Business Card Design in Photoshop : Adding Text With Photoshop

Business Card Design in Photoshop : Adding Text With Photoshop

Hi, I’m Gary for Expert Village. Let’s go
ahead and add some text to our business card. The way we do that is we go to our tool bar
and we click on the big T and that is going to enable us to add text. Once we go to our
image we see that we can just click and we’ve opened up a new layer. That layer is the symbol
of the T there knowing that it’s a text layer. And its called layer 3, but the reason why
it’s important to know that this is a new layer is because we can manipulate this text
layer we can make changes to it without making changes to any other part of our image. So
once it’s selected it’s treated just like as any other layer. We can make the changes
only to our text. So let’s go ahead and type some text in here. So we typed in wedding
photos. Now the color over here is set to a blue, we see up top here we have a tool
bar when our text button is chosen, and selected we have a tool bar opened up that let’s us
select our font, and the size and the color. So I’m going to go ahead and change the color
of this, let’s create a little bit of a something closer to the background but a little bit
darker that will stand out. And something of an orangish-brown hit OK. And the reason
why it didn’t change was it wasn’t selected. So, let me select it first and then I’ll go
ahead and change my color. We’ll hit OK and now we can see that if we click on the selection
tool up here we see that the text has changed to color a little bit more nicer fitting color
than the blue. And if I want to create any more text I’m going to click again on the
T and put it back into the image. And this way that each text that I create see now I
have down here two layers of text, this way I will not have to manipulate all of my text
at the same time. This could be maybe the name of the business, which I want in a bigger
font or I want to apply some effects to it and the address and telephone number I want
in a different font or different effects, so each one I want to create two separate
layers. So I can go ahead and type in the address over here and I’ll also make it a
little smaller, the address doesn’t need to be as big. Just type in any. And now we have
some sample text in here. Now I’m going to go and show you how to apply some effects
and make the text really stand out.

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  1. צום קל וכמר חתימה טובה

  2. u a noob on p-shop!!

  3. That depends from the country u r from. But usually in North America this is the official lenght 3.5" X 2.0".

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