! Let’s take a look at some of the specific functions
in XS edition that streamline card production. For small business owners, time is money. The best way to save time when printing ID cards is to maximize
resources you’ve already invested in, like your database. XS edition interfaces with the external
database you’ve already developed, allowing you to access database information from within
the printing software and use it to quickly and securely produce individualized ID cards without manually duplicating data. XS edition is compatible with Excel, CSV and TXT database connections. Linking Excel files to your design allows you to drag and drop database
elements directly into a design and alter them with a single click. That’s a surefire way to reduce errors and save you time, money,
and a few headaches along the way. XS edition also gives you the option of including QR codes
with customized data like employee ID or name. All you have to do to include QR codes when printing any ID card is to link each code to a column in your database and
cardPresso’s software will automatically do the rest. Another important feature for small businesses featured in
XS edition is document password protection. You can prevent unauthorized alterations to your design template, access to your database, or ID card printing by password locking
different phases of the card production process. Let’s imagine you want to allow employees to print ID cards
but not alter the design template? No problem! A password lock on only the design phase allows
card printing without any undesired creative license. Or imagine you want to restrict who can print ID cards. Again, password protection gives you
control over the entire printing process. We understand how time consuming it can be
to learn yet another software program. Production mode view gives you a streamlined interface
once you’ve defined the design, making day to day card production easy. You can add or manage data and print tags with just one click! XS edition saves small businesses time and
adds security to the card production process by connecting to your existing Excel database, adding individualized QR codes, restricting unauthorized access with password protection, and simplifying day to day printing with production mode. For more information or for a quote, contact your local re-seller or e-mail us at cardPresso’s XS edition – making ID card printing a snap for your business!

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