Cardmaking Technique: Watercolor Smoosh

Cardmaking Technique:  Watercolor Smoosh

Hi, this is Sage Kimble and I’m the Mad
Stamper. In this quick video, I want to show you a
Cardmaking Technique I call Watercolor Smoosh. I used it in this card for the lovely
backgrounds on these tags. First you’re going to need something to
put your colors on. I like to use the craft sheet that i
bought at a local craft store. You’ll also need some watercolor paper
like this from Stampin’Up! It comes in 6″ X 9″ sheets, and it’s a 140 pounds, a
really nice heavy weight. I like it a little on the dry side, so I get these
textured kind of splotches that look really nice on the finish piece. If I get the colors too wet, I’m going to end up with something that
looks more like an and underwater scene. And if I don’t blend the colors well before I a put the paper on them, then I’m going to get more distinct lines between the colors. I’ve chosen three Stampin’Up! markers for
this, Summer Starfruit, Old Olive and Island Indigo. I’m going to start by making squiggles of ink on the craft sheet. And when I do so, I want to to be careful not to end up
with those distinct lines between the colors. So that means I might do a little blending with the markers themselves. The next thing I’m going to do is spritz some water on there. And I don’t want a lot of water on here,
otherwise I’ll get this underwater scene. Now, if
that’s what you’re going for, then flood it with water, you know. Then I’m
going to take a piece of watercolor paper. and then just smoosh it into the inks, and there’s my first pass with it. And I don’t have nearly
enough background color, so I’m going to do some more. and I’ve kind of used up all of the water I’ve got on that sheet right now and all the color. and this is what I ended up with. Now that would make a nice background too. I’m going to try it again though and see if I
can get it to look more like this. This time I’ve got more ink on there, on the craft sheet and I’m going to spritz it with water. I have some areas that are a little
drier and some that are wetter, and up I’m going to go ahead and lay some watercolor paper down and see that I get. Now there’s a good start, but I want
more color in some areas, so I kind smoosh it around on the craft sheet a
little bit, and then I end up with something that looks like that. So you can see, you just need to play with
this. Now I did use some Very Vanilla for this tag and I’m going to smooch some Very Vanilla
in here, but Very Vanilla will and end up really curled and tend to
break down if he gets real wet, so I’m going to blot a
little bit of this moisture away. And I’ll take my Very Vanilla
and kind of smoosh it through the leftovers there, and I end up with some nice light
background that I can stamp my sentiment on top of. So I hope you’ll have some fun playing with
the Watercolor Smoosh Technique, and see what kind of backgrounds and
color combinations you can come up with for your handmade cards. For more inspiration and instruction, be sure to visit me on my website at the Stamping Madly FaceBook page, and the Man Stamper YouTube channel. Happy stamping!

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  1. Great technique. Thanks for sharing, Johanne L.

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  3. Interesting technique! Thank you!

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