Business Goals – Free Planning Tool!

Business Goals – Free Planning Tool!

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  1. I have several goals, which I actually commenced a day ago. 9 tools / apps are currently on the the drawing board, and have developed high-level plan for all and a business model. Look forward to seeing your planning tool. BTW, great engaging videos you have produced. Well Done!. Am now following you on Twitter.

  2. nice outfit, Marie )
    i actually inspired not to create, but to enter one of the best university for future lawyers, and also to began relations with girl that i really like.
    you are super positive boss )

  3. @44yyBBaakk Thank you and rock on with University and a fantastic lady!

  4. @ccrdonohue NICE! congrats on those tools and apps and most importantly – your plan + business model to roll them all out.

  5. I want that! Yes I'm taking the survey!

    Happy New year Marie!

    Love ya!


  6. @brnwebgrrl Awesome and thank you SO much for your time.

  7. @WealthWithVitoria Happy New Year to YOU Vitoria!

  8. @FreakyDroid Thank you and Happy New Year!

  9. you give great advice and I love the way you dress

  10. Thank you for all your pearls of wisdom Marie – this year I am really inspired to start my florist business – I've been dreaming about it for years but keep getting stuck at the vague ideas that I have without an action plan. I'm about to take your survey and review the PDF which couldn't have come at a better time. I'm pumped and ready to take this ride! Balls to the wall amigos…it's time for action! Here's to hoping it all works out and that I get a chance to see you live at RHH this year!!!

  11. Hi Marie!! Happy New Year! I made a video response and it is not showing up here. Ya see it anywhere? Let me know. Thanks so much! Adrienne

  12. nice video – love the ambiance

  13. I always had a problem of keeping many Goals and Achieving None in the end.
    To Overcome this problem, I started Keeping one only Goal at a time, so that I can finish it.

    I have an iPhone and i thought if there is any app which helps me Achieve One Goal at a time, it will be great.
    In my Search for such an app, I found "just1goal" iOS app by Lokesh Hanumappa.
    This is really cool app which makes sure you can set/track/achieve only one goal at a? time.

    Hope it helps you guys too.

  14. Marie! Wow Thank You So Very Much What Incredible Value to offer! If Im Ever feeling…. Meh… I know I can count on your positive energy to lift my spirits and remember my dreams and goals! Love Ya for being YOU!

  15. your stylist is on point

  16. Really want this PDF!!! 

  17. I am inspired to expand our business that helps women continue to be empowered and take control of their lives.

  18. haha ya'll are so tipsy you spelled Tuesday incorrectly. more champers!!

  19. hi marie, I'm interested in your pdf planning tool. since it's been over a year is there a way to get a copy?

  20. can I get the tool now in 2016 and give a survey too

  21. Hi Marie, i can't reach the tool. Btw, I love you. merry Christmas

  22. The link to the free planning tool is in the description box.

  23. hello…can some one give me the new link to get the tool…Marie, it seems the one in the box doesn't work any more. Wait ur replay 🙂

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