Businesses are leaving California: Small business owner

Businesses are leaving California: Small business owner

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  1. So people who aren't even American citizens can vote. That's really F'ed up.

  2. Move to Midwest — welcome to the oncoming good life. There are even some states that have no state income tax. Do not get left behind with this Trump tax cut era.

  3. It's TRUE.
    All my favorite stores are gone!!!

  4. Have a nice time in Florida.

  5. How do you like ole Jerry Brown now? haha….idiots….

  6. Actually the motor voter law is great. By Federal Law an illegal voting in an election is a felony and is grounds for deportation. I dont care about California elections. In fact I think we would benefit greatly by selling California to Mexico. Use the money to build the wall, get rid of 55 Electoral votes and it would make the Hollywood Elites need a passport and visa to cross into the US, which could be denied for many reasons.

  7. California is the shithole state lol

  8. People are leaving California because it's a shithole state full of ILLEGALS!!!! Crime galore and corrupt governor and scum liberals. I moved outta there for that reason. Get rid of the illegals and people will stop leaving idiots


  10. What the hell???!!! California is literally losing their minds!!!!

  11. Use voters birth certificate no, will have age race if born in states. COMPARE to person casting ballot.

    USE ice on polling stations 2020. why do you think new cal is forming? Brown & taxes.

  12. This is just a load of propaganda from the republican party.

    Minimum wage hikes are simply the result of hyper-inflation. If employees can't make a living at a job, they will quit and move out of the state. Like it or not, if you want to retain employees, you're going to have to pay for them.

  13. Great ! take your business to a Republican state where it & the jobs it brings will be much appreciated.

  14. Mexican flag will be soon be flying over California!

  15. In Massachusetts illegals do not need a driver’s license. Just drive.

  16. Leaving California is a very good idea. Move out, and don't look back. You will be glad you did.

  17. From Golden state to turd state. Thanks lefties.

  18. Voter fraud is completely made up

  19. The federal government should sue California for registering individuals without verifying their citizenship first.

  20. small businesses should move to Conservative states

  21. California's technology industry had a lot to do with Stamford University and UC Berkeley, but you can have a technology facility in a state like Alabama too. Alabama is dependent on Federal money, and so desperate for jobs that you can get a huge tax break.

  22. Local county's and cities have continued to raise taxes. Its so fuck up they haven't realized the severity they have cause. Not even a plan in reversing property & state taxes.

  23. This is a lot worse than Manila.Why there are so many kababayans keep praising California ?

  24. Terrible place to live I hope it gets worse and it will.

  25. When the Mexican flag flys over every post office in California the happier America will be to leave them to their Democratic party Utopia of Venezuela Mark 2.0.


  27. I'm a huge Rams fan. I wish they stayed in St. Louis. I fly from Hawaii to watch a game last year and it was half empty. Probably they can't afford it.

  28. Well Californians love illegal Mexicans.
    Illegal Mexicans love killing and raping people then if you Americans leave those illegals would be bored. Who are they going to hunt to kill or molested?

  29. just make federal regulation and federal courts will enforce voter fraud, let them do federal time making gravel out of boulders.

  30. Russifornia Elections Null & Void ! Feds go in Arrest Moonbeam and Sacramento!

  31. Will be so good when california goes bust ……..voter fraud ? then bar california from any federal elections …..there vote just doesnt count …..thee gonna go broke and become a 3rd rate country . BROWN should be tried for treason …ALONG WITH MAXINE WATERS.

  32. can't wait when ca is destroyed in the big earthquake and tsunami!

  33. Here in Australia, we have decent minimum wages, but nation-wide, plus a very discerning Immigration program. It is the only way to do it. Otherwise, too much Job Competition AND Businesses are not as much on a level playing field.

  34. california votes shouldnt count

  35. Let Mexico have it

  36. "Golden" shit hole. TRUMP 2020!

  37. these states ban jobs and economic growth in any way while holding middle class to deaths, under rich and poverty stricken are forced to be by poor these state and their democrat leftist liberals.

  38. Well, no need to travel to Venezuela to see societal collapse. Just fly the Mexican flags over the post offices and be done with it.

  39. Give these Liberals free reign over a state and this is what happens. Criminals are preferred and people with virtue are over taxed and regulated. Its tempting to call Jerry Brown the Godfather.

  40. Motor Voter was the only way Scum like Diane Feinstein, Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown could be re-elected…

  41. let calimex go under

  42. What a shame these democrats destroyed such a great state

  43. I love Fox News. It makes people that can't afford to live in CA better about themselves. lol

  44. As a Californian business person I say this, we are all LEAVING our home thanks to the new commie government. Fuck you Jerry, and Scott Peterson, and 97%of ALLLL CA politicians. Good luck supporting all the illegal aliens and Somalian refugees 😂😂😂😂🐀🔨🤘🏼🏁

  45. Small businesses are competing with the tech elite. They have deep pockets filled with VC money and they like the weather in the Bay Area.

  46. If it wasn’t for the union, 75% of the population would end up up in the streets.

  47. Voter fraud in California.I'm tired of hearing Hillary won popular vote.she won nothing.Fucking loser.

  48. as an ILLEGAL, California is paradise!!!

  49. This reporter is a globalist shill..

  50. let it go…cut your losses and run.  burn baby burn.  nobody gives a shit about the left coast except themselves.  pointless.

  51. California is turning into a 3rd world shithole…

  52. votes don't count in california, so i moved to Las Vegas only to be out voted by Harry Reed and his bused in illegals from california, think i'll try Arizona.

  53. Kalifornia is the most foked up state in the union!

  54. The only hope for the People's Republik of Kalifornia is if the feds come in and arrest the corrupt politicians for breaking federal law.

  55. $15 per hour? that's more than me and I get £8.50($11.97) an hour which is quite high for a low paid factory job, heck people in London get about £10($14) for normal jobs. wtf they doing?! -_-

  56. I will say and the problem is simple, the problem is the politicians, reduce the amount of politicians, make your government operate at ultra very low that the problem is solved, many politicians cause problems, because each one wants to pass his agenda with terrible ideas that cost a lot of money to the people who have to pay for ridiculous programs that only favor a small group that the specific politician defends not the majority, while allowing so many politicians the problem will only get worse, someone has to be the voice just and cruel and cut 86 % of the politicians and the problem resolves almost instantly, when I say intangibly I'm speaking at a nation level that should be in a year or two, because no manager will want to continue with programs that do not belong to him and take away sultry amounts of money could be used in more moderate forms, some say that unity is strength, but unity also adds to the weaknesses of each individual, for example only every government has to be smaller than a deformed monster with thousands of heads each wanting to go one way.

  57. This old guy seems silly for this reason, nothing that he said was wrong, but what does he really think will be done about it? He laid his situation out clearly, his adult children have left the state and when he retires so will he. That's all there is to it. Only 38 percent of the population of California is white. and about 17 percent of those folks are over 65 or under 18. That means that only about 21 percent of white Californians are working aged between 18 and 64 and half of those work for government, federal, state or local. Before much longer there will be no privately employed white's in California, just a bunch of government workers waiting for the day that they can retire and get the hell out.

  58. That old dude blame the problem in California on unions and voter fraud??? LOL More just just "voters" that keep voting for idiots.

  59. California needs to suffer from the economy they want. Hope every red blooded American who owns a business gets out of CA

  60. We went to San Fran and Napa with another couple to eat and drink and explore. Great trip but we could not live there under any circumstances – high sales tax, property taxes, income taxes, gas, food, housing……. The new law is almost necessary because no one can afford it anymore.What's so odd is the almost obsession with driving away productive people who pay taxes. For all the talk about social justice CA is rapidly becoming a "state" financed by a few mega-billionaires and a huge mass of "others".

  61. You don't wanna know the real truth of this is because the Republicans move all the company's to china. For chp Labor china open the door over. And now china is flipping the t stop fake news from fox and the Chinese d game

  62. Oh well…liberals got what they wanted!

  63. California has been feasting on dead Golden Goose for a long time. What's left is going rotten. No more golden eggs either.

  64. Business is well advised to move out of California. California is a communist enclave that has no future.

  65. We need a national voter roll.

  66. Brown needs to be publicly executed.


  68. This is an example of Marxism.

  69. democrats ran California into the ground, 50th rank , highest taxes, 10,000's leaving.
    please vote Cox for Gov, also vote Frankenstein Senator, because DeLeon is socialist.
    we can't let illegals vote in our elections, get rid of sanctuary state causes huge crime
    sales tax of 9.55 % is harming retail sales, 13% state tax is driving business out

  70. they move to RED state or at least 'blue going to RED' state like Detroit

  71. they have over-crowded california and created the mega homeless situation and the HIGH RENT by handing out all of these illegal drivers licenses,… democrats have crippled the state to a stand still virtual ,.. no where to park now anywhere ever !!

  72. That's why you them fucks trying to move here to Texas n change our shit because their state fucked

  73. Every American that actually pays taxes should be outraged about how that state is being ran into the ground cause when it finally collapses and it will then we will be picking up the tab when the federal government goes and bails them out

  74. Get out as fast as you can NOW

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  76. Golden state to 3rd world . No jobs , Homeless and etc.
    Just drive couple of days in Texas than california.

    You'll see the difference. No homeless in Texas and booming contraction .

    Everyone should learn from Democrat what not to do.

  77. Unbelievable , cali is awesome bro. I'd love to live there. But theres no way I could survive. I like ohio , it's super cheap cause our shitty winters but you can live nicely out here for 70,000 a year for sure

  78. The good people need to leave while they can. Leave the dems there.

  79. Well, they stole the house in 2019

  80. LOL commiefornia home of the rich idiots and liberal clowns……………..

  81. vote the dem out.

  82. California is run by criminals

  83. Sixth richest , coolest & most technologically advanced region in the world …yeah it's really horrible Lol.

  84. Illegals voting ! It’s like a third world country

  85. If you're not making 6 figures or living with others in Cali, you're struggling.

  86. REALITY IS.. we need to get rids of peoples in Sacramento… Every Californian need to get out and vote for Republican ….. support small businesses, low tax rate, De-rail regulations, control housing , build more afford complex so BLUE COLLAR jobs can buy, taking care of our HOMELESS peoples first BEFORE THE ILLEGALS IMMIGRANTS.

  87. Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, isn't it?

  88. Trump should give California back to Mexico.

  89. Everyone should leave California and leave the Democrats to pay the taxes to themselves if they can get the taxes

  90. Liberals are fooling themselves, not the American people

  91. California tax tax American people in favor of the illegals Mexicans and all other migrants giving the illegal every thing for free rubbing from the American people

  92. hell its all about getting the illegal votes

  93. Make California a dirty S…..H……State……….

  94. Because this dirty politicians need to exits. They don’t owned California. Citizens make California not the Democrats. Sue them for allowing illegals to vote.

  95. Good business india Surat in Kamrej

  96. They are getting rid of the Americans and they are bringing Mexican businesses. Its clearly what that commie government of Mexifornia is doing, Making California, MEXICO AGAIN.

  97. In Anaheim, Orange county, Ca. The commies have a radio station, talking about Our government and talking about Venezuela, like the dreaming Land. They want to make of California, to succeed from USA.

  98. F*** millennials they caused a lot of this b*****

  99. And the same thing is happening in Washington State everybody's moving here we our being flooded by everybody else in the states around here

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