Business card recognition

Here we’re going to review the business card recognition functionality and FineReader Engine 11. This interface has been created to allow you to test business cards. Part of FineReader Engine 11 installation package gives you some sample business cards you can test with or you can test with your own. In this case we’re going to pick the sample that has six business cards that have been put on a single image. The reason we’re doing this is as you can see there is an option to detect if there are multiple do business cards on the package. You select your desired recognition language. Hit “Start recognition”. And this will go out separate each of the business cards. Perform the recognition and then put the various fields from the business card into the fields that are supported for example you can see the person’s name, company job, title etc. To see the results from the different cards you just click on the card over on the left. The card image will be displayed on the right as well as all the values. This new functionality allows you to capture data from business cards with very little effort on your part. It’s one of the new processing features in FineReader Engine 11

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