Business Cat : animated music video : MrWeebl

Business Cat : animated music video : MrWeebl

Business Cat just called to make sure that we’re singing from the same hymn sheet, That we’re optimizing, synergizing our portfolio, Diversifying our assets by investing in other kinds of business pets And he wants us to know, before he’s gotta go To the conference being held in Tokyo That he’ll take up the slack, and that he’s got our back When it comes to upper management Business Cat flies around the world, he’s a first-class guy – I’m his first-class girl! – You’re also his secretary. You’ve got a wife and family – But he’s married to his job… ‘Cause he’s Business Cat! Strictly business, On business, doing all the business, In his litter tray! Business Cat is back from the conference He is filled with new found confidence He’s exploring the paradigm, blue-sky thinking, Pushing the envelope, T O U C H I N G B A S S – Business Cat wants to get some face-time, See what you’re bring- -ing to the table, If it’s not commoditizable you’d better leverage the mind-share Le-le-leverage the mi-

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  1. First time watching this in years but remember all the lyrics

  2. too bad Shmorky was kind of a horrible guy

  3. This should be an anime.


  5. Who is still watching this in the year of i still know my earthbound time machine?

  6. I watched this when I was little

  7. 1:20 when you need to scratch your butt


  8. Reminds me of Hamilton

  9. I haven't heard this since 2nd grade

  10. shmorky is a pedo

  11. 1:30 best rap of 2013

  12. Jee the female voice is beautiful

  13. 1:19 HIT IT YEAHH

  14. Business cat: meow meow meow

    Secreaty cat: and I'm he's first class girl

  15. At 0:35 i loved planes so i drawed a airport drawing and at the gate bussiness cat isnt allowed to england because he was to bossy for the goverment

  16. the cat at 1:35 is like one of my OCs ,Shadow 🙂

  17. 1:16 mlg mode ACTIVATE!!!!!!

  18. After 6 years I finally found it

  19. What is this. How have I found this. What is anything. What is breathing. What is everything.

  20. This is adorable. As beautiful as the secretary’s voice is I feel it’s a little too high for this song but it doesn’t take away from this I can say that. I love this whole thing

  21. 0:46 i love her!!!

  22. it still fucks me up that schmorky animated this

  23. Therapist: Business cat isn't real. He won't steal your coffee.
    Business cat: Business cat wants to know your location

  24. Secret unlocked: CATS LIKE DUBSTEP

  25. Can this be a game?

  26. Business cat loves pornography gays


  28. Skrillex cat is the best

  29. this song randomly just got stuck in my head today so here i am after literal years

  30. Wait umm can I get a cat…..

  31. there is Wakayama not Tokyo

  32. What happened to Youtube 2012-2013 video creativity? ) :

  33. jobs would be so much better if your boss was a cat

  34. and when he gets back from his conference in Tokyo, he's hosting a rave party.

  35. Business cat neglects his children.

  36. The man who made this is a pedophile

  37. How come secretary cat can speak English but business cat only talks in meows?

  38. i tried to do the dance at 1:17 on Halloween. got a lot of weird looks.

  39. thats some flippin tough bass

  40. I used to listen to this everyday. My younger self was crazy.

  41. 1:27 Gasp! It's Skrllix.

  42. Just seen this on SoundCloud, and its just pure awesome

  43. Business cat is in the 100%

  44. I used to watch Weebl's stuff all the time when I was 8

  45. glad my recommendations are good

  46. Blast from the past

  47. What a blast from the past

  48. Does anyone know who Secretary Cat is played by

  49. Mr.weebl: He's a first class guy
    Me: Why is he in a giant cat toy then?

  50. "I'm his first class girl"
    "your also his secretary"

  51. Yo how this song even better then i remember and it's 2019

  52. Los recuerdos…. Vienen a mi….

    Son imparables

  53. Liked is 69k😂😂😂😂😂😂

  54. Did anyone see the Super Mario Bros. 3 cameo? You know the map.

  55. oh god i keep remembering about this

  56. 2019 much??

    Oh gosh I remember this so well-
    So nostalgic

  57. Too bad the dubstep at the end ruins it

  58. This video is 6 years old and I'm just now remembering it

  59. t a p

  60. D R O P P I N G B A S S

  61. This was always my favorite video when I was young

  62. It’s been so long

  63. This brings back memories

  64. cute.
    more cutnes
    Even more cuntes

    Super even more cutnes

  65. Damn I remember I listened to this

  66. I used to love it
    fuck cats

  67. This has been stuck in my head for 4 years.

  68. 0:34 me seeing some weird shit and getting the füçk outta there


  70. This was my favourite version of the office

  71. his secretary made my lil' P-wee so damn hard when i was 14

  72. i always thought it said "you'll never reach the mineshaft" XD

  73. what happened to smorky kay?

  74. Nostalgia hits me hard, bro.

  75. Anyone come back from 2013?

  76. I used to show this to my dad thinkin it was cool🤦🏽‍♂️😂

  77. I fucking loved this as a kid

  78. Jenny Bee has a nice voice.

  79. Here I am, 6 years later

  80. This is fucking timeless

  81. Cat is bossman now. You will now be paid in scritches.

  82. I remember this! I watched this like 3 years ago! Nostalgia much?

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