Cardmate Manual Business Card Slitter Instructional Demo Video

Cardmate Manual Business Card Slitter Instructional Demo Video

The Cardmate is a manual business card slitter
designed for short run applications of standard 2 x 3.5 business cards. Using business card template software that
is readily available, you can print your own custom business cards 10 up on an 8.5 x 11
sheet of paper. The Cardmate will work with a wide variety
of card, cover or index stock. Generally, if the paper will run through your
black and white or colour copier or laser printer, it will run through the Cardmate. Setup is easy, simply place your 10 up sheet
of paper 8.5 inch side forward. Put it into the rear slot on the Cardmate. You’ll notice on the Cardmate, there are adjustments
to adjust for your margin setting. Put your sheet into the machine and simply
turn the crank. You then get two sheets 11 inches x 3.5 inches. From there take one of these sheets, place
it into the forward slot on the Cardmate and here again you have adjustments for your margin
settings. Set your margin settings and turn your crank
and you are left with a perfect 2 x 3.5 business card. An important thing on the Cardmate is to only
cut one sheet of paper at a time. Cutting more than one sheet of paper at a
time will damage the unit. So that is a very important thing to keep
in mind. This standard business card cutter will cut
roughly about 60 cards in 60 seconds, no power required and works with all standard business
card programs.

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  2. Ok, I did exactly what it warns not to do. I ran several thru at once. Is there a way to get the cutters lined up again?

  3. I bought this same product from amazon upon arrival I cut 3 pages of card stock an the second cutting blade jumped out of position I looked the but no one had a idea how to fix well I figured it out today use a flat head an take two slots out now take a screw driver an push against the blade holder till it touches the other blade now put on the bar above holding the stationary blade an continue to push on the blade that was misaligned so that it passes the stationary blade an boom its fixed

  4. Where can I purchase this in south Africa?

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