Business Conference Style & Presentation – 3 Tips – Dress Sharp – Business Cards – Offer Value

Business Conference Style & Presentation – 3 Tips – Dress Sharp – Business Cards – Offer Value

Business Conference Style & Presentation – 3
Tips – Dress Sharp – Business Cards – Offer Value Hey guys, Antonio Centeno here. I’m coming
to you from Phoenix, Arizona. I’m at the Westin Resort here just outside of Phoenix in the
Scottsdale area, and I’m having a great time. I’m at InfusionCon and this is part of the
software I use that’s called InfusionSoft, and it helps me send emails to tens of thousands
of people on my email list. What I want to talk about today is the importance
of when you’re at a conference, when you’re out meeting people for the first time, I’m
going to give you three tips, three things I’m going to talk about on how to make sure
you put out the best first impression. Those three tips, just to give you a little
bit of a teaser: 1. We’re going to talk about the importance
of appearance. Yes, I’m going to talk about style. Can you believe it? 2. I’m going to talk about your business card
and the importance of your business card. 3. I’m going to talk about when you’re talking
with somebody, how one thing that you can say will really set you apart from everyone
else because people around here are meeting hundreds of people. There are 2000 people
at this conference and you want to make an impression. In my opinion, it’s better to be liked or
disliked than be in that middle and no one will remember who you were. I would rather
even be almost disliked and someone to think I’m arrogant or maybe they don’t like what
I’m doing, but at least they’re going to remember me. Now, I don’t want them to hate me. Let’s get into the three points. You guys
know that I push a man needs to bring his A-game. He needs to dress his best, and I’m
just going to give you a quick story. I’m hanging out with a buddy of mine, Ryan
Masters. He’s here with me from The Workout Corner and he’s over talking with some vendors.
I’m standing there by myself, looking around, looking for someone to start a conversation
with. I see two gentlemen and there were tons of
people walking around, but these two gents stick out. Both of them have sports jackets
on. One of them has a lot of style, so I’m looking at his jeans, his shoes. This guy
is well put together. Either he’s got some image consultant putting him together or this
guy pays attention to the details. In either case, if you can afford to have
an image consultant who puts everything together for you or you’re a guy that pays attention
to the details, I want to talk to you. I heard a couple of words which triggered me to I’m
going to go introduce myself. I’ve heard a weight loss thing, so I went over there. These
guys were talking about body. It turns out both of them, very successful people. Now, there are a lot of people in this conference
who I’m meeting, but I’m finding that 75% of them, I really can’t offer much value to
them and they can’t offer value to me. That number may actually be even higher or they’re
going to be actually a smaller percentage. Now, I like to meet people and talk with people,
but this is a business conference. Now, I have a limited amount of time before
I have to get back to Wisconsin to my family. I made a decision based off of what I saw,
what I heard, and I made the decision that I’m going to go up there and introduce myself.
It’s always a bit awkward especially when they’re having a conversation and you jump
in there, but that’s what these events are about. It’s about making connections. It turns out one of the guys is a nutrition
expert. I’m going to be following up with him. We’re going to be working on possibly
a product together. There are many other people I could’ve spoken with, but I spoke with him
because of what he put out there. Let’s also now talk about the business cards.
My business card right here, very simple, I’ll go ahead and move it up. Now you guys
all have my email address, but what I have there is business owner. I did this on purpose.
I don’t have a phone number. In a sense, if I really want to connect with
somebody, I’m going to write some information on it. I’ll give them my cell so that we can
text and possibly meet up again, but I did this on purpose because I don’t know who I’m
meeting. That was the purpose of this business card. It has my name, very clean, very simple.
It actually stands out. Most of the business cards out there are very
cluttered, but cluttered is not necessarily a bad thing. Let me give you the example of
my friend, Tim, Tim Francis Marketing, so that is his card right there. Oh, and his
card now goes like this. It’s a lot of information, isn’t it? Tim is a very smart gentleman up in Alberta,
Canada, and he’s really great at taking information, slicing it up, and then finding similarities
and patterns, and he explains this. He talks about it well in this little brochure of business
card. It sticks out. Tim gets his message across. There’s enough information here for
me to make a quick decision. Do I want to be one of his clients? Do I want to stay in
touch with Tim? Tim does a great job. I saw a lot of people who blow me away that
don’t even have business cards; they forgot. How can you forget your business cards when
you come to a conference? If this happens to you more than once, you need to send your
business cards to the hotel via UPS or FedEx, or have them all over the place. I know I
hide business cards all over my jackets, so no matter what happens, even if I forget to
put them in my pocket, I’ve got four other pockets that I could check and there’s always
a business card there. Another thing I see is people giving me business
cards of other people. I just had a five to ten-minute conversation with a gent and if
he gives me somebody else’s business card because he doesn’t have his own, I mean,
he can go on there and one guy wrote his information, but you know what? I don’t know if it’s all
correct and I couldn’t read everything. He just makes it harder for me to connect
with him. So if you’re going to have a business card, make sure it sends the message you want
to send. The last thing I’m going to be talking about
— by the way, we already talked about the importance of appearance and how decisions
are made even by men like me who understand the importance and the psychology behind it.
We talked about business cards. The last thing is when you’re speaking with somebody, make
sure to let them talk, to hear what they need, what their problems are, and try to help them. Everyone at these conferences seems like they’re
pitching something. It’s very rare that you start to speak with somebody and you find
out that this person wants to help you, that this person wants to give back to you. I met
one gentleman and at the end of the conversation, we had been going back and forth, he said,
“What is the one thing I can do for you? How can I help you maybe over the next six months?
Is there some benefit you see?” I just had another great conversation with
a gentleman today at breakfast and I let him talk. He had a great story and I find that
I can give him value, and it’s not going to really take much time off of me. It’s simply
making connections, giving him value. And when you could give somebody value, you could
bet that they’re going to want to follow up with you, okay guys? Those are my three tips. Use them however
you want. I wish you the best. I will see you in the next video. If you want more information about style,
you guys know I’ve got an awesome, 47-page, free e-book you can get to just by clicking
on the link down below. Also, go and check out Real Men Real Style, tons of free content
and articles out there. If you want more, you should go check out
my Style System. I’m going to be launching that again here very soon. That’s my step-by-step,
five-week course, college level in which I’ll walk you through and teach you about the science
of style, about clothing fit, everything you need to know in order to take action. Guys, I give away tons of free information,
but remember, you have to take action in order for this to work, all right? Take care. See you in the next video. Bye-bye.

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