Business Profit Maximizer #2 – Why Cash is KING – Dan Lok

Business Profit Maximizer #2 – Why Cash is KING – Dan Lok

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  1. Hey Dan Lok I know you could help me I'm very interested in starting a company online whats your email

  2. How would you get these information about your competitors? Margins? Etc… Like wouldn't it be in a company advantage to keep these info hidden so that other people can have harder time replicating them, or doing it better…


  4. Been watching ur videos for days not many channels like this

  5. assume makes an ass of u and me … or so I've heard

  6. Assume is dangerous in business and in relationships.

  7. I like how you talk about people’s peer group. Friends support your idea but maybe they support you. Good advice, don’t take advice from broke people or ones that don’t pay you lol

  8. Cash is really king. Assumption is ass-u-me.

  9. Most businesses fail because they assume. Facts don't go away just because you ignore them. This goes with how successful people think with being ACCURATE.

  10. Awesome, I'm watching them all. Thank you!

  11. Start to take notes when you asked the questions! I have watched many entrepreneurs videos but I feel there is something different about you Dan 🙂 Thanks

  12. Dan I hit rock bottom and I'm building a STRONG foundation on you. I assumed I would make it work but ran out of money, ran out of confidence. THANK YOU for your incredible work! I truly relate to you and your motivating SKILLS!

  13. POWERFUL LESSON. You have got super skills after overcame the lots of challenges. Thank a lot for sharing this, Great Sifu

  14. Business is an art and Dan lok is a master in this field and am greatly inspired by him

  15. Dan has the same logic as UNCLE G. 10X In everything and that is why both of them are successful.

  16. Sir i have a bussiness of plastic households items like bukets etc how to expand it?

  17. I really love his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. What a guy!

  18. Im so really gonna do that, Im gonna take my friends' money, those who asked me to sell my cured pork cause it is just so good that they eat a lot of it when i bring some. I've seen someone explain Pre-selling concept, but not like this, Pre Selling Dan Lok Style!

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