Business English Phrasal Verbs with Examples | Lingoda Business Course (Spon)

Business English Phrasal Verbs with Examples | Lingoda Business Course (Spon)

Welcome back to love English I’m Leila
and today I’ve got twenty five business phrasal verbs for you now you might find
it a little bit confusing to think that we use phrasal verbs in business English
phrasal verbs have probably been explained to you as being colloquial and
informal something you really wouldn’t want in a business situation right wrong
phrasal verbs in business English can often soften your language meaning it’s
actually more diplomatic and more polite for example if you want to say no to
somebody in a business situation you usually wouldn’t say no you would say
I’m afraid I have to turn down the offer in this case a phrasal verb is being
used to be softer and more polite much more diplomatic and you want to get
anybody angry so that is why phrasal verbs in business
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right I think now it’s time to get down to business these phrasal verbs could be
found in emails during meetings in an interview so they really could help
boost your language level and also help you understand English people in the
workplace ok number one to deal with don’t worry I’ll deal with the problem
essentially deal with means manage handle work on it isn’t that simple so
what problems do you have to deal with at work number two a really important
phrasal verb that you will often hear in business English particularly if you’re
watching things like Bloomberg Television take over now to take over
means that you’ve gained a control over someone or something very often we can
use it as a noun describing a business take over when one
Anthony has bought another company and then manage it
or you can talk about it within the workplace she’s taking over everything
meaning she’s taking control and not allowing other people to do their job
number three to look into to investigate or to learn more about something we’re
looking into using new software for our training we’re looking into the problem
we’re looking into hiring more people we’re investigating something we’re
trying to learn more about it so number four to sort out is very similar to deal
with it means that you find a solution to the problem
don’t worry I’ll sort it out can you sort that out for me meaning can you
deal with the problem and find a solution to whatever is happening thank
you for sorting out the problem with my email it’s working perfectly now number
five to take on now when you talk about taking on something it means that you
are taking a responsibility to accept a task or a job that is given to you I’m
pleased to offer you this new job I hope you will take on the responsibility
happily I’ve taken it too much on at work I’m exhausted
number six to cut back now this is probably going to be referring to
financial situations too budgets at work we need to reduce how much we are
spending number seven to back up now you might think about this in terms of
software many of us backup our photos on a hard drive or on Google Drive so it’s
a backup actually means not to save but to support in business English in this
case an example would be thank you so much for backing me up in the meeting I
don’t think anyone agreed with me on that point
backup think about it it’s your back and someone leaning behind you and giving
you support so she backed me up when I suggested
more money in the budget number eight is look through the simply means to search
many things it might be for example a contract at work I’m just going to look
through it to check that everything is okay so when you look through something
you are checking and you might be looking for something specific or it
could just be in general I’m looking through your notes from the meeting
number nine is a great one and you can use this in any situation to catch on
now in the context that I’m giving you to catch on means to understand and it
essentially means to finally understand and so when someone asks you are you
catching on to this it means are you following what I’m saying and keeping up
to speed so for example Ally learns quickly he caught on very fast in the
job number ten is to get ahead now often when we have a head think about the top
of something it essentially means to move up in your position or indeed
improve your career my boss has told me that if I want to get a head I need to
work a little bit harder so how many of you want to get ahead at work I’m sure
many of you are looking for a promotion number twelve is useful also if you are
applying for a job remember many of us I have to complete an application form and
rather than say complete we usually say fill in so to fill in that means to
complete an application form you literally put inside the boxes your name
your date of birth your details you need to fill in the form before you apply for
the job now number twelve is actually fill in again however as with many
phrasal verbs fill in has two meanings in this case we would use it in the
workplace to say that someone is temporarily filling a position so for
example I just need to go to the toilet can you fill in for me on the phone so
it’s to do or to hold a position temporarily number
13 is a phrasal verb that you will be familiar with in another context bring
up now bring up we usually think of as being raised to raise a child my mother
brought me up however in a business situation when you bring something up
you raise an issue to introduce a topic or idea so for example the number of
sick days allowed at work was brought up in the meeting it was raised it was
brought to our attention now 14 break down and this is not referring to you a
car when it stops working in business English when we break something down we
take it down in two parts to understand it better so we are explaining something
or dividing it so it is easier for another person to understand the new
management system seemed really confusing but when my boss broke it down
into five simple steps I was able to understand it better number 15 is
another great phrasal verb to hold up or to be held up often in the passive form
it simply means to be delayed the bad weather is holding up progress on the
new building number 16 is to turn down now this simply means to refuse
sometimes in business situations a phrasal verb can soften the language so
rather than saying no or I refuse if somebody offers you something
for example I’m really sorry I’m afraid I’m going to have to turn you down so
it’s a much softer way of saying something in business English
none of us 17 we had look through and now we’ve got think through in the same
way it means that we are processing some information to make sure a that we
understand it properly and B check there’s nothing that we’re not happy
with so it’s to consider something carefully the marketing team didn’t
think things through when they decided to
spend ten thousand pounds on the advert none of the 18 can be a little bit rude
if said in the wrong way to spell something out if someone doesn’t
understand a situation properly you might say I had to spell it out for her
it basically means that you had to explain something literally a B C D very
simply very slowly very carefully Sarah misunderstood the question so we
had to spell it out for her number 19 is really nice and simple because if you
think about it it’s quite logical to point out now when you point something
out you are indicating you are showing somebody something that they might not
have noticed before everybody was shocked when the boss pointed out their
mistake number 20 is to call off to call something off not just in a business
situation means to cancel so we had to call off the meeting because the boss
was sick to cool off cancel so easy 21 is put off don’t get the two confused
that could cause a problem to put something off means to postpone so we
put off the meeting until Friday when the boss was feeling better we delayed
it number 22 is a little bit colloquial it’s generally spoken you wouldn’t write
it it’s quite informal to chip in meaning to give help or to add something
to the conversation so she chipped in and gave us some brilliant ideas on how
to improve the product number 23 I think is possibly one of the most important
because you really would not understand it unless you’ve been watching this
lesson to run something by or to run something past someone now in this case
we are getting approval we are checking that it’s okay so she ran the figures by
me she ran the Biggers past me it’s usually to get somebody’s
opinion or indeed like I said approval so she ran the idea
past her boss he loved it number 24 is to set up it means to
arrange let’s set up a meeting for tomorrow afternoon and again it can be
used within a general English context so have you set up the meeting yet so
number 25 is more of a phrasal verb expression to put in a good word when
you put in a good word usually with someone it means that that
you are adding a positive comment usually in the case of helping somebody
get a job don’t worry I’ll put in a good word with the boss so to say it’s
something positive to put in a good word right guys I hope
that was helpful don’t forget to subscribe to click that little bell as
well to make sure that you get notifications and to click the link in
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