Business Profit Maximizer #1 – Strategies VS Tactics

Business Profit Maximizer #1 – Strategies VS Tactics

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  1. I like your line: "looking on the business from 30'000 feet above!"

  2. Ma va fan culo cazzone

  3. Just like healing strategies vs the usual medical treatment tactics…

  4. Not just in business. In life as well. How we should live strategically instead of tactically
    OR the other way round

  5. Dan, do you offer a chronicle library of your videos. I find they are excellent material for my road trips.

  6. “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat” – Sun Tzu, The Art Of War

  7. “Tactic by its self is a short-term goal that can produce many winning trades, but Strategy is a long-term goal that can produce long term profitability. You can have a high percentage of winning trades but still blow out your account with Tactic. You can have many small losing trades and still have overall profitability with Strategy. Tactic is just a small piece of the puzzle whereas Strategy is the overall picture of the puzzle. Trading with just Tactic is frustrating; the reason is tactics are just the pawns in the Strategy. The Strategy is the underlying foundation of the trade plan. A system based on tactics without a Strategy leads to shooting in the dark. You might end up profitable but it does not become sustainable. A system based on Strategy without Tactics has no means of being carried out. The principle is tactics are defined by the Strategy. Neither the Strategy or the tactics can exist without the other.” –John Slazas


  9. Simple but compound content. Great video…

  10. Sir thanks for giving me stretegy very very thnks

  11. Strategic is creative, tactical is analytical. I know my personal weakness is more Tactical. Enjoyed this video!

  12. Strategies are made up of different tactics to reach your goal.

  13. Strategy moves should have a purpose. Not just simply "doing" something. From my understanding the actions you take should have a reason for you to do it that will move things forward. Great video, thank you!

  14. Very good information —Excellent —please make more videos thanks to you and the you-tube technology the internet technology ..thanks for helping us

  15. Changed my life! Changed my LIFE!

  16. Dan you’re truly the master! The authenticity of your content and your context are literally shaping my evolution. Thank you sir!

  17. Thank you very much Dan, you always impress me and make my life easier with busniess and planning. Thank you, i really mean it 👍👍👍👍

  18. GREAT LESSON. Thank a lot, Sifu

  19. You are a superhero

  20. Strategic Thinking vs Tactical Thinking

  21. What you think you need is not what you actually need!

  22. Strategy – plan that overcomes the obstacles
    What are the problems we are trying to solve?

  23. Hi Mr Dan,Sir, can it possible for me to post your youtube link to my local internet marketer and vendor.  Your video is always awesome and informatives

  24. Strategize ,like using giant leverage bar …..compared to pushing with one hand, which is tactic.. Dan the Man Dan the Man ,,,thanks for sharing give you a high five. Yeah my boy Dan

  25. Is it possible to begin implementing a strategy without knowing all the variables, or having most of the variables?

  26. Hi Dan,

    I got taught something different today by someone about strategy and tactics thought I would share it with you guys.

    The difference between strategy and tactics is often described as strategy is long term and tactics is short term this term is wrong bad and not right While the two terms may adopt these characteristics at certain times this is an inaccurate and incomplete way of explaining their meanings the long term and short term descriptors for strategy and tactics may or may not apply. A strategy that successfully helps you achieve your goal in two months might be short term compared to tactics you will use for two years and maintaining competitive advantage using time as a criterion for distinguishing between strategy and tactics doesn't hold true.

  27. I bought the book just because of the language… means your blunt and straight foward.. my type of dude!.. videos and good points!

  28. So strategies are a whole bunch of tactics to get to a certain goal? Thanks for sharing

  29. Great video, very informative and understandable. I am very comfortable with you teachings sir, you are doing a wonderful thing. i have made more than $30k in a months through forex trading. I am a proud retail trader, thanks for your business advice so far.

  30. Strategies are how infinite games are played. Tactics are how finite games are played. Strategies are like theories, ideas, philosophies, or whatever term applies to the conceptual side of things.
    Tactics are like to do lists or job descriptions.
    So, in business, we are engaged in strategic thinking, which causes us to engage in tactical actions. In fact, creating systems to automate things is the art of creating better systems for employees to function tactically until they learn how to fly.

  31. Viewing The Art of War as a good business book comes from the recognition that there is no difference between the form or function of business and government. Their purposes are different, but The Art of War and The Art of the Deal are just different expressions of the same basic reality. Lovin' it!

  32. Hello – I watched your video. I invested money in ProfitMaximizer, but this system does not work. The site fell in the first quarter of March, this year, through which I invested the Deposit. My funds have been credited from my account at ProfitMaximizer to my account at CryptopMarket. Can you explain to me why this happened? Since you can make such video presentations, you can also explain why your project does not work and why the website that the Deposit was invested on. I am waiting an answer.

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