Business Analysis Training: Describe your project

How do you describe your last project? An important question from interview perspective of a business analyst role Not necessary they are always going to ask about your last project But they could be asking about any business analysis project from your resume Again you are still looking for….. right Structure! We want to understand what do we put in the introduction of business analysis project, main body and the conclusion We want to explain the business nature of that project What is the main functionality or the goal of the application or the functionality when it is completed It is going to finalized from the perspective of finishing the project. Introduction could begin something like this for a Business analysis project. Business wanted to add 10 new products in the set existing products. & assimilate those products from various perspective Not only get it ready from sales perspective Customer service, finance aspects and customer view of the product Or ability to purchase it if they have not purchased it yet So that could be an introduction to a Business Analyst’s project what the application is going to do and how are they going to finalize the concepts that was the introduction, now in the main body You concentrate on what is your role and responsibilities in the film that you introduced as a Business analyst Usually in any sort of business analysis project You want the Business walked through the end to end process You might want to mix it up a little Not all projects are you going to be required for end 2 end work, you could be hired after the requirements are done They may want you to go through each project one by one in fulltime type of roles There having that variation is important Lets assume that this is the only Business analsis project you have been asked to talk about You want to talk about every aspect of important deliverable that are necessary For e.g. I started by doing the AS- IS analysis Looking at the current state of the application doing the Gap analysis between the Current state and To – Be state GAP analysis was used to gather information from the JAD session JAD session was conducted and facilitated by myself I analysed the requirements that came out of the raw data Business and Functional requirements were created by me I created the Sequential flow of the functional requirements by creating the Use cases. These were all put together in a Functional Requirement Document which also included the Visio flows or Activity diagrams. It also included how the User interface is going to look like You could add little bit of testing where you helped in creation of test cases, your choice What is the conclusion, this is something that many of you miss out on You have note been asked but can still touch up on what was the special factor of this business analysis project What was the most challenging piece of this project, or what made you remember this project somehow What was unique about it? It could be a mundane project Every project has to be special, you should be able to articulate and make it sound special My example: The business lacked clarity Solution: Showed them few options Providing them details of how the prototype is going to look like and perorm? They were able to use that as the point of context Contextual discussion is possible No need to repeat question on requirements, they ere able to provide exactly what they needed This is how you provide structure to any Business analysis answer without practise you would not have the rigidity need for a perfect answer to a business analysis interview question Thank you all the best

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