Business Cards for Travel Agents

Business Cards for Travel Agents

Hello Travel Expert! In this video I want
to talk to you about the benefit of having a bookmark business card so an
actual gorgeous bookmark as your business card. You could have a
bookmark business card as your only business card or it could be a
supplemental business card to a traditional one. About sixty percent of
the travel agents that we design bookmark business cards for they report
back to us saying that they actually stopped using their regular business
cards and then the other forty percent report back to us saying that they still
use both however nine times out of ten they use the bookmark the bookmark
business cards when it comes to travel agents are dramatically more effective
than a traditional business card. The reasons are simple number one the
bookmark business card actually provides value to people. It has a use, it doesn’t
just end up in their recycling bin and the types of ideal clients that you work
with are the types of people who read books and so they’re usually always
looking for a bookmark you know they’re using sticky notes and they’re turning
down pages and so I know for me I’m always looking for bookmarks. Having a gorgeous bookmark that you give them they’re going to use it and so it’s
going to end up in a book on their nightstand and they’re going to be
seeing your business card over and over and over again and coming it across it
over and over again over time also you’re the type of industry you’re in as
the travel agent lends itself to having a beautiful bookmark you can put some
beautiful imagery that represents the niche that you’re in and the type of
ideal client that you work with versus if you sold say pharmaceuticals or
something like that doesn’t lend itself to a bookmark business card as well but
you have the advantage of being in a gorgeous
industry and so use that to your advantage and develop a beautiful
bookmark business card. Once you get your bookmark business cards printed I
do recommend carrying both with you; the traditional business card and your
bookmark business card for a few months to make sure before you toss away your
traditional ones just make sure that there aren’t situations that the
traditional card works better in because sometimes there are situations that the
bookmark business card isn’t ideal so it’s good to have a handful of them in
your purse but like I said when we survey our clients we found that just
over sixty percent of them have reported to us that they actually never ended up
using the traditional business cards again because they found that the
bookmark business cards were so much more useful they would hand it to
clients and cleints say oh my gosh that’s so beautiful and that you can put
more information on there more content called an action for them to schedule a
free consultation with you or take advantage of your IFO (your irresistible
free offer) on your website to get on your newsletter list things like. People are really grateful that you actually handed them something useful a
business card isn’t that useful unless they plan on calling you you know
quickly or in the very near future and they keep you next to their computer
just until you know they have a chance to call you this is something that
they’re going to hang on to for years to come and look at and you’re going to be
with them in their books. I highly recommend that you invest in getting a
bookmarked business card and here on this page or if you’re on YouTube you
could just click on the link in the video description and you’ll get taken
to a page on our website where we’ve got all of the details about designing a
bookmark business card for travel agents. We would love to custom-design one that is
specific to you your niche the type of ideal client that you want to attract
and then we will give it to you in a print-ready file and then you just send
it off to your and have them print it and we will you
also give you some recommendations of printers that do a really nice job
printing a high-quality bookmark business card let us know if you have
any questions and we look forward to working with you

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