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(upbeat music) – Hey everyone, it’s your girl Jenn, and today I have a super requested video. I’m gonna be doing outfits
that you can wear to work. I know a lot of you guys
are in the work force now, and so there’s been a demand
for a lookbook like this. So I am so excited to be
partnering with Senreve to show you five outfits
that you can rock to work. I’m gonna be featuring their
crossbody, which is such a beautiful bag. It is gorgeously crafted
and it is multi functional. We love a multi-tasker. You can wear it as crossbody,
a clutch, or a bracelet pouch and I’ll be showing you all
the ways you can wear it in this video. Senreve is based in San Francisco. Bay area, wassup? But they create their bags in Italy, made with genuine Italian
leather in a generations old factory and I already
own their Mini Maestra which I adore, but I am
so excited to be styling their crossbody today,
so let’s get started. So my first look is called Boss Bish. This is my take on the
traditional and professional look. I’m rock a great fitting
blazer from the Kooples. This is one of my staples. It’s made multiple
appearances on my channel, but I think it’s just
essential to find that perfect blazer with that great
fit in a work wardrobe. Instead of going for a normal button down, I decided to spice things
up with this ruffled blouse. I love the black lace details
in the front and the sides. This is a sleeveless top
though, so I just make sure to keep my blazer on. I feel like because it’s
sleeveless it makes it more breathable and comfortable. For pants, I’m wearing these skinnies. I think they just streamline
the legs, but if this fabric is too flashy for
work, switch it out for some black trousers. For shoes, I’m wearing
my classic black pumps and for details I accessorized
with some dainty jewelry. I’ve attached the silver
chain onto the bag to make it look more clean and
polished and I feel like this is the type of woman who
takes no B.S. from anyone. (upbeat music) This next outfit is something
that’s gonna make you look so fresh and so clean. I wanted to play around with
a lighter pallet for this look, so I’m rocking a
white blazer this time. I know white is kind of
a high maintenance color, but when it’s clean it looks so bomb. Underneath I’m wearing a
crisp white button down from Zara. I think the white on white
just look amazing together. For accessories, I added
these drop square earrings from Jenny Bird. They add a hint of
sparkle and individuality. For my pants, I’m wearing
these muted orange trousers for a slight pop of
color, and then I’m wearing my white heals to coordinate
with all the white on top. I adjusted the straps
on my Senreve crossbody so that it’s shorter and so
that it would look more like a classic purse. I love how multifunctional this purse is. Depending on your mood, you
can even wear it as a clutch by snapping off the top
layer and then adding the hand strap that comes with it. It’s such an easy outfit to
transform from day to night. (jazzy music) My third look is called on the dot, because I wanted to add a
fun pattern into the mix. I feel like polka dots aren’t
distracting because they can still be professional,
especially when they’re small like this. Underneath I’m wearing a fitted
black top because I wanted a muted base. The polka dots are the
statement and so I want to make them shine. This is off the shoulder,
so if that doesn’t fly in your office, make sure
to keep the blazer on. I’m wearing my trousers from Eggie. They are ridiculously comfy,
and I love that they can be cleaned up for an outfit like this. For jewelry, I’m wearing
these fun abstract ones. I thought the silver tones
would look awesome with the crossbody. I love all the little
compartments on this bag, so it’s gonna keep you
organized and focused to any meeting you go to. (jazzy music) My fourth look is probably my favorite. This is called the silver
lining and I wanted to play around with all the gray tones. I built this outfit around
this beautiful duster from Line and Dot. I think dusters are
acceptable in the work force because it’s kind of like
a more relaxed version of a blazer. I think when you pair it
with some matching trousers like this, it creates a two
piece set, which makes it more professional. For my top, I’m wearing this white blouse, and I love the little
details in the sleeves. The black piping coordinates
really well with the classic black pumps. The cool tones also look
fantastic with the crossbody. This is another outfit
that you can walk into work and strut out to happy hour. (jazzy music) So my last look is definitely
the most casual one, but I think it’s still crisp
enough to wear to work. This is inspired by these
light pallettes of spring, so I decided to give my
Senreve crossbody a little makeover. All I did was snap on the
pastel pink bracelet pouch to my crossbody and now it’s an
adorable color pop moment. It’s so easy to do and
makes a huge statement. For my outfit, I’m wearing
a ruffled white blouse. Ruffles are making a
huge splash this season, and great for girls with smaller busts. I tucked it into this pinstriped skirt and I think these type skirts
are great for petite women because even though the
length is longer, the shorter layer in the front makes sure
that your legs aren’t cut off, and that is key for when you’re short. (jazzy music) All right guys. Those are my five office inspired looks featuring the Senreve crossbody. This is a company that
was founded by women for women and I love supporting
businesses like this. I will leave you a link of all their info in the description box,
so please go check it out, and I’m curious to know what
you guys do for a living. This channel has been around
for almost a decade now, and so we’ve come a long
way, so I would love to know what you guys do to support
yourself and what kind of jobs you guys have. I think that would be super fun to read. Please let me know if you
guys would like a part two for this video. We’ll see, depending
on what you guys think. I wanna thank you guys
so much for watching, and I’ll see you guys in the next one. Bye! (kissing) (jazzy music)

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