Business Card Design Psychology | Adobe Illustrator | Part 1

Business Card Design Psychology  | Adobe Illustrator | Part 1

Assalamualaikum Everyone !!! How are you all ?
Hope you are doing Great. I am doing ok So our topic is little different today We will discuss about Design psychology for making some great Business card. There are so many people know how to design but dont know what to design. What should be the shape , color concepts , font etc The tips i am going to share with you are absolutely my personal opinion. I am working with adobe since 2010 and from then i gather so many information and that’s what i am going to share. So please watch the whole video. This is the first part of the video and in this video i will talk about only design psychology and rules. There are some varieties in card size.
The standard size is H : 2 and W : 3.5 Inch Number 1 : Simple Shapes When you will design a business card , don’t make it complex The shapes you are using in card should be very simple. See the Demos See very simple and common shapes. The text shouldn’t be overlapped with our shapes and designs. Another simple but very smart card. A triangle and some white spaces and simple texts Number 2 : We shouldn’t add picture in business card This is one type of unprofessional-ism to me The RGB bitmap images wont be print good in CMYK color modes. This is another reason for avoiding this. Number 3 : Include only the most important information in your card. Lets watch some messy card Bad color composition , too much noise , No alignment Icon is too big and the text is too small More than 4 colors , Extra information When we see a business card the first impression is very important . Too much information , color and text ruin the smartness of the Card. There should be logo , Company Name , Tagline , email address , Phone , Website and Physical address only Number 4 : Avoid Full Coverage We should not fill the whole business card with design and text. These are some rules that can be followed. There should be some white space White space is good practice Number 5 : Ensure Your Contact Details are easy to follow. See here the Text are Perfectly balanced and easy to follow The text color should not be overlapped with background color. Number 6 : Make sure your contact details are correct. Should not be any typos or spelling mistake or wrong contact details…It will ruin the whole matter. Number 7 : Simplicity Don’t over design your card. Follow the First rules Number 9 : Right Color composition , Font and other attributes. There shouldn’t’ be more than 3/4 color You can get some help from here. The combination is very important in business card. You have to choose color by your topic Yellow stands for Youth and positivism Orange stands for Command and Control Red stands for Power and Urgency Pink is always for feminine Purple stands for peace Blue goes with everything specially safety and confidence Green is a great color too. Stands for natural and serenity Black goes with luxury and strength So I have to choose color from the perspective of our topic. What is the main theme of that company If we have already a logo we have to use color from there in business card There are some combination that you can follow. This is a standard setting The combination can be opposite colors or can be tint from same color. You have to explore with this things to understand better. I am sharing this in the description. Come to the FONT The font is very important element in card There should be some connection with fonts and design and topics. There are 4 basic Characteristics in fonts Script , Slab Serif , Serif and Sans serif You have to download fonts sometimes to match better Serif always goes with Corporate Sans Serif goes with Elegant design Scripts is going with handwritten look Slab serif goes with modern Design There are some suggestion of fonts can be used in Business card Common fonts works better in business card because the details should be clean in card. More than 2 fonts in a card will not be recommended. Some other rules can be followed There should be enough white space in our card. The logo and other shapes should have some unity Scattering elements could make your card worst The position of you shapes and texts are important The text should be perfectly aligned and Perfactly sized So i think you guys learn something new today. We have to understand the topic first then we have to choose color and fonts Gradient shouldn’t be used in Card The blend will not give you good output in print Lets compare some good and bad business card. Watch this , too much color , shapes You will not understand the meaning of this card Nice Card but the blend of colors will not be good in print. We have to exclude this idea from our head. This is an ideal card Only 3 color White space , simple font , easy to follow , easy to understand the text. Simple but Smart Watch this. Same things : 3/4 solid color , a little pattern , simple shapes , text are recognizable and easy to follow. Very simple but smart as well Less color composition . simple fonts , aligned text . not too much elements. You can also get some inspiration from internet but don’t copy anything I will make some design in the 2nd part of this video so please subscribe the channel and click on the bell icon to get notification. You will get some ideas about free icons also So that’s it for today Please like and Share 🙂

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