BULQ Reselling Basics – How to Sell on Facebook Marketplace

Hey, resellers! I’m your BULQ guide
Colleen, and in this video, we’ll discuss selling on Facebook Marketplace. With me today is Facebook expert Courtney who will be sharing some of her top tips. Thanks for joining me, Courtney! Thanks, Colleen, happy to be here! So, Courtney, Facebook Marketplace is a newer selling platform. What can you tell us? Facebook Marketplace launched in 2015
so users could buy and sell items in their local community. The process is similar
to Craigslist – sellers list items with pictures and descriptions, manage
payment and arrange delivery or pickup. It also features a wide range of categories, from things like clothing and furniture, to
large items like vehicles and housing. That’s a big range! So, what do we need
to know about fulfilling orders? When it comes to fulfillment, Facebook requires that you fulfill orders yourself. This means you’re responsible for
storage, delivery, and pickup of items once they’re sold. However, customers
are limited to your local community, so shipping isn’t usually a factor, unless
it’s arranged between you and the buyer. Sounds pretty easy! How about fees and
managing payments? One of the biggest perks of Facebook Marketplace is there are no fees to list
and sell items. In terms of payment,
Facebook leaves that up to the buyer and seller, but does recommend using cash or
person-to-person payment methods, such as PayPal, for ease of transaction. That’s great! Are there any policies sellers
should keep in mind? Yes! Facebook has Commerce Policies
that govern what products can be listed. Items such as event tickets, healthcare
products and gift cards are not permitted, so familiarize yourself with these policies
before listing. Good to know! Thanks for joining me
today, Courtney! It was my pleasure! Facebook Marketplace is a great way for new sellers to get their heads in the
reselling game. Sellers – do you have any
Facebook Marketplace tips? Leave them
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