Business Model Canvas Explained

Business Model Canvas Explained

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  1. I liked it and is explained in plain english. Short and straight to the point over the long and boring ones. It helped me pass the class.

  2. Business Model Canvas online course for only $10!!!

  3. Please, please get rid of the ANNOYING music which is TOO LOUD to be called background music.
    Apart from that, thank you for the useful video.

  4. Brilliant! I like the music too!

  5. I've known about this canvas, but can anyone tell me is this enough for me to start a business? The number, 90% of people starting business are going to fail within 10 years, is kinda scares me. Or do I need to get an education in business or even an MBA degree at Harvard university for that purpose?

  6. This was really helpful. well and simply explained
    thank you. keep it up

  7. Agree with others about the music but excellent info

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  9. Why would you mix the music so loud? How distracting.

  10. Simplifying my work really, thank you so much

  11. Nice I like the music as well

  12. Is the music original or can I find it somewhere?

  13. May I ask.. what's the software used to create this video?

  14. The bg music is too lound

  15. where can i find the bg music?? too good.
    Very useful video this 🙂

  16. The music is terrible (and too loud). Otherwise great explanation in super-limited time!

  17. very useful video, thanks 🙂

  18. what is the background music? it's amazing.

  19. the music is too loud

  20. Very well explained. Loved the visuals and presentations

  21. Ummm.. click on this vid to learns some ish. Now listening on loop to jam out.

  22. Sorry, but this video is unwatchable..

    It might be helpfull but the annoying music, in accordance with the 3 frames per second "Video" brings my blood pressure up to a dangerous level…

  23. Great Video. What's the name of the music track you've used in the video?

  24. Just mute the sound then switch the closed caption on and from settings chose your
    subtitles' language. Hope it helps and all the best in your next startup

  25. I don't get it.

  26. Too fast and music too loud

  27. I need help in Business Canvas model .. any one please let me know

  28. Just outstanding

  29. Music was way too loud, I could not focus on the words as much.

  30. This music made this perfect for me — however there should be a version without it. And subtitles.

  31. Fucking music…u stupid don't know how to build lecturer and listener relationship.

  32. it's amazing explanation with motion……love it so much….no need to go to university…gkgkgk

  33. This is probably the most creative videography animation I have seen till date! Real good!

  34. Epic fail of video production not taking care of the audio..

  35. Newest Subscriber here. Could lower the music to less than 16% if you are using iMovie.

  36. How to get the small men model

  37. I'm just here for the good tunes

  38. ik vind dit een slechte uitleg groetjes Lennart

  39. ik eb uwe moeder gevat x britt

  40. en ik ben niet bang voor jullie want zoals je kan zien ben ik een tijger

  41. The music is almost perfect, please add more bass and triangle.

  42. Great job. Well done. The music was a very nice touch. Thank you!

  43. Very loud music and distracting!

  44. Thanks for clearly explain .

  45. If you start thinking further steps, you might need a professionally crafted financial model to add to your business plan or pitch.

  46. how did you make this video? so cool

  47. Very informative video, does someone know what software I can use to make these sort of graphical illustrations? Is Adobe good enough ?

  48. whole lotta gang shit!!!!

  49. is this supposed to be a music video clip? if not, why is the music as equally loud as the explanations?


  51. "…applied in leading organizations and start-ups worldwide"; evidence that it is, evidence that it works?

  52. It can't create anything. It is a checklist presented in two dimensions.

  53. very interesting,educative and inspiring

  54. Heyooo man, extremely nice stream that you have here. Thank you.

  55. Love it, And Love the MUSIC. Wouldn't change a thing. Keep moving forward 🙂

  56. I will add Japanese version translation here, I hope it will be helpful somehow.


    「顧客 / Customer Segments」、
    「バリュープロポジション / Value Propositions」(顧客の為に何の問題を解決したいのか、何を提供したいのか)、
    「トンネル / Channel」(我々が提供する商品 (物、システム、等)を顧客に届ける方法)、
    「顧客との関係性 / Customer Relationships」(我々が顧客とどのように接しビジネスを進めていきたいか)、
    「収入源 / Revenue Streams」、
    「主な資源 / Key Resources」(価値を創り出すために必要となる資源: 物や情報等)
    「主な活動 / Key Activities」、
    「キーパートナー / Key Partnerships」(投資者や共同開発を行う会社等)、
    そして「支出 / Cost Structure」です。













  57. Can't find the track in the comments… anyone know? It's a great vocal rhythm.

  58. supper description …..very concise video great thanks for time saving….<3<3

  59. the music is very annoying 🙁

  60. Any soft copy for this canvas ?

  61. amazing video. makes it really interesting and easy to understand

  62. Business Operation Canvas

  63. Superb work! Can’t believe this time of quality content was made 7 years ago!

    Except for the background music everything starting from the video works to how everything was told in just 2 mins everything is just excellent.

  64. The book is really amazing, I just finished it in 2018 and it's still a great business book, it teaches you a very clear and precise way of building /improving business models that anyone can understand no matter your background.

  65. what program do you use to make this fuck'ng video?

  66. Can somebody explain Value Proposition for me in different words? I am still not getting it and I have an exam coming.. Thank you very much

  67. i'm searching for the background music so hard. if anyone knows plz help me 🙂

  68. For everyone saying that the music is too loud simply press the down button located on your computer or mobile device

    You're welcome

  69. Why only 9! Why not 27! Yay!

  70. wonderful presentation and very helpful too. Great Job!

  71. I heard alot of noise while viewing this video but totally missed the part where she explains what a Business Model Canvas is. :O How can this be??

  72. Let me make Russian subs, please

  73. well explained!!!

  74. Please don't add music to these type of educational videos…. If it is knowledgeable also.. but listener can't experience visualize it .. properly…

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  76. I'll stop using this BMC unless someone tells me the name of the background music!

  77. Business model in a nut shell is great but the noisy!

  78. this is a fucking gay video and i hate it. if it were a person i would tell it to kill itself.

  79. Great video, lame ass music.

  80. Perfect explanation. Thank you

  81. Background music too loud! What is the obsession about background music? It should never be invasive and obscure the content as this defeats the object. This video is rendered worthless.

  82. What an idiot chose the music

  83. a waste of two minutes – what a useless script

  84. The background music is really annoying…

  85. Hate that background music! Super distracting.

  86. I hated the distracting background sound!!!! is their business to produce music?

  87. I like the visuals! Easy to follow and understand.

  88. Even though there is no caption in Portuguese, the video has a universal language in its rich image work. Amazing!

  89. Is there some kind of app that templates this? Like Prezi or something?


  91. Do you use this or lean canvas? Which one is better

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