Business cards | Event hacks with Ben Costantini

Hi, it’s Ben from Startup Sesame and today
I wanna talk about a new trend: To business card or not to business card! That is the question! A lot of people are ditching the business card. And I get it! You always have to carry a bunch of them around. Definitely not the whole box but enough to
not run out of cards. And I mean, does it say “Head of Logistics”
on my business card? No, it doesn’t! But alright! Let’s say you wanna play it old school and
keep handing out business cards at events. You still need to get and store the contacts
details of the people you’re networking with and who won’t give you any business cards. So get a pen and a notebook, my retro friend. Here are some ideas: You use CRMs like Hubspot
and Salesforce? Turns out they have apps for mobile devices! You could have a contact straight away, from
your smartphone into your CRM and even better – send them an automatic follow-up email using
the name of the event as a tag. I know, you can thank me for that later. There are special apps and features created
exactly for this situation. For example, have you tried LinkedIn’s QR
codes? The person in front of you may ask you to
simply to scan their code. So make sure you can quickly scan a QR code
with your phone because all sort of profiles are using it. You would be surprised! I once meet a 65-year old superstar entrepreuner
who asked me to scan his QR Me code to get his contacts details. And by the way, check this app as well! Last but not least: Don’t lose side of the
good basics. Like saving their phone on your contact app
or “adding a friend” on Facebook. Especially if you’re talking to millennial
professionals. Other than that, give it a try! Play with apps like HiHello or LinkedIn’s
find nearby features and so on. Get familiar with every option and find out
which one works best for you! There is nothing to lose here! You can always end up writing down their info on
a piece of paper or taking a photo of their badge. Hi again, I hope you liked today’s event hack! If you did, what about showing some love by
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