Business Strategies You Need to Start Doing the Last 127 Days of 2019 | Melbourne 2019 Keynote

Business Strategies You Need to Start Doing the Last 127 Days of 2019 | Melbourne 2019 Keynote

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    8:45 Why I'm Bullish On TikTok
    9:45 Why You Need A LinkedIn Strategy
    14:21 Where You Need To Be Posting
    14:56 Execute On Your Communication Style
    19:31 Please Take Advantage Of This Era
    20:36 Why Brand Matters
    23:24 Creating 100 Pieces Of Content Per Day
    25:43 Parenting In a 2019 World
    28:58 How To Get Your Dream Internship
    31:11 Entrepreneurship SHOULD Be Hard
    31:47 My $0.02 On VR
    36:05 Why You Need a Podcast
    36:45 Why I "Interrupt"
    37:33 Quantity Doesn't Sacrifice Quality
    40:10 The Fastest Way Not to Have It All
    46:23 Instagram Didn't Make You Insecure
    49:37 Stop Caring About Likes
    51:27 Humility Is Critical
    52:19 How To Make Decisions
    56:09 How To Find What You're Passionate About

  2. I love the new intro. Man you have fucking changed my life. Mostly I changed it, but with your help.

  3. Love you, Gary! Best man.


  5. I just got back on LinkedIn and it’s true that content matters now more than ever. Also, I’m gonna hop on TikTok to promote more of music. Thanks Gary 🚀

  6. Is Gary Vee invested in LinkedIn and TicToc?

  7. Don't take parents's a good advice for everyone. & He likes blue colour shirts… Me too. Nobody can talk over than with mister Gary .. lol..

  8. Thanks Gary… Wish all Content Creators carried this mindset. Great info and message. 👍👍👍

  9. I looked you up on Tik Tok, Gary, and you do wonderful adjustment to each platform, listening to what people want and look for. It's pretty amazing how well you are doing it across all the media, and yet you keep up adjusting to improve. Nice example

  10. I accept the challenge Gary to start creating content in new level, really needed this message today. Thanks man

  11. Man I love me some Gary vee 💯

    Also I customize shoes on my channel if y'all could check it out🙌

  12. Gary you are a superstar, when you gonna come to Poland bruv?

  13. 📱 Just downloaded TikTok for the first time, I'm going to put some of my tarot reading on there. LinkedIn might be a bit tricky but I can make it work 🙂

  14. This posted hour ago. Idk.
    Didn't we watch this video before? Idk.

  15. Thanks this helped so much looking for videos like this

  16. What's the name of the music in the beginning?

  17. Loved the change in intro.
    Insane stuff❤️

  18. Lol I made it in a Garyvee Keynote speech. 😂 so Gary at 42:54 when I email you in a years time with the clip attached will you really come on my podcast? 👀

  19. I enjoyed a person's comment that said: "Your content helps people with mental illness, I tell them to watch a couple videos and it helps them get out of bed." Great stuff Gary and team!

  20. If you just listen maaan you can pick up some serious Gems Gary giving out free advice while others charge u 900 for it

  21. So pumped to see this 🙌

  22. Thank you for posting so much valuable content.

  23. Thanks for coming to Australia

  24. hey Gary! you motivate me everyday! I was just wondering if you can watch my first 18 second video and or possible shout out!! ps learned to never give up from you! Thank you!

  25. Ill Be Honest… Sleep Is Hard when YOUR SO FUCKING Excited, ON A ROLL, and Afraid You Wont Wake Up With The Same Perspective Lol!!!!

  26. Hi Gary Vee! I LOVE how you say "I am always fascinated". It's so you❤️

  27. 27:30 VR Chat community would like to know your location

  28. Please take this in the spirit of love that it is said. I’ve watched so much of your content and learned SO much! However I relate this story to some of your content.

    “My husband loves me very much and wants the best for me. To show that love he bought me a beautiful diamond ring. On the way home he stopped in front of the house and picked up a big pile of dog poop and put the ring in the middle of it. He handed me this pile of dog sh*t and said “here is a gift I got for you”.

    I feel like this is you sometimes with your words. All the “f” bombs are jarring and I lose focus on what you are saying. Many people say the “f” word doesn’t have any meaning for them but it does for many other people. The “n” word doesn’t have significant personal meaning to me but I would not walk around saying it. I normally wouldn’t never say anything but you have expressed that you are open to opposing dialog and I’m quite sure this isn’t the first time you’ve heard it. So there ya go. Be blessed in all that you do and don't let your message get lost in dog poop. 🙂

  29. Your content is always perfect. You inspired to start a YouTube channel and I did start last week.

  30. everybody treats IG like it is a fucking museum….:)))

  31. brilliant btw, as usual

  32. Gary is truly inspiration not only for me, but for more of you, don't you agree? Keep it up Gary. Love from a small youtuber 🙂

  33. Everything hit a cord. Love hate Gary because he calls out so much of my bs 😂

  34. Blessings 🤴🏾🙌🏽🤔🦍🌍🔥

  35. Garry …man….you are the man who open my eyes…thank you to inspire me and i take your advice…you are the best …continue like that👍👍

  36. Привет Гери !

    Спасибо тебе за все что ты сказал.

  37. Who else found it hard to listen to that Asian dude??? 😣

  38. Garry has absolutely bulletproof patience! Some people do ask such stupid questions. Jeez

  39. I want that empathy hat/beanie.

  40. Once again extremely valuable that 100 posts a day tells me I need to step it up. So many gems. Thanks for always sharing

  41. Gary… What about someone that loves science/medicine and arts/music equally???????? Do both?

  42. I paused this video to upload my 2nd video to Tiktok. 1 down, 5127 to go! Thank you Gary.

  43. When in doubt; do something, even if it just walking down the street to grab a coffee.

  44. Gary, so I am a full-time student and quit my job to focus on school this relates to your Happiness is progression speech however I'm getting an associates degree in graphic design and waiting to start my own graphic design business, therefore, I am majoring in business development as a 20 year old was this a good or bad idea (quitting the job and focusing on school) because I absolutely fucking hated my job what would you do in this situation differently or keep focusing on the goal please let me know thanks.

  45. Gary is slaying here

  46. Does Gary Vee Use funnels?

  47. I'm a bit addicted to GV…I came from Dan Pena so I'm chilling.

  48. Thanks for coming to melbourne loved every second of it❤

  49. Great video. I'm still getting over jt scared bs to post every day or make 4 posts a day at least 🤯 I want to but I feel like I have no idea what to post about. #theillumibuddycompany #illumivisionmedia #royborrego

  50. Frustrating to not be able to fast forward

  51. I like the split screen.. beauty mate.. 👍😎

  52. thanks you so much GARY VEEEEEE your amazing because of your free advice i started my own podcast on YouTube NO BS WITH SB im so happy i dont care about the time because im passionate love #askgaryvee

  53. thanks you so much GARY VEEEEEE your amazing because of your free advice i started my own podcast on YouTube NO BS WITH SB im so happy i dont care about the time because im passionate love #askgaryvee

  54. why do I have to make social media content to get my business to grow?

  55. Just thinking out loud here, but could the answer to your question on why 99% of people don't do what you say is because content on these platforms is ineffectual to help people change behavior? You are "hacking" behavior to do what YOU want for yourself. The platforms are good to build fame for those good enough to attract attention…and you certainly are. But to help people make a change? 1% effectual by own your measurement.

  56. Hey Gary, really enjoyed your content, thanks for sharing such a valuable information.

    When will come to Perth to speak? Cheers

  57. Gary really cares about us just pay attention to how many times he touches his heart while he’s talking

  58. Hi Gary thank you so much for this video I find it helpful and I will try my best to do ur advice, thank you so much

  59. You're a huge inspiration for us at ALPAKA, Gary! Thank you <3

  60. Cheap talk is Gary

  61. Why does everyone ask Gary how he’s doing? Obviously he’s doing better than you 😂

  62. "If you're sitting at home Friday at 930 and see posts of your friends partying and that effects you" that's a very eye opening post. I don't think it fucks with, but subconsciously it really does. But I know it my heart that I'm doing the right thing by staying home and working on business. To be honest what hurts more is seeing the people who have created more success than me in less time because they put more work in, in a short period of time. That hurts much more and drives me.

  63. 1:05:37 big up my somali brother in the end

  64. Anyone else realize he didn’t put up the 5 when he was taking the photo with the girl?

  65. Mr Gary V's talk are so powerful. In fact due to the effect of his talk I started my Vlog. Hit "like" if you are Filipino Subscriber

  66. Another great learning experience. I know Gary is right when he says he is giving us the answers and we are not doing. I am posting more content and commenting on alot more posts and it works. Here's where I hear Gary saying "No Shit" Thank you Gary.

  67. Powerful Q&A … the way it ended … the last sentence is the key!!!! Changing lives G!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  68. Watching as I'm writing my new tutorial. Linked in has had massive ROI for me, I get about 1000 times less views than on my Medium, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, reddit and Instagram BUT. I have received the most direct work from it compared to all the other platforms. I'm still a one man team producing and creating / editting everything but I'll start getting something on TikTok. I need to figure out how to make content more seamlessly while still building apps for clients. Thanks for the info G!

  69. That first 4 minutes was intense thank you @garyvee

  70. @11:25 Insecurities @garyvee lack of confidence or social anxiety

  71. Gary, Id Love You To Elaborate Why Someone Shouldnt View Thier IG As a Museum Where they want to Cherish the Important Momoments of Their Life, Versus Filking It Up With Less Meaningful Content. Say, Human Connection was Your Agenda(for a personal IG) Why Post Every Massive Beetle You See Walking Across The Sidewalk haha XD? Is it different for personal Ig Versus Business ig? Id Love to See What Your Thinking!!!! 5000 posts in, How are You ever Supposed to reminisce on The Past!? Lol i will say some things i didnt record(ike raking pinestraw off the side of the road in my mom's honda accord station wagon in the middle of Georgia's Winter Haha, Sell in ng it door to door making 100 Dollars a Day Lol!), but theres gotta be a criteria for pointless, distracting content. When you say Post everything, it seems Arbitrary is fuck. Is that really what your trying to convey?

  72. Yo, I’m an hip-hop & R&B artist from Oakland,Ca! Check me out I’m trying to make this Chanzie Shxt WORLDWIDE

  73. 38:28 thé biggest WTF wake up call award of the year goes to:

  74. Really love what you put out there Gary good work. This vid was amazing

  75. Best thing I’ve ever heard “19:00-45” ish

  76. Many organisations constantly check employees social media history, their Online behaviour etc.

  77. You gotta give it to Gary he's spot on things in the most practical ways.
    Demystifying the crap and getting down to the nitty-gritty

  78. I’m literally streaking at the fact that none of these guys introduced their accounts or @usernames. & the one asked him to me on his podcast but never considered the fact that he is literally on Gary’s “podcast” now! Like dude Gary has a huge audience, 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  79. I have a little business on Instagram @hairsories and it’s not very successful.

  80. Can you be my mentor

  81. guy at 42:15 – why is he kneeling down ?? Looks painful

  82. The last guy really soured the end of your appearance, glad you cut him off here 😀

  83. If anyone here is in Melbourne and into photography/videography, please DM me, i'm in my first year at film school, and i really want to learn and create more content!

  84. Fuck rick, sally and them russian old bastards!!!

  85. 29:29 That's me haha how cool. Thanks for putting us all out there like this @GaryVee!

  86. I feel like I've seen this flower setup 5 times.

  87. Something is up with tiktok. You will get a vid with 17 million views and won't retain any viewers. All your followers don't convert to ig. I get the impression either viewers are around age 6 and are not on ig or they have fake viewers to try and retain users.

  88. Beard Oil dude, hit me up. I was beardED dude. "jordan.crawley" on Instagram

  89. It's a very easy answer – He's entertaining.

  90. Hey gary this one really changed my mindset, thank you

  91. Gary shows that if you take all of the pulling down and pulling back at some point you will overtake the battle that they started they cannot win, he is a great inspiration

  92. imagine being insecure, and selfish…

  93. This was an amazing talk and I really appreciate the filming of the person asking the question, great addition!

  94. We made it past our 1st year and we are growing!!! Thanks @garyvee #Safesidetreatments @Safesidetreatments

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