Business Card Design in Photoshop : Using Text Effects in Photoshop

Business Card Design in Photoshop : Using Text Effects in Photoshop

Hi, I’m Gary for Expert Village. Let’s add
some effects to our text to make it stand out a little bit more. So we go to our layers
menu, and click on layer style. And once layer style is selected, we have a lot of options
here of how to change the properties of the layer, and I’m just going to choose one so
the menu opens up. Let’s choose drop shadow. Now, keep in mind that the text is going to
be affected according to which layer was chosen on the layers window. So right now, the layer
that is highlighted, is the address layer that I created, the sample address. So that
is what’s going to be affected now. And then I can go ahead and click on the other layer,
and then I would have a–be able to manipulate the text of the–the larger text of–which
says wedding photo. I would go back up to layer, and click on layer style, and I’ll
open up that window and I’ll just use that–the larger font so we can go ahead and be clearer
to see the effects once we make them. So here is our layer style window, and we have a lot
of different options over here on the left-hand side. We can see that we can apply drop shadow,
inner shadow, inner glow, there is a lot to talk about on each of these effects, but if
you just go ahead and play around with them, you can really get the desired effect that
you want. So right now, what I am going to do, is I am going to create a–let’s say we’ll
create an outer glow, and we see that the text actually kind of shines a little bit
in the forefront. We still have our drop shadow, the gray in the background, so I can take
that out so I just have the wedding photo, the glow around it. And then I can go ahead
and choose a, let’s say an outline for it, which is a little bit–a little bit too loud
right now. I can change those colors by going–highlighting the tab, and then going into the color, double-clicking
it and then opening up my color-picker window, and I can choose a different color if I want
to create a different color outline, let’s say a blue-ish outline, and I hit “ok”. So
I see that the outline changed to blue. So there’s a whole bunch of things here that
we can do to manipulate our text, and for our sample I’ll just hit “ok”, and now we
have a–our image and the text, and basically the tools to really create something, a very,
very nice business card. Putting a little bit more time in, you can work with the text
a little bit more, and the image a little bit more, but you can get–you can really
have something really nice. Get it printed with a nice glossy print, and professional
business card that will really speak for itself.

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  1. Your series was very helpful thank you.
    much better than all I have seen. Good closeups in showing where to click. So many forget this very important detail for us newbies. Please number these vids.

  2. only 2 text for big company damn

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