Business Card Design in Photoshop : How to Resize Images in Photoshop

Business Card Design in Photoshop : How to Resize Images in Photoshop

Hi, I’m Gary for Expert Village. The next
thing we want to do, is we want to import an image into our file, into the business
card. I’m going to use an actual photograph that’s going to create a really nice affect
once it’s combined with the text and the background color that we chose. So I’m going to go up
here to file and open (and I had it recently opened so I’m just going to choose it again)
and we see here that we have a picture from a wedding and the problem is, is that this
picture is set at 100% and we see that our business card is also at 100%. So when we
combine them we’re going to have a sizing problem. But let’s go ahead and first combine
the images. I just take the wedding image and I just drag it to go right on top of my
business card. Now obviously because it so big it takes up the whole space of the business
card. But we’re going to change that. First let me just close this image. And now notice
that we have two layers in this image. We have the photograph that we just dragged over
and we also have the layer which is the yellow background that we were using. So, now we
just go ahead and hit the Control T button (the keys together) and when they’re selected
together we see that we have crop marks on our image. Now those crop marks represent
the wedding photo. And I’m going to make it smaller by holding down the shift key and
dragging the crop marks. And the reason why I hold down the shift key is I want to make
it so everything comes together evenly and my image doesn’t get distorted. So I’m going
to keep dragging it until it fits in to a nice location on the business card and we’ll
go ahead and put it towards the side over here a little bit, and this is where we’re
going to put this image and we’re going to combine the background and the image to create
a nice affect but now that our image is the right size, we’re going to be able to do that.
So I basically selected the image and the layers and I hit Control T to bring my crop
marks then I sized it to fit the background of the business card. If we’re happy with
the size of the image, we still have our crop marks here. And in order to get rid of them
we just go ahead and click on our selection tool and we’ll get a window asking us if we’d
like to apply the size changes that we’d made. And we’ll go ahead and hit apply and now the
changes are final and we’ve removed our crop marks.

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  1. They have more tutorials for this video, they just failed to add to the subject title (1 of 4 videos) or however many they made for this tutorial, but they do have them from beginning till the end, you just have to find them and figure which one came first (that will be obvious) and which one is second and so on.

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  3. @TheHeatherLane They're not "crop marks", he screwed up there. What he meant was bounding box. Hit the little checkbox at the top when you have the Move tool selected (the black arrow) that says "Show Bounding Box", and you'll get the handles (as a little extra tip: move your cursor just to the left or right of the "handle", and you'll get the rotate option. It looks like a curved line with arrows on each end).

  4. @TheHeatherLane Oops, I meant "Show Transform Controls". It depends on the version of Photoshop you're using. Older ones say "Bounding Box", newer ones say "Transform Controls".

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  7. But you just jumped in with those templates already created. How was that done ? I don't see on the title that this is part 2.

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