Business English Vocabulary for SELLING & DESCRIBING yourself | Business English Course Lesson 3

Business English Vocabulary for SELLING & DESCRIBING yourself | Business English Course Lesson 3

– Hello everyone. And welcome back to English With Lucy. In this lesson, I’m going to teach you how you can sell yourself in English on your CV, in your cover letter, and in your interviews. (electronic sound) (upbeat music) In your CV, your cover letter, your telephone interviews, and your job interviews, you are selling yourself. Language plays a huge part in this. In this lesson, I’m going to teach you
about the weak words you should avoid saying and the powerful words
you should use instead. To start, let’s talk about 25 words you should use to sell yourself. You should pick a handful
of these that describe you and see how you can work them into your job application process. Number one, determined. Determined. This means that you have
determination to get a job done. Number two, hard-working. Hard-working. This means that you put a
lot of effort into a job, and you like to do it well. Number three, diligent. Diligent. This means that you show care and effort in your work. Number four, trustworthy. Trustworthy. This means that people can
rely on you to be good, honest, and sincere. Number five, a team player. A team player. This means you work well in a team. Number six, motivated. Motivated. This means that you are
willing to do something that involves hard work and effort. Number seven, reliable. Reliable. This means you can be
trusted to do something well. Number eight, a self-starter. A self-starter. This means you’re a person who
is able to work on their own, and make their own decisions without needing anyone
to tell them what to do. Number nine, loyal. Loyal. This means you will remain
faithful to your company. Number 10, studious. Studious. This means you spend a lot
of time studying or reading. 11, attentive. Attentive. This means that you are helpful, and make sure that people
have what they need. 12, conscientious. Conscientious. This means that you take care to do things carefully and correctly. 13, industrious. Industrious. This means you are hard working and get a lot done. 14, dedicated. Dedicated. This means that you work hard at something because it’s important to you. 15, dynamic. Dynamic. This means that you produce change, action, or effects. 16, enterprising. Enterprising. This means you have the ability to think of new projects, or new ways of doing things. 17, enthusiastic. Enthusiastic. This means that you show
a lot of excitement, and interest about things. 18, self-aware. Self-aware. This means you have a lot of knowledge, and understanding, of your own character. 19, consistent. Consistent. This means you always behave in a predictable way. 20, organised. Organised. This means that you are
able to plan your work and life in an efficient way. 21, professional. Professional. This means that you are well trained and extremely skilled. 22, methodical. Methodical. This means that you do things in a systematic way. 23, logical. Logical. This means that you do things in a careful and well-thought-out way. 24, skillful. Skillful. This means that you are
good at doing something, especially something that
needs a particular ability or special training. And the last one, number
25, it’s passionate. Passionate. This means that you become
emotionally invested in what you’re doing. Career advisors will
often talk about including powerful action verbs in
your CV and cover letter. But what are they? They are impactful verbs that express physical or mental action. They make you seem like you really know what you’re talking about. I’m going to talk about eight categories. And for each category, I will give you five powerful action verbs that you can use. You should pick a handful of these to use in your CV, cover letter, and in your job interviews. Let’s start with
management and leadership. Assigned. Assigned. Delegated. Delegated. Organised. Organised. Scheduled. Scheduled. Directed. Directed. Now, for communication. Addressed. Addressed. Corresponded. Corresponded. Moderated. Moderated. Negotiated. Negotiated. Authored. Authored. And for research. Clarified. Clarified. Critiqued. Critiqued. Examined. Examined. Inspected. Inspected. Investigated. Investigated. And for technical skills. Assembled. Assembled. Calculated. Calculated. Computed. Computed. Fabricated. Fabricated. Programmed. Programmed. Now for organisation. Catalogued. Catalogued. Compiled. Compiled. Categorised. Categorised. Logged. Logged. Chartered. Chartered. And for financial. Appraised. Appraised. Audited. Audited. Balanced. Balanced. Budgeted. Budgeted. Forecasted. Forecasted. And for creative. Conceptualised. Conceptualised. Designed. Designed. Illustrated. Illustrated. Invented. Invented. Shaped. Shaped. And for education. Coached. Coached. Guided. Guided. Stimulated. Stimulated. Informed. Informed. Advised. Advised. For the last part of this lesson I’m going to talk to you about the words you should never use in your interview, in your CV, or your cover letter. These are weak words and you should avoid them. Firstly, you should never use “stuff” and you should never use “things”. “Stuff” and “things” are lazy words. You should only use them, very sparingly, when you’re intentionally
trying to be informal. Use a more descriptive noun instead. The next word you should never
use is the verb to “get”. This verb is way too ambiguous. It means so many things. I have an entire video about the many meanings of “get”. And it’s one of the most confusing words in the English language. It’s a weak word. Avoid using it. Another word that I’ve
discussed extensively before on my channel is “very”. “Very” is an intensifier, and you should use a
powerful adjective instead. “Fairly”, “really”, and “quite” should also be avoided in
the same way as “very”. Another word that many career advisors will tell you to avoid is “just”. It means “only” or “simply”. For example, “I just wanted to check “if you’ve received my application.” It implies that it
shouldn’t be prioritised. Instead ask something along the lines of, “Did you receive my application?” It’s more powerful. Another you should avoid is “probably”. It shows doubt or uncertainty. Another group of words you should avoid are “I think… “, “In my opinion… “, “Personally… “, “I’m not sure… “, “I feel like… “. This gives people the chance
to dismiss what you’ve said. Another one is “whatever”. It’s far too dismissive. And the last one you should avoid is “try”. It makes you sound unconfident in your ability to execute something. Right, that’s it for today’s lesson. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you learnt something. Don’t forget to connect with me on all of my social media. I’ve got my Facebook, I’ve got my Instagram, and I’ve got my Twitter. And I shall see you soon for another lesson. (kiss sound) (upbeat music)

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