Business Mogul Steve Madden: Trump Is Clueless On The Economy | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Business Mogul Steve Madden: Trump Is Clueless On The Economy | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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  1. He can't spell indexing

  2. These days, 99% of shoes sold in the U.S. are imported, many of them from China, Vietnam and Indonesia. China's share has declined in recent years, but it remains a key source of America's shoes and shoe parts. That's why some U.S. footwear companies have been loud opponents of Trump's threat of more tariffs for almost everything imported from China.

    "We'd love to make shoes in the United States," Steve Madden CEO Ed Rosenfeld told NPR. But "it's very hard to envision a scenario where we'd make the types of products that we make, at the prices that we make them, in the United States."

  3. Just wait for him to blame Obama 🙄

  4. I bet he has a lot invested in foreign countries! He's having trouble talking,! Where do you put the batteries in this guy!

  5. The Madden dude is on heavy drug's, look at him…geez dude

  6. Trump is in a tough spot. He started something with china he can't win…but he can't back down either because of his fragile ego, and the backlash from his base. I kind of feel bad for him

  7. yet, he press on more of rate cute… maybe next week, he will have payroll tax cut. there is differences between deal maker and bidding. Trump is bidding huge on trade war with China, which Trump keep blinking

  8. What are you doing about it

  9. What are Americans doing about it.

  10. Now what no jobs stock market down.. there one old rule in the book…going to war that how we done in the past

  11. I know who the clueless are, I watched 5 minutes of this numb skull network and took it out of my TV lineup. They are just as bad as CNN for a useless waste of air time. These Jack Boot News Media folks are leading the Blind Sheep American Voters over the CLIFF with their Bull Pucky! So many Idiots listened to them America is becoming a third World nation like Mexico Slums.

  12. This scenario of trump remind me of Titanic, country is like a ship, we the people are the crew recession is the iceberg, will you know what's gonna happen

  13. Does Trump realize that when he stands sideways he looks 3 times more obese. Of course, besides being an imbecile.

  14. Blame trump
    When Obama put us in over 10 trillion dollars in debt
    Most every put all president together Obama win most spending
    MSNBC getting paid by Democrats an socialist party

  15. Is that why we have the lowest unemployment in 60 years? Best economy ever? More Americans working now than ever before? Consumer confidence at an all-time high?

  16. Only two people should wear hats backwards: catchers and welders. You're a end of middle age man, face your hair loss, grow up and move on, dude.

  17. This guy looks like a real loser

  18. MSNBC is worse than CNN, fake news propaganda. You people need to learn who your real enemy is, and it's not president effing fools wake up

  19. Yeah yeah yeah it seems like Real Genius, give me a break all your manufacturing went to China oh, you were sold out by your past presidents,

  20. if this Melber wasnt such a sorry corporate hack he would have zeroed in on Madden's refusal to make his junk in the USA. Exactly why? Just the love of cheap labor?

  21. Sorry, Mr. Madden when Con Man Don cuts food stamps and is actively trying to take away health care "doing something you love" is entirely out of the question! You need to wake up and realize your "smart people from Wallstreet" are not looking to help the middle class. You, sir, are a joke!

  22. He hires and fires the best people

  23. So a guy worth $120million is trying to tell me he knows more about business and the economy than someone worth $3.1billion?!?! Ok buddy, whatever you say….pffffft

  24. Backward baseball hats look stupid on a 30 year old, guess how they look on a senior citizen?

  25. Says a shoe sale's man……

  26. Fake news? How about the fake president?

  27. Get a vasectomy?
    That’s right I must be brainwashed by MSNBC I must be brainwashed by my flatscreen TV wow the Trump haters are becoming crazier unhinged and insane every day

    You don’t like facts and truth? you are brainwashed by your flatscreen TV

    Figures this is coming from MSNBC the Democrat network


    Many Trump haters already had a mental disease but they have became worse

  29. I should get a vasectomy liberals anti-Americans should stop making babies

  30. President Trump is right again
    More mental hospitals should be open many Trump haters would have been committed many years ago if they did not close the mental hospitals

    Look how the Trump haters are acting assaulting people screaming like babies burning down their neighborhoods

    Hey liberals…… You say Donald Trump is bad he is no good and he is going to fail. .Trump so far better then obama. Stop complaining , protesting , rioting, burning , burning the of American flag, blocking highways / roadways so people can get to work, the insults, the lies, assaulting innocent Trump supporters, the name-calling, the threats, trying to shut down shopping malls and stop crying…..

    Speaking of crying. A liberal started crying November 8th and a baby started crying the same day.

    What is the difference between the baby and a liberal ?

    A baby stops crying…..


    I hope the liberals like you just stop making babies you are destroying America


    The Democrat party acting just like the Nazis did years ago the Democrats run it against President Trump failed to condone Antifa

    It doesn’t matter Trump is guaranteed to win in 2020 no matter how much the Trump haters try to destroy America

  33. Liberal voters psychologically disturbed by the election of Donald Trump are seeking out care from mental health professionals, while colleges across the country seek to help students facing similar mental health crises in the wake of Trump's surprise victory, according to interviews and reports.

  34. The day after the 2016 presidential election, therapists around the country reported a surge in clients emotionally devastated by the shock and disgust of Donald Trump’s win. Several psychologists recounted meeting with patients who compared the jarring effect of the election to the psychological blow of 9/11.

    So many Trump haters had already had a mental disease with trumps win it caused them to become crazier and unhinged




    If liberals would stop breeding this would be a great America

    Liberalism is truly a mental disease

  37. Former Duke Psychiatrist Says Trump May Cause Millions More Deaths Than Hitler, Stalin, Mao

    The Trump haters will do and say anything to get rid of Trump

    Obama killed more people in fact when Obama lied many people died


    It does not take much for liberals to go crazier

  39. Hospitals Release Mentally Ill Patients to the Streets

    Many of them are liberals Democrats anti-Americans Trump haters

  40. Once upon a time there were places known as insane asylums. These were not pleasant places, by and large, but they were places where the “insane” (or mentally ill, as we now say) could live and receive some level of support. Insane asylums made a lot of sense because we didn’t have a lot of treatment to offer those who were too “insane” to live in the general population.

    You can see how the Trump haters are acting years ago they would have been committed in a mental hospital

  41. Liberals are so amusing. They are so emotionally shallow that they follow fads. Look at the presenter here with his partial beard growth. Somebody call that fool and tell him the 1980s are calling. And the lame guest with his ball cap backwards. Such a literal child. How old is he and he wears his cap backwards like a child 🙂 . LOL

  42. WOW.. Comments are great and by the way what our debt ??

  43. Steve Maddon can't even wear a baseball hat correctly.

  44. Donald's hair dresser indexed his hair….and goldenrod doo color.

  45. Mr madden your goods I would not wear them not even if you give it to me for free. Your merchandise is low quality. Sorry.

  46. Same ol same ol fake news media – manipulating their weak minded disciples who hang on their every word. Learn to think on your own – turn to fox news and learn ya something. God help us all !

  47. I seriously wonder if this is one billionaire on the other side going on an opposition show because he knows that Trump is more likely to pay attention to this then pay attention to him trying to make a meeting with him. What a magical time to be alive and to be the first generation aware of what is happening worldwide from the fires in Brazil to the fires in the United States

  48. "We have the smartest people in America"
    Where are they all hiding?

  49. I'm glad he didn't give financial advise for some odd reason people whose ideas and or talents have made them a success feel they know how to manage money and create wealth. Do your best love what u do and money can possibly follow thanks mate …

  50. The tariffs are simply being passed on the the consumer via higher prices. Need to make up the tax shortfall created by Trump's tax breaks for the super rich. You know..the ones that were going to pay for themselves.

  51. It boggles the mind that Trump supporters actually believe that he is intelligent.

  52. More fake news from MSNBC

  53. So what do we do then? What's the answer to China? They will take over the world economy around 2030 so we will have a brutal communist dictatorship as the world's super power. Diplomacy? Ask anyone who has ever made a agreement with China how that went. Of course the economy will take a hit if we push back on China most of the world is dependent on their slave labor for manufacturing. Trump is literally the only person for this, no other candidate repub/democrat would ever dare to do this because they're all bought and paid for by the companies profiting from our toxic relationship with China. It's like taking a addicts drugs away; we will go through a period of pain but be better for it in the long term. No world leaders want to tackle this issue because it would be too "hard" to take on and who gives a crap if China takes over? All of them will die absurdly rich and be unaffected by any of this anyway so who cares about the rest of us.

  54. Trump is the best president ever. I don't believe all your lies.

  55. Yeah…economy is best it's ever been…he confused alright…
    Msnbc=Fake news

  56. You people are meer mortals. That is why you don't understand that "The Chosen One", is reborn every day. Why are you attacking him? You cannot comprehend his true genius. What he says about himself is only half true. He is only half true. He should be double as good.

  57. Steve Madden is such a jerk. He has to dress like a kid on a sports field. His talk is like he negotiates with guys from Brooklyn… He is Gonna… Ah… Uh… He can make shoes and um… Money doesn't get this rich jerk, HHH and um errr. Money makes it all good. Wait until madden hit 80 and watch how dumb he really is. Get Goldman Sachs… Right. AMAZING.

  58. seriously?? trump is a pos thats all you need to know.

  59. I can't believe all of these Trump suckers who can't see the forest for the trees!

  60. Nearly 60,000 mental health professionals have diagnosed President Donald Trump with a type of insanity that is often compared to an alcoholic’s lack of honesty and impulse control. Sparked by petitions by a top former Johns Hopkins professor and a California congresswoman, the psychiatric community has declared that Trump suffers from “Malignant Narcissism.”

  61. The problem with Trump is that when he has smart people around him, he doesn't listen to them. You assume you are dealing with a normal sane person. That is not who Trump is.

  62. "Do what you love and the money will follow" only gets said by people for whom the money followed.

  63. Yeah he's clueless😂 that's why economy is BOOMING!!!! WORLDS GREATEST ECONOMY!!!!#tryandspinthatone

  64. Has anyone tried the "MSNBC’s Blame Trump for Everything"
    drinking game yet ? Every time they say the words "racist", "white
    supremist", or "unnamed sources", everyone does a shot. You'll
    be hammered before the next commercial break !  lol

  65. Semantics, considered, put in, process, or invoke, the result is still the same; the 25th cannot be invoked because the members of Trump's cabinet are acting, and acting Secretaries do not have this authority.
    Anyone with half a brain knows that he needs to be impeached, and all his Crimes should make him Ineligible to be able to run in 2020.

  66. Is this fake news reporter actually trying to compare Steve maddens deal-making abilities Donald Trump's what a friggin zero

  67. Sniff…lie….sniff…lie….freakshow….

  68. Fake news? Fake president!

  69. I'm a progressive and THIS is why corporate media sucks. Trump is indeed wrong about economics but it's not because Steve Madden (who committed several financial felonies and was a wall at puppet for years) said so. This guy is a living example of what's wrong with our economy. Indeed, by all the measurements that CNN and MSNBC use to gauge the economy Trump has been a success. he has done all the things you guys want. He's using the same old trickle down economics that both parties have agreed on for years. The problem is when you l
    break the numbers down and look at long term wage growth has been a HUGE problem. America has become a nation of burger flippers to oligarchs and it's time we do something about it. CNN and MSNBC are doing everything they can to push Americans away from policies that will improve their standard of living because they want all the benefits for themselves. This is why the corporate news no longer appeals to ANYONE

  70. I’m not going to listen to someone wearing a baseball cap backward.

  71. Stop harping on Trump, it's not constructive. He is the chosen US President. Get over it.

  72. The tax cut for the rich came with conditions. It seems as if there is a huge ignorance around.

  73. Yes let's trust Holdman Sachs.

  74. So Steve Maddens shoes cost a $100 plus but won’t make them in America, is that because he wants cheap labor and wants to exploit those people then make ridiculous margin on those shoes. He’s your classic jerk one percenter. DONT BUY HIS SHOES!

  75. Trump will not be able to stop the recession, not with Boom and Bust economics, we are past due on a recession, the longer it takes for a recession to happen , the worse a recession will be.

  76. MSDNC is the anti-president tabloid network and that is why no one watches them anymore.

  77. You people seriously come off as crybabys.

  78. Only thing I saw here was cherry picked comments used out of context and then some 60 year old man who thinks he is a damned teenager wearing his hat backwards……..No wonder msnbc stocks are plummeting. All fake news.

  79. Wow! Were supposed to take advice from Madden who was convicted of securities fraud and is a fellon who spent 41 mounths in prison. A guy who sell's out his country to China and says will move to Mexico, or Africa or where ever labor is cheap. He could try building a factory here in his own country. Wow!

  80. American didn't listen when former employee and contractor said this man was a conman. People that went to the fake TUB collage tryed to tell ya. But the Republican Party hold more of the responsibility for the failed policies that they also put forth. This is more they're economy as Trump. The failure to not protect us when I Russia, North Korea has been shooting missiles . They have continue to block any checks and balances of this president. Even when he tells staff to brake the law.

  81. I really don't trust any adult male that can't even figure out which end is which on a ball cap. WTF.

  82. ignored the other 364 days out of the year where the markets were record breaking….. but the first sign of a not so great week its all panic stations and the sky is falling. Jerk fest of misery that is traditional media. How do you punks still watch this crap let alone believe it?


  84. Trump literally wrote the book on deal making, it is called Art of the Deal. Prices need to go up, that's why China was winning, cheap factories, cheap steel, cheap labor, and they steal your IP too (China Knockoffs anyone?). Not anymore. Sorry Steve, Trump probably won't hire you now, he fixed it without you. It is working, you sound dumber now.

  85. Trump's Tweets is how we know what is really going on. We can't rely on this POS network to report any truth, or even anything positive. He will never stop tweeting the truth, so pay attention! #WWG1WGA #Qanon

  86. Steeeeevvvvee Maddddddeeeen

  87. this man is not respectable..

  88. Madden can join the liberals wagon and still it will be TRUMP 2020 >>>>>>>>

  89. MSNBC has got stop bringing on these experts to show their bias to Pres. Trump. It's not working, but I will continue to listen

  90. MSNBC has got stop bringing on these experts to show their bias to Pres. Trump. It's not working, but I will continue to listen

  91. Steve Madden shoes made in China…he just said it. So Madden is a sell out…period.

  92. Sorry trump is not clueless on the economy, he is just plain clueless.

  93. I believe that the Rump is actually not evil.. But he is not very gifted when it comes to intelligence, he's just too self centered to admit it.

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