Business English – Applying for Jobs – Part 1

Business English –  Applying for Jobs – Part 1

Oh, Purple Fashion is looking for an executive management assistant. That sounds interesting. I really should take some notes and write down any questions before calling. I need more information about the job… What would my responsibilities be? Is it a full-time or a part-time position? Can I make an appointment for an interview? Good morning, I’m calling about the executive management assistant position. May I please speak with Ms. Thomson. Yes. Okay, put her through please. Jane Thomson speaking. How can I help you? Good morning, Ms. Thomson. I’m calling about the executive management assistant position. Oh, yes. I’m sorry, but I didn’t catch your name. My name is Martinez, Maria Martinez. Yes, Ms. Martinez. Would you mind if I first asked you some questions? No, not at all. Okay, what is your educational background? Well, I’ve received my high school diploma. And what work experience do you have? I’ve worked as a receptionist at the advertising agency “BIG AD” and for the fashion label “FV”. Right now I’m working there as an assistant. Oh. You already have experience in the fashion business. Yes, that’s right. I’m also pretty good at organizing things and I’m fluent in Spanish and Italian. Well, that’s perfect, because we are a very international company with numerous customers and partners in Europe. Could you please tell me what the job at Purple Fashion would entail? Well, the position is for an executive management assistant, which would involve the planning of all the executive’s affairs, the creation of budgets and statistics, and taking care of all the executive’s correspondence. I see. That sounds like an exciting challenge to me. Could you please e-mail me your résumé and references. Yes, of course. I’ll also attach copies of my qualifications and references from my previous employers. Could you give me your email address, please? My e-mail address is Jane dot Thomson without a “p” at purplefashion dot com. Could you please spell your last name for me? Yes, of course. T-H-O-M-S-O-N. Thank you very much. I’ll send you my CV and the other information within the hour. Oh, thanks. That would be great. Thank you very much for your time. Bye.

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  5. Great videos thanks a lot!!

  6. Very helpful video!!

  7. Dear Laufungyan, please click on the link posted above in the description of the video. These videos (part1 and part 2) are part of a complete Business English course with many videos and interactive exercises. Please feel free to contact me at info (at) linguatv (dot) com. Best regards Emily

  8. lol, most of the time I get, What do you want to know about the job? (recruiter that just sticks the add up).

  9. I very much enjoyed the video. Sounds quite real to me.

  10. I'm so speechless to get a job… The phone is the problem for me to say the words.

  11. "Nice"!!!!! Thank you so much !!!!!!!

  12. thank you.. helping your video for improving my phone conversations…..

  13. please write me all they say on this video. help me, i have a english duty, i need the text of this conversation

  14. Nice prononcuation

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  16. she performs very well, the fluency and confidence conveyed from her voice makes her such a good candidate.

  17. Nice video. Will watch more of yours

    Maybe you want to look into my channel and videos as well.

  18. didn't get the job did you 😞

  19. Wish it was that easy to get a job especially in the fashion industry

  20. The young girl in a red dressing-gown is pretty.

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  22. I'd love Maria Martinez to be my personal teacher 😉

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  25. yea i mean if you are just acting on a script it's all easy and fluent, but otherwise, you are just like.. my god what do I have to say again? ahah

  26. My hard work finally is paying off since I was able to understand everything in the conversation. I am pretty excited and I cannot wait to practice my English in a real job environment.

  27. dipika prajapati

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